Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 109: Counting

I first saw this on Pinterest, and when I was looking back through my recent Pins to find inspiration for today's post (there's only so much to write about when it's 10 in the morning), I decided to write today's post on this.

Sadly, there wasn't a link via Pinterest to the whole set, so I had to search on Google...only to find out they were on a Facebook page, which I can't access while at School. So I went on my phone and searched through Google there, only to find out that the pictures come directly from the official Walt Disney World Facebook page...and that there was a whole set of them! I went in through my Facebook app to the official page and got the pictures so I could put a few of them on this post. Either way, a lot of work went into finding these...but it was time well spent!

The backgrounds start off with the number of months until Disney...and I'd be in about the 3 month range at the moment with 80 days left before Disney. And you can bet that when I get my new laptop (hopefully today or early next week!) I'll have the third month as my background (which is a set of Mickey Ears I believe).

Then we transfer to days, and I couldn't help putting the monorail "1 Sleep Until Walt Disney World" on here. I'm a big fan of the monorail (I believe it was actually in one of my very first posts on this blog!), and seeing it in art like this is just awesome. It will most certainly be on my computer when we get down to one day!

And finally we have "Today I'm Going to Walt Disney World." That's right, at midnight, of the day I'm to leave for WDW, this will be on my computer. No doubt about that. It WILL happen. 

I haven't talked much about my Disney Countdown App that I look at just about every day of my life...but that will probably make a blog post soon too, because everyone should have a countdown to their Disney trip. It's too exciting not to!

Here's today's Disney History: 1961: Dr. Glenn C. Franklin of San Diego, California, becomes the 25-millionth Disneyland guest. Along with his wife, Helen, their three children, and his mother, the luck Franklin family receive a private guided tour of the Park, a table of honor at a luncheon and unlimited use of attractions all day long. 

Have a magical day!