Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 120: Forgetting

You know, I write a daily blog, and I still can't manage to write about everything?

You see, I tend to try and keep each blog post to be about just one thing (not including the daily Disney History). And every post has to have some sort of a relationship with something Disney, right? Well, you see, the problem with that is...I sometimes experience Disney things, decide to write a blog post about them, and then totally forget what I was going to write about!!!!

This has been an ongoing problem, and it's probably why every once and a while I miss a few days and have to go back and write them later. I mean, I suppose this is a fairly normal thing for writers, as for some it means writers block...and there's always easy ways to fix it...but that never seems to work for me either.

Everyone is always like, "carry a notebook with you!" and while I do, that doesn't mean it always works! I can carry a notebook around and never write a thing in it. Granted, I always have my phone, and the 29 tabs I have open in Google Chrome on it mean that I often leave things open to remind me of things later...not that it does.

I guess it's partly because I always have so many things going on. I mean, I have my blog, and I'm a writer in general. I have school, of course, and currently I have a Disney project (which I'll talk about soon), books to read, a physics class to keep up in (not that it's all that hard), I have a band concert coming up and there's always the Disney Performing Arts Marching Band Fiasco (in which I need to talk to my director about very soon). There's stuff I've been working on for my upcoming Disney trip in July (such as my challenge for the trip, the fact that my entire family is now going when it started out as just two of us, the vlogs I'll do and a countdown that I'll need to put up soon). Graduation is fast-approaching, and I'm not too happy about that, and the summer brings a wealth of new challenges and projects!

In the end, I really should always have something to talk about, but then there's the fact that some stuff I'm just waiting until a later date to discuss. My dorm room for next year, for instance, is a big one. Of course I'll be bringing a ton of Disney with me, but I haven't talked at all about how I plan to use some of my time this summer creating Disney things for in my dorm room. There's the continuation of my Disney Collection series, which there will be a new addition to soon. And then I have plenty of other things that I'm not going to even talk about as of right now, but are all very exciting...plus, we're just starting on the summer movie craze that is filled with Disney releases!

So maybe eventually I'll remember to write down what I wanted to discuss on this blog, or at least start using a notebook...but for now, I'm just going to keep writing and make up the couple of days I missed, because we all know that everyday really is a Disney day.

Here's today's Disney History: 1952: Mr. Potato Head is first widely introduced to the public when it becomes the first toy ever advertised on television. Over one million kits will be sold in the first year. In 1995 Mr. Potato Head made his Hollywood debut with a leading role in the Disney/Pixar animated feature, Toy Story.

Have a magical day!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 119: Concessions

Today has been an interesting day to say the least. It was brought to my attention early this morning that I had concessions this evening, which meant that I had to be awake after school to run it for the middle school track meet. It really wasn't all that bad, I guess. I made Hot Dogs 95% of the time, but what was really interesting, and the reason I'm discussing this right now, is the discussion I had with my band director.

Now don't get me wrong, I adore my Band Director. He's pretty awesome and has always done nothing but the best for us (even if we don't think so at the time). But there is one truth...he knows nothing about Disney. It's always a little bit of a shocker when people really know so little about something that has been the large majority of my life. I personally don't understand or see how a person doesn't know what Soarin' is, where it is, and whether or not we should spend an entire day in Epcot. I've been there 23 times, so it's just a little odd when I have to answer such basic questions when I could give a full history lesson on the planning of Epcot.

So we got talking about the band trip and so on and so forth, and I'm answering these questions, and then I ask him where we're staying (it's not final by any means but it was a suggestion) and he said the Hilton. You should all be proud because I restrained my shock fairly well. As a Disney loving person, it's almost like...well...murder...to stay at a hotel that isn't a Disney one. So I just went along with it and later told my parents.

My only reaction?

I am an idiot.

I completely let it fly by that we would want to stay at a Disney resort because of Extra Magic Hours. If we stay at the Hilton, we won't be having that extra time, and with our super short trip and spending one of our days not at Disney, we're going to need all the extra park time we can find. I felt so silly for letting it just completely escape my mind.

Anyway, so now I'm going back to talk to him today about this (minus the concessions this time), and about a few other things. Obviously I know enough about Disney to kind of be a help here, so I might as well help before I leave for college and won't be around every day (although I hope he realizes by the end of the year that he can email me any time with questions and trip updates. This would be a "hint hint" but I'm pretty sure he doesn't read this).

Here's today's Disney History: 2000: Actor Michael J. Fox pays a visit to Walt Disney World to add his hand prints to the Disney-MGM Studios collection.

Have a magical day!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 118: Out There

Do you know the song? Te one from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, where Quasimodo is singing about going "out there?"

Well it's one of my personal favorite Disney songs and if you haven't heard it, there's a link to the song down below. It came to mind today, when I was looking at my views for this blog, which because of the work I did yesterday, have gone up dramatically.

You see, for the last 116 days I've been a bit like Quasimodo, hiding behind the parapets of stone that are the "non-sharing" rule. It seems silly because I write a blog on the internet, so really, anyone at any point can come by and see it. But the other thing is, as the blog author, if I want people to see it and if I want my blog to stay active, I not only need to continue writing, but I need to promote it, and share it with the world, just like Quasimodo sings about living one day with everyone else.

But yesterday I began the promoting. After reorganizing my Pinterest boards, I still wanted to keep my original Disney board, Everyday Disney, and decided to use it to promote this blog. I posted all the different entries I could on Pinterest, shared the last couple of blogs on Tumblr, shared a link on Facebook and Tumblr and talked about it on Instagram.

Back when I had WDW kids, and when I started this blog sometime last year initially, I wanted to create a community of Disney lovers. I was under the assumption that just by writing a daily blog, I would gain followers. But the truth is, that's not how it works. And I'm ok with that. Granted, it's still one of my goals to have people discuss the topics I talk about, but if I even just get someone to read what I'm writing, that's good for me. I love to write, and I love Disney, and that's why I write this blog, just like I talked about a few weeks ago.

So, I'm always here if you want to discuss, and feel more than free to leave a comment! But I just wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog, even if you've just read one post...this one for instance. It means a lot to me. =)

Here's today's Disney History: 1995: The ABC television sitcom Family Matters debuts part 1 of the episode "We're Going to Disney World " Steve Urkel is a finalist in an Innoventions contest at Epcot and the Winslow family is invited along for the trip.

Have a magical day!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 117: Pinterest

Well, I have to say that I'm kind of sick of looking at computers now...but that doesn't mean I don't have time or the ability to write a blog post for today!!!!

I spent a large amount of my day (between 4 and 6 hours) organizing my Pinterest boards...because honestly, they were kind of cluttered. Of course, Four and a half of those hours were spent on only my Disney board, so it seemed like a logical idea to share what's on each one here!

Everyday Disney

I figure this one is pretty self explanatory  but since it used to be my sole Disney board, I'll explain. I used to have almost 2,000 Disney pins all together in this one place...but then decided that was too much, and way too hard to find anything. So I split it up into those you see below. Now, this board is used to promote this Blog! It would be awesome if you repinned my links, so that I can get the word out about my blog!

Disney Geek

From Disney Weddings, to Apps to Disney Crafts, this is the board that basically has those things that make us Disney Geeks. 

The Disney Store

This is the board for all of those Disney products I seem to pin. Whether they're actually from the Disney store or they're just Disney inspired...this is the place to go if you're looking to send me a gift!

A Magical Kingdom

A board dedicated to all things Magic Kingdom!

We Call it EPCOT

The title here is inspired by Walt's announcement of the park, a piece of Disney History I have memorized. As you can imagine...about 95% of these pictures are of Spaceship Earth.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Any guesses on what this one is? If you said Hollywood Studios, you'd be right...not that it was that hard to figure out in the first place! 


I'm pretty proud of the title of this one...or at least that I thought about it hard enough to come up with the title that relates so well. For those that remember, Nahtazu was one of the original promotions for Animal Kingdom! Get it? Not A Zoo! And so, fittingly, it's a board about Animal Kingdom!

Welcome Home

When I decided to split it up into each park, it occurred to me that I'd also need one for resorts...so here it is! The title is inspired by the saying that is pretty darn true...because when you're at Disney, especially at one of the resorts...you're home!

The Happiest Place on Earth

And since I have boards for all of WDW, I have to have at least one for Disneyland! I'm not as obsessed with the West Coast, sadly...but it's still enough for a board made especially for it!

Disney Fastpasses

You know all of those things you pin that are tips and tricks and advice on Disney trips...advice you rarely use but still pin anyway? That's what this board is, fittingly named Fastpasses because it's something that's going to save you time, just like the fastpasses do in the parks!

Too Magical To Eat

If you're like me, you know that there's more good food at Disney than one can possibly eat...but that doesn't mean we can't keep boards filled with deliciousness and recipes!

Well, those are all the parks boards. Maybe I'll come back and describe the rest later, but I've also got Simple Disney Things (based off the Tumblr), Wishes Come True, Wonderful World of Disney (Disney Movies), The Laugh Floor (Disney Humor), The Art of Disney, Disney Truths, Walt & Friends and Once Upon a Time (The Show).

Here's today's Disney History: 1902: Singer-actor Harry Stockwell (Father of actor Dean Stockwell) is born in Kansas City, Missouri. He supplied the singing voice for the Prince in Disney's 1937 classic animated feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 

Have a magical day!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 116: My Disney Collection V1

I've been wanting to do a series of these posts for a while, but I'm only just getting around to it I guess. I had to take a bunch of pictures, of course, and then edit them and so on and so forth, and that took a while, so I'm only just getting to it now. That's ok though, I'm sure this will stretch out for a while...but I'll break them up so it's not all at once.

This is, in fact, a blog about how Disney affects my everyday life, and it seems silly for me not to include something that really is one of the greatest Disney things I see each and every day...my Disney collection & bedroom. Yes, I have a Disney themed bedroom, and there's plenty to see, so let's get started.

I actually live in the guest room of our house, but it really is my bedroom now. Since my entire family is kind of obsessed with Disney, it's originally themed to Mickey...and still is, with my additions of Star Wars and plenty of Disney Parks Merchandise. As you can see, I've got a bed (who doesn't?), a desk, TV (with plenty of movies down below), multiple shelves, two bookshelves, a chair, closet and bathroom.

But for today's volume of my Disney collection, we'll take a look at what's on my walls...along with a couple of things that aren't. I have a pretty wide selection of things on my walls, but I have three things that aren't on my walls at all...but really still fit into this category. If you've been reading for a few months, you'd know that back at the Toy Show, I got three small Star Wars posters, and they now have a home on top of one of my bookshelves. They fit pretty nicely...honestly, I feel like that spot was made for them. 

Right above those three posters is my collection of prints by Larry Dotson. My parents got me my first one (the smaller Spaceship Earth in the middle), a number of years ago, and I've been collecting them ever since. I have one signed by him, when I accidentally met him at the Art of Disney store in Epcot (the Cinderella Castle), and my most recent purchase is the Illuminations Epcot one on the far right. Hopefully I'll be getting one from the Studios come July and a Cruise Line addition when my parents head out on the Dream next year.

On either side I have the pictures my parents originally had in the room before I moved into it. They're all Mickey, because in every way it wasn't a Disney room, but a Mickey room. My personal favorite is the one on the far left, with the history of the Mickey's from Steamboat Willie up to the 90's, which says "today." Sadly it's getting outdated, but I'm kind of afraid of what Mickey would wear if it was really today. I have one more picture on the other side of the room, a poster from "The Band Concert," but I apparently forgot to take a picture of it. 

Apart from the smaller Star Wars posters, the most recent addition (and reason that all of these pictures look so nice and organized on my walls) is my Empire Strikes Back poster. One of my friends gave it to me for Christmas this past year, and honestly I'm very happy with it. It took a while to find a frame big enough, but now it's nice to be able to see Han Solo every waking moment I spend in my room.

And finally, the stuff that is literally ON the walls...my wallpaper featuring Mickey Mouse!!!

So there you have it, the first addition to "My Disney Collection." Next time we'll look into my bookshelves, and after that, to the Spaceship Earth collection and more!

Here's today's Disney History: 1916: Actor & Voice artist Vic Perrin - one time narrator of Epcot's Spaceship Earth and Universe of Energy - is born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. (My mind was honestly blown by this. The fact that one of the narrators of SSE was born in Wisconsin is just amazing!)

Have a magical day!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 115: A Monstrous Summer

It was just announced a short while ago that on May 24th, 2013 to May 25th, 2013, three of the Disney parks will be hosting an All Night Monstrous Party...and if you're as excited as I am, you need to watch this video...right now.

I thought the addition of Mike on Spaceship Earth was totally adorable...and although I knew what was going to happen...it still made me laugh pretty hard when we got to it.

Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure and the Magic Kingdom will be open from 6 A.M on the 24th to 6 A.M the following morning, and that sounds pretty awesome to me. There will be special events at each park, as well as limited edition merchandise. 

Sadly, I'll still be here in Wisconsin when this Monstrous Summer is kicked off with an All-Nighter, but I'll be watching everything from home, and maybe I'll celebrate by staying up late and watching Monsters Inc. It sounds like a great idea to me! 

Here's today's Disney History: 1961: Disney's loan from the Bank of America is finally paid off. Revenue from movies can now go directly to Walt Disney Productions. 

Have a magical, and monstrous day!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 114: For the Love of Disney

I love Disney.

I said it in my second blog post, back in January (although it was worded differently...the meaning is still there). I've said it countless times since then...and even more-so in my real life...away from my writing and into the world I travel each and every day. There is no doubt in the mind's of my friends that I am, in every way, made up of my love of Disney. It is my world, my thoughts, my being, my life. That's how it's always been, and that's how I hope it always will be.

But there are times I almost wish I never knew anything about it. I wish my parents hadn't taken me to Disney World when I was 15 months old, and that I wouldn't have gone back 22 times since then. I wish I didn't know what Spaceship Earth was, or the history of Mickey Mouse. I wish I could experience it the way other people do. That I wouldn't be seen the way I am because of my love of Disney, either as childish or spoiled or rich. It sounds like a terrible thing to complain about...it really does, but it's there, it's inside me, and it's still the truth.

I'm not starving or homeless. I don't have money issues, I've got fair grades, and I'm in line for scholarships. My house is big enough for more than just my family, I have my own bathroom, and my bedroom is filled with hundreds of dollars of memorabilia from Disney, among other things. I love movies, and have an endless supply of them. I can watch TV whenever I want...and whatever I want. I can read books constantly and not worry about how much time it takes. I got a new laptop, and I sit with a iPhone on my bed, a TV across the room and a second, older laptop (although it doesn't work), on a nearby chair. And on top of it all...I go to Disney.

So I can see where people come up with the ideas, and this is getting very off track, but what I hate about this world, about my love of Disney, is that people assume so much. They have no idea that Disney really is my life. I can say it time and time again, and they still won't understand. Maybe those closest to me, or some teachers that can see the fire within me, notice how much it impacts me, but overall, people are never going to understand (unless, someday, I do get to work at Disney).

And there are many times that I forget that not everyone loves Disney like I do. They don't have a dream to work as an Imagineer, and they haven't had a lifelong goal of marching down Main Street in a parade with a Band. They haven't gone on Spaceship Earth once, and they don't have a want to. To them, Six Flags, or Universal is a great idea, some place they can't wait to go to...while I sit wishing I were somewhere else. They don't want the Disney movies, or get excited over the fact that the new Starbucks at Disney will have Soy Milk. They fall for traps like the "Andy's Coming!" idea, and get excited enough to want to try it...asking me how it works...and I always have to spoil their fun. They don't want to play Disney selections for their Senior Song in Band, and they don't want to read Kingdom Keepers. They don't love Disney like I do, and they probably never will.

I think there's a time that everyone, as kids, loves Disney, and see's it as a goal to go to Disney World, or at least wish for something like that to happen. But in reality, very few of us have the opportunities I did, to have it not be a want, but a normality. To have Disney as a regular figure in our lives, guiding and teaching. I don't know how to fix it, or if it even can be fixed. I don't know how to calm down about Disney, or how to stop talking about it, or how to be quiet when the conversation comes up. I don't think any of us would. They won't see Disney the way we do. It won't be exciting or magical or special. And I think that's something we sometimes forget.

I know I do.

Here's today's Disney History: 2009: The Food and Wine Festival opens for its fourth consecutive year at Disney's California Adventure. This year's festival, dubbed "World Celebration," focuses on the cultures, experiences & flavors from all around the world that influence California. The festival will run for 45 days.

Have a magical day!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 113: Opening of Disneyland

Since we celebrating a park's birthday yesterday, I figured today would be a great time to talk about the original park opening...of Disneyland on July 17, 1955. This comes partly for two reasons...one, on the 17th I'll just be getting back from my trip to Florida, so it wouldn't exactly be the best time to write a post on something so different, and two, because I was just watching the opening day TV special the other day.

I have to say it's an interesting TV special, although maybe not quite as interesting as the fourth anniversary parade (I mean...the fourth anniversary had a dead lion on a stick and a live bar fight on a float). It's really interesting to see how much everything has changed. I've only been to Disneyland once, but it's enough for me to know what it looks like (even if I can't exactly picture it in my head like I can do with WDW), and in this TV special, it's interesting because everything looks so much more...green. There's obviously no Matterhorn there yet, since that wouldn't open until 1959 (At that same fourth anniversary celebration), and there are several other things casually missing from the park (some wouldn't appear until after the World's Fair in 1964-65). It just looks...empty.

But along with that, I have to say that as a student who works mainly on a wireless laptop, using wireless internet, and has a wireless cell phone...it's kind of funny to see how everything has changed technology wise. In both the opening celebration and the fourth anniversary celebration, there are ads from Kodak for cameras and such...and boy have those changed. I'm pretty sure our out digital video camera cost a few hundred dollars...and back in the 50's you could get a COLOR video camera for just $3.95. If that doesn't show some perspective I don't know what does.

This also goes along with a series of pictures that have been floating around various Disney blogs for the past several weeks...having started on the ImagineeringDisney blog. There's a series of pictures of "Then" and "Now" from many of the Disney parks (or at least those that are old enough to have then and now pictures). There are pictures such as those below, from Disneyland, and then there are sections for The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, River Country and the 1964-65 World's Fair (which I'll have to do a post on soon since it keeps coming up in discussions!) Check the entire series out here. 

These are just pictures from Disneyland...although I think there are two things to note from these. One, how much Tomorrowland has changed. I'm one of those that feel it's going to need an update soon (although I think WDW more-so than Disneyland), but the difference from the past fifty (almost sixty now!) years is incredible. And second, how different the characters are now. I decided to share that particular picture because the characters, I feel, are just down-right scary. I'm so thankful for the costuming department at Disney and all the work they do (and you can head inside the one at WDW on certain tours...it's well worth it! Of course, you can always see it on the Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios). 

Here's today's Disney History: 1928: Shirley Jane Temple, the popular child star who presented Walt Disney with special Oscars for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is born in Santa Monica, California. As an adult, she took part in a 1957 Disneyland dedication and later served on the board of directors of some of the largest enterprises including the Walt Disney Company (1974-75). (Today is also my dad's birthday! Happy birthday Dad!)

Have a magical day!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 112: Snow White's Scary Adventures

The other night, as I was going through my tumblr, I was fortunate enough to find this video. I normally don't watch a lot of these things, but since I was on my laptop and finally am able to do such things again, I hit play. What I was expecting from the comments was a touching story...I didn't expect to cry through almost the entire thing.

The video embedded below is from one of the final days of Snow White's Scary Adventures at Walt Disney World, and the story is of a severely autistic boy named Ben, who has been enchanted with the attraction since he was a young kid. He holds the record for most times on SWSA, with 3500 (a record set thanks to cast members who kept the attraction running after hours just for Ben and his family so he could reach that goal and be the last to ride).

But when it was announced that SWSA would be closing to make room for the New Fantasyland expansion (in this cast, SWSA will be released with a Princess meet and greet sometime in the future), Disney did even more to make it up to the ride's most treasured guest. It was arranged for Ben and his family to have a private meet and greet with Snow White herself, and then, for the family to ride the attraction with the Princess. How amazing is that?

You all know that I love Disney, and I know not everyone is going to love it like I do, but this is one time I really hope you watch this video. People always tell me that Disney is just for kids, and that the magic isn't really real. that there isn't anything for them at Disney and that it's just another theme park. But I think this video is proof. We aren't all Ben, but this still shows that Walt Disney World, along with the other Disney parks throughout the world, are places where the magic does come to life. That cast members spend every single day striving to make things like this a reality, and that, most importantly, it's not just another theme park.

And you know what, I can't wait for the day I can help make things like this a reality.

Here's today's Disney History: 1964: The World's Fair in Flushing, New York, is opened by U.S. President Johnson for the 1964 season The fair features over 100 pavilions on approximately 646 acres. The fair also includes 4 Disney attractions, for Ford, General Electric, Pepsi-Cola and the State of Illinois. The fair will run through October 18, 1964 and then reopen again on April 21 for the 1965 season. 

I'd also like to wish Animal Kingdom a very happy 15th birthday, and wish you all a very Green Earth Day!

Have a magical day!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 111: The Lion King

Last night I was lucky enough to see a performance of The Lion King: The Musical. It was, as always, amazing!!!!

I've been fortunate to see multiple Disney musicals throughout my life. This was the second time I saw The Lion King (I saw it for the first time when I was about 5 or 6 in Chicago), and I've seen Beauty and the Beast twice as well. A couple of years ago I saw Mary Poppins, which is probably my favorite of those I've seen, although I'd really like to see the others I've missed, especially Tarzan because I'd like to see how they did it, and the same goes for The Little Mermaid. And Aida, since I haven't seen that either...and of course Aladdin will be starting this year too! So many shows to see, so little time!

I loved the movie the Lion King as a kid, so the musical is just an awesome experience for me...and here is my short list of thoughts from throughout the show.

My favorite song is "He Lives in You." 

Everyone says that Circle of Life takes their breath away, but as amazing as it was, it just didn't do that for me. The reprise of He Lives in You though...did very much take my breath away. Maybe it's because it's a song that wasn't in the original movie (although it's in Lion King 2), and was unique to the musical, or possibly because it's just different from anything else that's really there. It's a slower song and it has a lot of meaning if you ask me. =)

I can really see how much the costumes are inspired by African heritage. 

I noticed it much more this time, and the thought that actually came to mind was Animal Kingdom lodge, and how every single costume could be a piece of amazing artwork displayed there. I think that's one of the greatest accomplishments of The Lion King on broadway....the costuming is just spectacular.

My only criticism is how much Nala moves her arms. 

Maybe it was just my cast, or maybe it's there entire time, but I think the arm movements could have been toned down just a little bit. There are times when those arm movements are nice, but constantly is just kind of distracting.

And that's what I thought...or at least that I could think of at the moment. It was, and is, a great show that I suggest everyone goes to see because it's truly magical in it's own unique way, which makes it even better.

Here's today's Disney History: 2008: In a press release, Disney announces the launching of Disneynature; " a prestigious new production banner that will literally go to the ends of the earth to produce major big screen nature documentaries." In the tradition of the old" True-Life Adventures" series, the first film to be released domestically under Disneynature will be "Earth" in April 2009.

Have a magical day!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 110: UW Varsity Band

Just as I do every April, I headed down to see the UW Varsity Band Concert at the University of Wisconsin. It's about a two hour drive that we make on a bus with my high school band, and it's always a good time.

So, being the Disney lover I am, I'm always on the look out for Disney portions of the show. There was only one this year, since they did a fairly major Disney section last year (Wisconsin went to the Rose Bowl and that meant Disneyland for everyone!). During a segment called "Toon Tunes," the band performed selections from such cartoons as The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Mighty Mouse and of course...the most important of all...The Mickey Mouse Club. I was videoing at the time, so I couldn't sing or clap along, but I did give my band director a look.

You see, he has this idea in his head that marches are all like the Mickey Mouse Club March...straight eighth notes. I agree, but I'm not too excited about his continuous reference to the song...especially in such an unfavorable light. But I know he's always kidding...and it's made a good joke between us, one that is sure to get interesting if we head to Walt Disney World next summer!

I'll see if I can figure out a video from "Toon Tunes," but here's a picture I just barely got at the concert the other night!

The other thing I found on the trip was during our annual stop to the local mall down in Madison. We always go look though Barnes and Noble, and I just happened to find a few interesting things...including this...

Here's today's Disney History: 1937: Actor George Takei - the voice of FIrst Ancestor in Disney's Mulan and Mulan II - is born in Los Angeles, California. Star Trek fans know him best as Mr. Sulu.

Have a magical day!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 109: Counting

I first saw this on Pinterest, and when I was looking back through my recent Pins to find inspiration for today's post (there's only so much to write about when it's 10 in the morning), I decided to write today's post on this.

Sadly, there wasn't a link via Pinterest to the whole set, so I had to search on Google...only to find out they were on a Facebook page, which I can't access while at School. So I went on my phone and searched through Google there, only to find out that the pictures come directly from the official Walt Disney World Facebook page...and that there was a whole set of them! I went in through my Facebook app to the official page and got the pictures so I could put a few of them on this post. Either way, a lot of work went into finding these...but it was time well spent!

The backgrounds start off with the number of months until Disney...and I'd be in about the 3 month range at the moment with 80 days left before Disney. And you can bet that when I get my new laptop (hopefully today or early next week!) I'll have the third month as my background (which is a set of Mickey Ears I believe).

Then we transfer to days, and I couldn't help putting the monorail "1 Sleep Until Walt Disney World" on here. I'm a big fan of the monorail (I believe it was actually in one of my very first posts on this blog!), and seeing it in art like this is just awesome. It will most certainly be on my computer when we get down to one day!

And finally we have "Today I'm Going to Walt Disney World." That's right, at midnight, of the day I'm to leave for WDW, this will be on my computer. No doubt about that. It WILL happen. 

I haven't talked much about my Disney Countdown App that I look at just about every day of my life...but that will probably make a blog post soon too, because everyone should have a countdown to their Disney trip. It's too exciting not to!

Here's today's Disney History: 1961: Dr. Glenn C. Franklin of San Diego, California, becomes the 25-millionth Disneyland guest. Along with his wife, Helen, their three children, and his mother, the luck Franklin family receive a private guided tour of the Park, a table of honor at a luncheon and unlimited use of attractions all day long. 

Have a magical day!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 108: Lincoln

Today I spent a good amount of time watching the new movie, Lincoln. It isn't exactly a short movie, and I have to say right away I don't recommend watching it when you're tired (I fell asleep...not because the movie was bad, but because I was stupid and was watching it while laying in bed). It is a great movie though, and it really shows a different side to one of our nation's greatest Presidents.

If you know Disney, you'd know right away that Walt's favorite president was, in fact, Lincoln. When he was young, he would go around his school dressed in a top hat and recite the Gettysburg Address for younger students each and every year, and when the World's Fair came around in 1964-65, and Illinois approached him with the idea of creating an attraction, Lincoln certainly came into play.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln premiered at the World's Fair, and Lincoln himself was the first fully functional audio-animatronic human figure, in which he talked and gestured to the audience. Throughout the years, different forms of the attraction have been showcased at Disneyland. While originally there were some technical difficulties, they were all eventually worked out, so Lincoln no longer fall into spasms in the middle of the show.

I have to say that the current show at Disneyland really reminded me a lot of another show that's currently open in another Disney Park. I'm not sure about you, but Two Brothers and Golden Dream seem to be from somewhere in Epcot...just saying.

Either way, I really enjoyed the show, and I loved the movie as well (or at least what I saw of it. I plan on rewatching it this weekend). Lincoln is probably my favorite president as well, and whether that's because of Disney or not, I have no idea. I've always had a strange fascination with the Civil War, so that probably plays a part too (although the reason I find interest in the Civil War is because of Disney...this all connects back somehow). I've kind of gotten my brother involved too, as last year he created a scrapbook for his Social Studies class as if it was really from the Civil War. We told a similar story to that told in both Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and The American Adventure, with two brothers, and I personally helped out by writing out his letters with a quill pen. He wrote the words on the letters, I just transcribed them.

And so, I highly suggest you see the film Lincoln, directed by Steven Spielberg, and, as always, John Williams did the music, so that's a plus as well. It's very well made and reminds us all that Lincoln was more than just a president...he was a father, a husband and most importantly, one of us.

Here's today's Disney History: 1954: Actor, comedian and musician Rick Moranis, the voice of Tuke in Disney's animated 2003 Brother Bear, is born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Disney fans will also know him as Wayne Szalinski in the comedy feature, Honey, I shrunk the Kids and the 3-D park attraction film, Honey, I Shrunk the Audience.

Have a magical day!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 107: No Disneyland

Today is my first day back to normal life after spending the last few days at our State FBLA conference, and sadly, I have to report that I'm not headed to nationals this summer...and therefore, there will be no Disneyland this summer. I received 6th place at the competition in Public Speaking II, and while I'm fine with not winning, it is still a bit disappointing to not go to Nationals...and specifically for me, Disneyland.

But since my speech was largely about how FBLA has changed me as a person, and about my goals to become an Imagineer, I figure that I shouldn't dwell on it for too long. Life does go on, after all, and we always keep moving forward. That's certainly something both FBLA and Disney have taught me, and it makes no sense for me to stop listening to that advice now.

Honestly though, I think more than anything, I'm just awful tired. The state conference is an amazing event...but the downside is that you get very little sleep...and therefore, everyone who went is walking around with glazed over eyes today. I have to say that I found it a bit amusing when I got out of bed and it felt as if my feet had been to Disneyland without me...when in reality it was just from wearing my heels so much the past two days.

Hopefully there will be a trip to Disneyland in my future though, and in fact, I know there will be, because I'm not going to stop chasing my dream of becoming an Imagineer. I may have lost, and I may not be going to Disneyland this summer, but I'll get over it, and I'll continue to obsess over Disney as I always do. It's how life works.

We keep moving forward.

Here's Today's Disney History: 1924: Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Pictures and the Louis B. Mayer Company merge to form Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer...or MGM. MGM will become one of the biggest producers and distributors of films and television programs and even team-up with Disney to open a Florida theme park in 1989 called Disney-MGM Studios (known today as Disney's Hollywood Studios).

Have a magical day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 106: Animal Kingdom Lodge

Since I'm technically writing this on the 17th of April (Remember...I was at FBLA and had absolutely no time or internet access), I decided to look back to the Daily History for ideas on what to write this post on (when you have 5 days to write...it gets a little daunting).

So, in preparation, here's today's Disney History: 2001: Disney World's newest resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge, opens at Osceola Parkway. The six-story resort features deluxe facilities and luxury suites with the feel of a South African game reserve lodge. A midst at 33-acre wildlife preserve, guests can gaze on any of more than 30 species of wildlife on display from the comfort of their balconies! The savannas are special areas built specifically for the AKL and are separate from the nearby theme park Disney's Animal Kingdom.

I, first of all, can't believe that this lovely resort is already 12 years old. That seems like much to old...but I suppose it's true. I've been lucky enough to stay at the resort once, back in 2008, and it was a great experience. I'd love to stay there again, only in Kidani Village, but at least I stayed there once, right? Then again, in July we'll have stayed at my brother's resort of choice, the Contemporary, so I think it's my turn to pick...although I'm perfectly happy with a room at Bay Lake Tower (I loved being able to be so connected to the parks, food and everything. That's a luxury you don't really have at Old Key West...although I'd really love to stay at the Beach Club...but that's another post).

I think my personal favorite thing about Animal Kingdom Lodge is the same as every one else's...the animals! It's amazing to be able to look out your window in the morning and see real live giraffes...and not have to go half way around the world to experience it! I still have an animal guide somewhere from when we went too...although I don't think we marked any animals off on it just so we could keep the piece itself.

But I can't have a post about AKL without mentioning one other thing...Zebra Domes. If you haven't been to Boma, or haven't picked some of these up in the Mara...hurry your way over there because you haven't ever experienced the best dessert in the history of the universe. Zebra Domes are by far my favorite dessert from anywhere on property, and I always have to go to the Mara to grab some to take back to the room if I'm not already eating at Boma (and sometimes I'll get them even if I am eating at Boma). I'm lucky enough to have a recipe and know how to make them, although they're never as good as those you can actually get at Disney. It was even on my bucket list to eat some...not that it was a hard addition to the list!

I also have an odd love for the store at Animal Kingdom Lodge...although I'm not sure why.

History is above...but you already knew that!

Have a magical day!