Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 104: Just for Kids?

I've been thinking a lot lately about Disney being just for kids. I think a lot of it comes from those around me commenting on such things, but it's still been in my mind.

You see, last week I had three people tell me that they wouldn't want to go to Disney World as an adult, and that there isn't anything to do there that would keep their interest for more than a few days. The one comment was unprompted  the other was brought on by talk of our high school band trip that will hopefully be occurring in 2014. Our trip would be 5-6 days, and our director was talking about having all this other stuff to do, in which I commented that you wouldn't really have time to do anything other than Disney on a trip of that length. There's so much to do there and there really isn't enough time to do it if you only have two days at the parks. There are four parks, plus time at a water park, and Downtown Disney, complete with that new bowling alley I can't wait to explore in July. I can see taking a day out of a trip that length to go to somewhere else, but there is easily plenty to entertain a group of teenagers for more than two days.

Then this morning I read and article about "Disney Skeptics," and how there really is a problem with aging and never going to Disney. Some of my friends never thought much about Disney until they met me, but can now explain the difference between Disney World and Disneyland, What the Mickey Mouse Club is, and what their favorite attraction might be if they visited. We talk endlessly (or at least I do), about things we want to do when we do go to Disney...but I know there are still doubts in their minds. They haven't seen what I've seen...and my word can only go so far.

On the WDWRadio Blog, Kendall Foreman has been doing a wonderful job of giving descriptions for every Disney Doubt, and I couldn't not share her posts. It's amazing to see just how much is overlooked even by frequent guests as myself, and just how much Disney can apply to the taste of every single person. There truly is something for everyone, and I suggest reading her articles! Here's the link to the first one!

So, I suggest that everyone should go to Disney World in their lives, and not to get sidetracked by the idea that everything is for kids. I might do some further posts in this area in the future, but we've got months to go to see about that. It certainly is a very interesting topic! What are your feelings? Is Disney mainly for kids, or is there something worth heading back every year for adults too?

Here's today's Disney History: 1969: At the 41st Academy Awards, Disney's animated Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day wins an Oscar (short subjects, Cartoon). Walt Disney holds the record for number of Academy Award nominations during his lifetime (with fifty-nine) and number awarded Oscars (twenty-six). This evening's win is his 26th and last as the film was in production prior to Walt's death in December 1966.