There was an idea a number of years back, in a grocery store of all places. You know how they have those themed Kraft Mac & Cheese packages and every so often you'll find one that's Disney themed? I think, when the real idea for this blog really started taking shape, that theme happened to be Monsters Inc. I could be wrong, but either way, this is me telling you that Everyday Disney, a blog run by a lactose intolerant girl from Wisconsin, started with Mac & Cheese.

That box of Mac & Cheese would go on to inspire all of what you see here today (which, in it's fourth year, is much more successful than I could have ever imagined). Everyday Disney is about the influence Disney plays in our everyday lives, but also how we can bring more of it into them. At the beginning of 2013, when I made a resolution to blog about Disney every single day of the year, it seemed like the most ridiculous idea I'd had yet. Turns out it wasn't ridiculous, and over the years since then it's proved to be the least crazy of big ideas in my life. After those first 365 days, I found I wanted to do it again (and again and again) and hopefully, for many years in the future.

That being said, a lot of Everyday Disney is my own original content. I do sit and write every single blog post (making up days that I've missed due to travel and technical issues) and studiously check to make sure every single day is different. While occasionally a topic will overlap for one reason or another, every title is unique and is tracked carefully within a spreadsheet to insure nothing is repeated.

All in all, Everyday Disney isn't a normal blog about Disney. There's Disney news and content from around the internet, YouTube videos and vlogs, pictures and lots and lots of words. But ultimately it's about the life of a college student who lives, eats, sleeps and breathes Disney, showing how even the smallest bit of magic can help us to Keep Moving Forward.

For those of you who haven't been here since the beginning and aren't looking to read 1000+ blog posts, I'll give you a quick rundown. 

My name is Lizzie, although most know me throughout the internet as EpcotExpert. I'm a recent college graduate from Wisconsin who's been in love with Disney since the young age of 15 months, and now that I've graduated with a Bachelor of Music (I double majored in English and Music Performance), I'll be participating in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World as a PhotoPass Photographer in Fall 2017. After that, I'm not sure where the colors of the wind will take me, but I hope to continue pursing my passions of music and Disney in graduate school before eventually landing a permanent job with the Walt Disney Company.

As of Summer 2017, I've been to WDW a total of 33 times and Disneyland twice, and have sailed through the universe of time on Spaceship Earth, my favorite attraction, somewhere over 150 times in my life.

Otherwise, there's not much more to say that you can't find in one of my hundreds of blog posts. I'm an avid fan of Once Upon A Time (especially that Irish fellow named Colin O'Donoghue who plays Captain Hook), Star Wars, Music, Literature and, of course, everything Disney. 

You are more that welcome to follow me on any of my social media, all of which you can find links for in the sidebar of the blog. In general, if you're looking to find me on the internet, a good bet is to simply search for "EpcotExpert."

While I am currently a Disney Cast Member through the Disney College Program, Everyday Disney is not, in any way, associated with the Walt Disney Company or any other brands/companies referenced on the site. I do not speak on behalf of the company in any way.