Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 99: Annette Funicello

As I'm sure everyone else has heard, yesterday Annette Funicello, one of the original Disney Mouseketeers, died at the age of 70. She, of course, led a wonderful life, and is certainly an inspiration to everyone.

She's my personal favorite Mouseketeer, although I haven't had time recently to go back and watch any of the episodes I have. I decided yesterday that I would spend some time this week watching those old videos...although I'm lucky enough to have them on DVD, so they're not really old at all, but I'll still watch them.

Surely, Annette will be missed, but she will live on in the hearts of all those who love Disney, especially since Walt Disney picked her for the show himself when she was only 13. It's a great example of how Walt saw the talent people had and he helped them achieve their dreams...just like people still do within the Disney company today.

Rest in Peace Annette, you'll always be my favorite Mouseketeer! =)

Here's today's Disney History: 2012: The turnstile clicks for the 100th day in a row for Disney fans Jeff Reitz and Tonya Mickesh; a couple continuing a streak of visiting Disneyland every day in 2012. Annual passholders, they originally got the idea to visit every day in 2012 (all 366 days) when Disneyland announced it would be open for 24 hours on Leap Day.

Have a magical day!