Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 90: TRONorail, Avengerail, Iron Man 3-orail?

Today's blog post is inspired by today's Disney history, so we'll do that first for once...

Here's today's Disney History: 2012: A new monorail "wrap" debuts at Walt Disney World. As with the 16-month tenure of the "TRONorail" in 2010-11, the new wrap is advertising The Avengers, a major motion picture from Disney scheduled for a May release.

So, if you're at all like me and follow the Disney news, you'd already know that the 2013 wrap has appeared. This time it's not TRON or the Avengers, but Iron Man 3...which has been seen on the Magic Kingdom loops for a while now.

While I love these fact, I was more than excited to see the Avenerail back in November when I headed to Disney (I had been waiting all year!). I had seen the TRONorail multiple times before, so when a new one appeared I got excited, and then waited for three monorails before I could actually get on it while leaving the Magic Kingdom. 

But here's my question. What is this going to be called? I mean, as you can tell, the other two had names...TRONorail and Avengerail. But what is this going to be? Ironorail? Manorail 3? Ironmanorail 3? What will this be called!?! I honestly can't handle just calling it the Iron Man 3 Monorail. 

I guess some suggestions have been the Ironorail...but I'm still not sure. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them! I need to know what to call this thing before July!

Disney history is already finished...and if you missed it, well...I'm not sure how you could have missed it. 

Have a magical day!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 89: Old Key West

In a few weeks I'll be headed to a state FBLA competition, and a couple of my friends and I are more than excited to head out. We, of course, were wondering if there would be a DVD player in our condo (which apparently there isn't), and it occurred to me that I just assumed at first there would be one. Why? Disney.

The truth is, most of the hotels I've stayed in have in fact, been Disney ones. I've gone on many other various trips, but most were only for night or two and I had no reason to use the TV other than to watch the news and weather with my parents, along with the occasional old TV show late at night. So why would I need a DVD player? But I just expect it, because Disney resorts have these kinds of things. 

Granted, not every resort has a DVD player (although I grew up as a lucky child at Old Key West, so there was one), but the point still stands. There are many amenities at Disney resorts that you don't have at other resorts throughout the world, and it's just another reason that Disney is rightfully ranked among the top vacation destinations in the world. 

And not-so-randomly, it got me thinking about Old Key West and how it's changed over the past few years with it's renovations. So I looked up some pictures...and it occurred to me just how much these rooms have changed!

Let's start with the living room, which is pretty changed. The couches are redone, and the most obvious part is the new wood floor. I remember walking into one of the redone rooms (not long after the first set opened...we were some of the first to stay) and just being really confused with the wood floor, since I had in every way grown up with the carpet. But I've come to like the new room much more than the old one. Looking back now, it just looks outdated. Plus, I could never complain about the fact that the pull out chair gives both my brother and I a bed of our own. 

Heading into the master bedroom, I have to say that the new headboard just makes it look a lot nicer, and the redone chair and bedspread. All amazing. I do miss the picture on the wall though  as it looks a little blank. But here too, I like the new room. Sure, I certainly miss climbing around on the bed-end shaped like hearts, but it's a price I'm willing to pay. The bathrooms are pretty much the same though, so those could use some updating, but I'm ok with them staying the way they are too.

Finally, the second bedroom. I've never actually stayed in this second room, but I have to say that I love the updated one much more. The colors work well (and I'm not just saying that because blue is my favorite color). It just seems brighter. The pink and green went well together (and still do on the outside of the buildings) because that's the Key West style, but this new blue color just freshens up the room if you ask me. 

That's really about all I have, but like I said...DVD players...very important. Everyone should be more like Old Key West and have those in rooms. Just saying. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1969: Two children come across the lifeless body of a homeless man in an abandoned tenement building on East 10th Street in New York City. Because no one identifies the body, the deceased is buried in an unmarked pauper's grave on Hart island. A fingerprint check in 1969 will identify the corpse as Bobby Driscoll, 31, the voice of Disney's Peter Pan. It is also discovered that the cause of death is a heart attack.

Have a magical day!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 88: This is Madness

What you are about to read my be disturbing...

So for those that have been voting or watching the This is Madness Star Wars Character Tournament, you already know the awful truth...but if you haven't, I must tell you.

Han Solo lost.

I know, I can't believe it. And worse...

He lost to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

What is our world coming to!?! I obviously need to move to a galaxy far far away...or Mars.

Either way, I decided that this would be a great time to do this post that I've been thinking about doing for a while. I mean, for one thing, as Star Wars season (as I like to call it) approaches, it only seems sensible, right?

I decided last night (or this morning depending on how you look at it) after I found out that Han lost that he wouldn't treat this any differently than most other things. He knows he's the best (why else would be be second next to Vader on EVERY OTHER LIST), and he knows we all love this would not phase him at all. But just in case it's a post about 5 reasons Han Solo is truly the best Star Wars character.

5. He's got the best expressions in the galaxy. 

Now, This one had to make it in here because it's honestly one of the best things about him if you ask me. Granted, it's more-so Harrison Ford, but still! And it goes for the fact that he's always got this cocky attitude that gets him through anything the force throws at him (no pun intended) while still making us laugh. Star Wars would be nothing without the personality we find here.

4. He Shot First. 

Need I say more? He obviously is great with a blaster, and he's obviously pretty brilliant too. I mean, the first time I watched Star Wars I never saw that coming when he shot Greedo under the table. (Well..other than when it became obvious). When it comes to attacks and battles and shooting matches, he's got to be the coolest. Yeah, other people have Lightsabers, but then again...

"Hokey Religions and Ancient Weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side..."

3. He Flies his Own ship (in less than 12 parsecs). 

This picture tells the truth. The Millennium Falcon is basically the coolest spaceship ever. It's the fastest in the galaxy, thanks to Han's special modifications, and it flew the Kessel Run in Less than 12 parsecs...which will all know is a unit of Distance and not time...but it still happened and it's possible (go here if you don't believe me) and it's just another reason Han is 100% the best character. Oh yeah, and he's also got the best co-pilot in the history of ever. 

2. He's scruffy looking. 

Again...need I say more? We all know that just like Leia...we like his scruffy scoundrel personal favorite part...the hair.

Han Solo is not attractive...said no one ever.

1. He's loyal to his friends. 

This is my absolute favorite thing about Han. He may be a mercenary and a scoundrel and a scruffy looking nerfherder, but he is probably the most loyal character in all of Star Wars. I mean, really, think about it! He doesn't technically have to be the good guy, since he isn't officially the main character of the film (as much as I think he is). But he is loyal and good, despite that fact. He obviously loves Leia, considering we constantly see him protect her throughout the films, especially when they face the Empire on Bespin. And at the beginning of ESB, he heads out to rescue his friend even though he was about to leave and the chances of either surviving weren't good. I mean, really? He's amazing!

And that's why Han is obviously the best Star Wars character ever...despite the fact that he did not win the This is Madness Competition. I'm rooting for Vader now...100%. Obi-Wan is going DOWN!

Here's today's Disney History:2012: A 12-inch Buzz Lightyear toy that spent 15 months orbiting the Earth on the International Space Station is donated to the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. The figure, which launched into space in May 2008 and returned to Earth 467 days later in August 2009, will go on display later this summer at the National Air and Space Museum's "Moving Beyond Earth" gallery.

Have a magical day, and remember...Han Shot First.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 87: Disney Parks Music

There are often times amazing things on Youtube, and recently I found a series of videos that are simply amazing, especially if you love the parks.

Dan Gooding has put together an entire series of beautiful videos that take you through the Disney Parks from all over the world. Currently I'm listening to "We've Just Begun to Dream - Volume 1" which is the first of two videos put together for Epcot's 30th Anniversary. Each one features songs and audio from throughout the parks and they're certainly worth a listening to. 

Here's a couple of the videos and you can watch, and listen, for yourself!

Here's today's Disney History: 1910: Original Mouseketeer MC & 1992 Disney Legend Jimmie Dodd, the adult leader on television's Mickey Mouse Club, is born in Cincinnati, Ohio. A talented guitarist and musician, Dodd was originally hired by Walt Disney as a music writer. He went on to write and compose "The Mickey Mouse Club March" and all the daily opening songs for the show.

Have a magical day!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 86: Star Wars Weekends Update

Now, I generally just write about how Disney relates to my everyday life, but once and a while I can't help but get into some of the news. So I figure that I'll actually do a short article on something that really caught my eye this week...Star Wars Weekends.

I've never actually been to the celebration, since I have never in my life been to Florida in the spring (I have only gone once in the summer...not counting this upcoming summer...only around Christmas otherwise), so it's pretty hard to attend something when I'm stuck here in Wisconsin. But I do love to watch and hear updates from the favorite always being the Hyperspace Hoopla...but who doesn't love that? I think Last Tour to Endor was my favorite though...which is kind of sad because I really didn't go on the old Star Tours (I went on once) and now I really regret it. (The point here is...if you haven't seen Star Wars yet...go

Anyway, back to the news. Brand new merchandise for this year's weekends has been released, and I couldn't hold my excitement about a few of them (even if I won't get my hands on any of the following items).

First up, the thermal detonator "Hot Potato" game. I think it's obvious why I would want this...because it's just something that I would totally own and would play with a few times, but mostly it would sit on my shelf. I'd honestly probably keep the box. Also, Return of the Jedi is my second favorite Star Wars film (Can anyone guess my favorite?), so having something like this would just be awesome.

Next we have a wide selection of things, but there are two in particular that I would love to have. First, the name badge, because who wouldn't want one of those? Second, and probably more-so, the Han in Carbonate. I have a very small collection of Vinylmation, as you can see in the picture below, since I generally only indulge in one each trip. I'm pretty picky about which ones I get, which is also obvious since only one of them was bought from a regular collection (I was extremely lucky to get Buzz), and this Han Solo would totally be a great addition to my collection (which will probably end up going to college with me since they are so small). But, it is limited edition, as is pretty much everything that has to do with Star Wars and Disney at the moment...but there's always articles out there to entertain...Harrison Ford is doing a great job of stepping around the questions that the moment...which I probably find more amusing than annoying.

My Vinylmation collection...Buzz, a Polar Bear (Animal Kingdom Collection), Statue of Liberty (from the New York Disney Store) and my newest addition, Minnie Princess Leia.

If you'd like to see the complete listing of the merchandise, click here for the link to the Disney Parks Blog official announcement. Also, I highly suggest going here to vote for the This is Madness: the Star Wars Character Tournament. I'm rooting for Han Solo all the way!

Here's today's Disney History: 1999: Disneyland announces it has acquired a new locomotive, Disneyland Railroad engine No. 5 that will be dedicated under the name "Ward Kimball" in Ward's honor. 

Have a magical day, and may the force be with you...always!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 85: It's in a movie!

The other day I mentioned how my friend showed me a blog and I knew right away that one of the pictures was in Impressions de France. Well, something similar happened today.

I was going through the news when I came across a picture from President Obama's trip to the Mideast, where he ended his travels at  Petra. So there's this picture...

Quite honestly I did not notice our president as much as I noticed what was behind him. When I see things like this my brain immedietaly goes on a mission to figure out if it's correct or not. So I opened a new tab and began typing in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." To anyone who doesn't spend a lot of time with me this is probably an interesting to watch, how I'll be reading and then suddenly launch into a frenzy of internet searches. 

I was right though...Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade...look familiar?

And that's what I did this morning. 

The other Harrison Ford related thing that happened this morning was in Jazz Band...well, more so at the end of it. I was playing an alto feature that my group did earlier in the year, in which I played the solo part, Harlem Nocturne. My band director decided I wasn't playing it angry and sad and emotional's too pretty he said. So then we launched into a conversation about Harlem and the Civil Rights movement, and he asked if  had heard about the new Jackie Robinson movie that's coming out soon. I was like, "No" at first, but then eventually realized that this would be a movie about baseball and promptly asked what the name of the film was. "42," of course...that stars Harrison Ford. It's how I determine if I know about a movie or not. Who's all in it. Also, apparently despite the fact that Harrison Ford is starring in this film, he really doesn't like movies about baseball. I read that in an article just the other day and found it quite amusing. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1827: Ludwig van Beethoven, perhaps the most famous German composer of classical music, passes away in Austria at the age of 57. His Symphony No. 6 in F major (also known as the Pastoral Symphony and completed in 1808) can be heard in the Pastoral Symphony segment of Disney's 1940 Fantasia. 

Have a magical day!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 84: Long Weekends

This upcoming weekend is a long one for me, as we have three days off (Thursday, Friday and Monday) for our "Spring Break." Honestly it's kind of annoying to not have an entire week (I could fill the entire time up with work that I could be doing), but at least it's something.

I figured that since it's almost spring break again, I'd share what I did last year. Since I had a lot I wanted to accomplish then, I started a spring break mission log. It worked pretty well, and there's a couple of Disney themed examples of what I spent my week doing.

First, I really wanted to learn how to do Princess Leia's Rebel Assault Hairstyle from Return of the know, the one on in this scene...

It worked out pretty well, considering my hair was probably two inches too short. It's plenty long now though, and I've gotten it pretty down packed. But, my first attempt really helped me figure it out. Of course, I never complained about having to watch Jedi a few extra times.

Second I decided I would learn how to create lightsaber effect on pictures. It seemed like a pretty fun and cool thing to do, and it really didn't take that long for me to master. Granted I probably wouldn't remember how to do it now, but it was still something that was a lot of fun to learn...and I could figure it out again.

Of course, that's not all I did over break, as I had plenty else going on, but I do plan on doing another spring break mission log this year. Posting the pictures to Facebook, and this year, to my blog, was always exciting and really got me excited about finishing the tasks that I needed to complete.

Here's today's Disney History: 1954: Disney is awarded 4 Oscars at the 1953 Academy Awards. The Short Subjects, Cartoon category is won by Disney's Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom. Disney's True-Life Adventure Bear Country wins an Oscar for Short Subjects. The Disney/RKO The Alaskan Eskimo is awarded for Documentary, Short Subject and the True-Life Adventure The Living Desert wins for Documentary, Feature. It is the first time one individual has one 4 Oscars in a single year.

Have a magical day!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 83: Without a Laptop

I have to say, for a person who's life centers mainly around a computer, it's really hard to not have a laptop.

I got my laptop, my wonderful, trusting machine, about 5 years ago now, and it's time it should be getting replaced. I love it, but sadly, it's been crashing like no other. So, I am without a laptop, in fear that I will lose all of my files if I turn it on again before I need to save the few files that are really important.

Some of these important files really do include many things from Disney. For instance, almost all of my pictures from several of my trips are on that computer, and many of my files for Disney trips also reside there. It's a real problem that I can't access any of that. Of course, I also have all of my writing stored on that computer, as well as any cat picture I've ever taken, many of which do not exist anywhere else.

So that's my problem, so the blog posts might be a little off for the next few weeks. But don't fear, I will continue to blog about Disney in my everyday life. I honestly can't see myself without it anymore.

Here's today's Disney History: 1901: Legendary Disney animator, pioneer and mechanical genius Ub Iwerks is born Ubbe Ert Iwwerks in Kansas City, Missouri. Walt Disney's right hand man in the creation of the early Mickey Mouse cartoons, Iwerks animated the first Mickey Mouse silent cartoon, Plane Crazy, entirely by himself. He later developed many special visual effects for such features as Song of the South and Mary Poppins. He was named a Disney Legend in 1989.

Have a magical day!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 82: River Country

I wasn't going to do this post for a number of months, but I just have to do it now. There's too much Disney involved for me not to do it now.

Anyway, so if you haven't figured it out yet, I love does much of my family. Ok, all of my immediate family. I tend to study various portions of Disney history, so that I know a little bit about everything. Granted, I do know quite a bit about Epcot, obviously or else my name wouldn't be EpcotExpert, but still. My brother, on the other hand, cares about three things:

The Peoplemover (Disneyland specifically)
Discovery (Riles) Island
and River Country.

Is it odd that he is unable to access any of these things? No, not really. That's just how he is.

But this honestly was starting to creep me out a little bit. The other day, while scrolling through my normal feed of everything Disney related news, I came across an article and set of 40 pictures from the Weather channel, although the pictures originally came from the Imagineering blog. Either way, it was River Country as it is seen today...and if I wasn't convinced before to never go there, I certainly am now.

Back in the day it looked like a fair place to go, right?

At least that pool was blue and the slides look fun, and it looks busy enough, so it must have been alright, right? 

Today...not so much., 

So I show these pictures to my river country obsessed brother, who then launched into a 2 hour history lesson about the waterpark that looks like it was abandoned faster than one could say cannonball. Now, I know there is a lot going on with this old place, largely due to the water hazards that Bay Lake now offers, but still. This place is just weird. He also spent a good amount of time telling us about Discovery Island, and quite honestly  for someone who has never been to either of these places, he sure knows them pretty well. I may know the script to Spaceship Earth, but this was just an insane amount of knowledge about these abandoned places that closed when he was just a few years old. 

I'm sure I'll have more adventures of River Country in the future, but if you too want to be a bit freaked out that something like this does indeed exist at you go.

Here's today's Disney History: 2011: A Day in the Life - John Lasseter, a documentary by Leslie Iwerks, is filmed. Shot during the end of production on Cars 2, the promotional video will be released in July. 

Have a magical day!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 81: Impressions de France

This morning as I sat down for my first hour study hall, my friend pulled up a blog that she's been reading. She wanted to show me a picture of a building in France that the blog writer has been living near. It's the Chateau de Chambord, and I noticed it right away.

If you're anything like me, you'd figure out very quickly that this is just no ordinary home. Yes, it's spectacular...but it's also a part of Impressions de France in the France Pavilion at Epcot. Then we proceeded to watch the entire show from a youtube video. It wasn't the best quality (but then again one shouldn't be filming it anyways!), but it served it's purpose to show her where I knew it from. I was pretty proud of myself that I recognized it right away. 

It's actually in there twice...once as an aerial shot during the day and the other near the end of it at night. Look familiar? 

Here's today's Disney History: 1987: The Wonderful World of Disney airs the 1971 Disney feature Bedknobs and Broomsticks. 

Have a magical day!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 80: Music for Band

Each year, my band has the seniors choose one selection for our final concert and to play at graduation. I, of course, would love to play a Disney song, specifically one that features each senior in our group, which is easy for us since there are only 5 of us. Either way, it's generally a score from a movie or musical, since last year we did Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, and previously we've done Wicked.

So I've spent some time researching this music and it's interesting to see what's all out there in the world of concert band arrangements of Disney songs. Currently I'm listening to Circle of Life, but earlier I had on Brave. I personally really like Brave because it does feature each section nicely and the idea of the songs and film fit perfectly in line with graduation, so it's certainly a possibility.

But I wanted to say that someone should write a great jazz arrangement of Everybody Wants to Be a Cat. You'd think there would be one out there, but there really isn't, and it's the one song I really wish my jazz band could play because it would just be so entertaining, especially since my best friend's favorite Disney movie is indeed the Aristocats.

I would also love to see a John Williams arrangement that features everything from Indy to Han Solo and the Princess (especially Han Solo and the Princess). I'd write something myself but I am not that talented and have no where near enough time. I think it would be fun to do something like that someday though.

Now I'm listening to Hollywood Milestones, filled with Beauty and the Beast, Jurassic Park, Apollo 13, Raiders March, Jaws and more. It's quite entertaining to spend all morning doing this.

Here's today's Disney History: 1962: Actor Matthew Broderick, the voice of the adult Simba in Disney's The Lion King, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride and The Lion King 1 1/2, is born in New York City. He also starred in Disney's 1999 live-action feature Inspector Gadget and the 2003 ABC-TV edition of The Music Man, which aired on The Wonderful World of Disney.

Have a magical day!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 79: Why I Blog

I have to admit, I haven't always been a blogger...and quite honestly it took me a long time to become a constant one. I have always loved writing, ok, maybe not always...but for quite some time. My first blog was one I did for my French class. I still have it, although I haven't visited it in quite a while. Then I decided to try something new and blog about the one thing I love the most, Disney. So I created WDW Kids, which was, at the time something really intended as a blog for kids by kids. Of course, I initially got discouraged since I had no views and it was hard to write more than every once and a while. I tried multiple times to get myself going on that blog, and it just never worked.

Then about a year ago I really started writing a lot. I wrote some short stories and I did a lot of writing in my own journal, for a reason that I honestly can't remember. And then sometime last year I decided to do another blog, this time focusing around how Disney impacts my everyday life. We all know that blog came to be Everyday Disney, but it didn't start that way. I tried numerous times to get myself writing everyday on there too, and it just never worked. Then came the New Year, and I decided to make a new years resolution to blog each and every day. I've had a rocky start, but I've kept with it, and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

But why, really, do I spend so much of my time writing, specifically blogging? I sit in a classroom lab filled with computers for an hour and a half each morning, and almost two hours of that is spent reading news articles, many times specifically Disney related ones, and working on my blog. Once I'm done I go and find more Disney things. When I'm at home I read books about Disney or I spend more time writing, or I'm watching movies, because it's what I love doing.

In fact, I was just debating last night what I intend to do when I head to college this fall. It will certainly be different to not automatically have two hours each morning to spend searching Everything Disney and spending time writing my own posts or searching Google Maps to look at the layout of the parks. No, there just won't be time for that. But i did decide that something I really hope to do when I go to college is just set aside one hour, or even just a half hour, each night for Disney. It will give me time to relieve stress and go to my happy place, and it will certainly be easier for me to continue updating this blog, which will, sadly, grow harder the further we get into the year.

The truth is, I blog because it's something I love to do. Heading into the World of Disney for a while each day has certainly made me a happier person, and while sometimes lately I've felt that I'm writing myself out (In the past three weeks I've written, on average, 5415 words per week, and that's not including the writing I do at home...yes I went back and copy and pasted all the words I've written within the past three weeks. It took a while), I still love what I've been doing. It's been nice to focus more on myself and what I want to do for the past month or so instead of what the school wants me to do and what my parents want me to do. Don't worry, I'm still passing all of my classes, and I'm still working plenty hard when it comes to school, but I've just had more time for myself lately, and that's something I haven't had in years...and certainly something I won't have for years to come.

Here's today's Disney History: 2012: On the same day the 2011 feature The Muppets is released on DVD and Blu-Ray, the Muppets are honored with their won star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Have a magical day!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 78: The Empire Strikes Back

Not everyone knows this, but if you are around me more than a few minutes, you'd know that I do in fact love Star Wars. Well, that's kind of a horrible way to say it...I love anything Harrison Ford, and it just so happens that my favorite character he portrays is Han Solo, so it all evens out that way. But since I love Han Solo, that means that obviously my favorite Star Wars film is The Empire Strikes Back. There's just no question about it. I have an ESB movie poster on my wall and several pieces of Star Wars merchandise, all including Han Solo (or things as gifts from friends).

So tonight I initially was going to watch Clear and Present Danger, since I watched The Patriot Games late last week with my brother and the cliffhanger at the end just makes you want to watch the next one right away. It always helps that HF is in them, but still. My brother ended up having a lot of homework, and he spent a large portion of his homework time goofing off on the computer, so we never had a chance to watch the movie. Instead I pulled out Star Wars.

So here's what happened as I watched:

I have to say, the first time we see Han in the film always makes me happy. It's so unlike the other two, where he doesn't really come in for quite a while because here he comes in immediately, and we even get a Han/Leia fight to go with it.

"We need? Oh what about you need?"

Then of course, there's always this scene: 

"Scoundrel? Scoundrel? I like the sound of that."

Then I calmed down a bit, but spent a large portion of the end of the film making collages for Instagram of some of my favorite parts of the movie: 

"I Love You." 
"I Know."

And while I'm on it, I guess I'll mention why the Carbonate scene is my absolute favorite. I kind of have this love-hate relationship with this scene, because it is n every way completely 100% heart wrenching, but the emotions and the incredible acting just bring the scene to life. For the moments on Bespin, specifically in this chamber, I really believe that this is happening. Leia is losing Han and Han is losing Leia. He did everything he could to protect her, and this is the true climax of the film if you ask me (granted there are two storylines and one could really say it is when Luke finds out the truth, but I feel it's here. This movie is about Han and Leia. Yes, Luke is there and his story is important, but this is about the love story that will carry through the rest of the films). That and the expression on HF's face as he's lowered...but more on that in a minute. Also, that bottom picture, that is my absolute favorite shot in all of Star Wars. It's a beautiful shot as far as color and scene goes, and then you add in the emotions of the's perfect. And finally, I think it's hilarious that HF and CF just about hated each other during the filming of this entire thing. 

But finally, I came up with one of the many reasons Han Solo should be everyone's favorite Star Wars character. I'll probably make a post on it some other time, but here's what I came up with last night: 

When Han Solo is faced with the awful truth he stood up and took not only torture, but the possibility of death for Leia, and he looked like this. I love how there's just this hint of a smile on his face right as he's lowered. It's like he's putting hope, sorrow, determination, peace, terror and love all into one expression. It expresses everything the moment should be, the fact that he's doing this for Leia, and for the first time we see just how much he has changed. Han isn't a mercenary anymore, and I don't think he ever truly was, but he cares more about her than he cares about himself, and that's an amazing emotion. To bring that to life perfectly is just amazing.

When Luke Skywalker is faced with the awful truth he screamed and looked like this. Yes, his truth is terrible, but he did then attempt to kill himself after finding out Darth Vader is his father. While Han sacrificed everything for Leia, Luke sacrificed nothing for anyone, but instead tried to avoid the truth altogether  Don't get me wrong, Luke is cool (although I really am not a fan of him in this movie), but this is just...this. 

 Anyway, this blog post is far too long already, but I shall talk some other time about why Han Solo should be everyone's favorite character. For now, I will just say, May the Force Be With You.

Here's today's Disney History: 1953: Disney's True-Life Adventure short Water Birds wins an Oscar at the 25th Academy Awards.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 77: Jeopardy

As I continue to submit applications for things involving college, I have written quite a few essays. But here is my most recent, which obviously and easily relates to Disney. The question was "If you could create your ideal Jeopardy board, what six categories would you choose? Give an example question in each category."

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the popular quiz show, Jeopardy. Each week millions of people tune into the show, and while I am generally not one of them, the show still holds quite a bit of sentimental value. It is no question to any of my friends that I love Disney, considering I have traveled to the Walt Disney World Resort 23 times and I write a daily blog called Everyday Disney. But there is one attraction at Walt Disney World that is largely centered around the quiz show, meaning that I will forever think of Ellen Degeneres learning about energy with Bill Nye the Science Guy when someone begins to hum the theme song. But with categories ranging from “The Final Frontier,” “That Old Time Television,” “Mind Your Manners,” and “Yeah, I play the oboe,” it’s hard to imagine knowing any of the answers to just one game, much less those for many games in a row. Personally, if I do watch, I feel much like Ellen in the Disney attraction, having no idea how to respond to any clue the show gives out. I celebrate if I know just one answer each show, unlike the contestants who come back day after day with one correct response after the other. But if I were to create my own Jeopardy board, what would happen, and more importantly, what would the questions be?

Since Jeopardy always reminds me of Disney, it should be no surprise that my first category is located there. Titled “It’s a Small World,” after the popular attraction, this group would focus on everything that includes the Disney Parks. I took my first trip to Walt Disney World at only 15 months old, and I’ve gone back as often as possible, meaning that I know the parks like the back of my hand. I often get the question if I ever find it boring to return year after year, but the truth is, I never do. There’s always something new to explore, such as the newest addition to the Magic Kingdom, New Fantasyland. But it’s also the reason that this category really has endless questions, ranging from simple ones that I could answer in a heartbeat to ones that would take some time for me to figure out. For instance, for $200 the clue might be “This 18 story geodesic sphere is the symbol of Epcot.” The correct response? “What is Spaceship Earth,” my all time favorite attraction and the symbol of my second home. But for Final Jeopardy, Alex Trebek might say, “This fictional character is the creator of the Main Street U.S.A. Emporium at the Walt Disney World Resort.” After wagering some of my winnings and quite a bit of thought I would eventually come up with the answer, “Who is Osh Popham.” I knew the answers to both of these questions, but there are many others that even I wouldn’t be able to answer. Still, having a category such as “It’s a Small World” on my Jeopardy board would definitely set me ahead of my competition.

The second category focuses around one of my favorite things, especially in the “small world.” The Disney Parks are no stranger to good food, and so it’s no surprise that my board continues to focus around what I know best. In honor of one of my favorite Disney movies, “Beauty and the Beast,” as well as one of the newest Disney restaurants, “Be Our Guest,” this category is titled “Try the Grey Stuff, It’s Delicious.” As a child I often helped my mom in the kitchen, using my own little knife made specifically for kids, and for the past 10 years I have been a member of my local 4-H club, where I have entered in the Foods & Nutrition category for many years. While I don’t spend all of my time in the kitchen, I do enjoy recreating recipes from Disney restaurants as well as coming up with creations of my own. Of course, I own every Disney cookbook that has ever been in existence, and thanks to one of them I know the correct response to “Walt Disney usually offered lunch guests a glass of this vegetable juice or something similar before going to the studio commissary” would be “What is V8.”

For most of my life, and next to Disney, music has been one of the most important things to me. Named “Give a Little Whistle” after the song from the animated feature, Pinocchio, this category would focus around all things having to do with the melodies that I’ve grown to love. Eight years ago now I began playing oboe and only four years ago I started playing saxophone. Music in general, although specifically jazz, has defined who I am, and has provided me with leadership roles to help me grow and learn. For $600 a question here might be “This composer has been nominated for an Oscar more often than anyone else in any other category.” The answer is “Who is John Williams,” composer to popular films such as Star Wars, and one of my personal role models in the world of music. Although I am only a recent fan of much of his work, he has really inspired me to always give my best performance, and his music itself has helped me work on the expression needed to play my instruments. Aside from this he has also been part of my inspiration in my decision to pursue music as I advance in my education.

A fourth group on my Jeopardy board would easily focus around books, and would be titled “They’ve Got Character.” Reading has always been an interest of mine, and has taken me to far off lands many times over. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to choose just one favorite book, since there are so many to choose from, but I am fond of a series called The Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson. It is a multi-book series that features a group of teenagers who fight to save the Magic Kingdom. I’ve loved the series since the start, and am always waiting for the next book in the series to appear. But The Kingdom Keepers isn’t the only series I enjoy, as there are many other books on my long list of favorites. A few honorable mentions? The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Marley and Me by John Grogan and Peter and the Starcatchers, also by Ridley Pearson. I always love reading new books, often times in completely different genres, because if I don’t I’ll never discover some of the treasures that are out there. That’s why a great clue here would be “A historic novel that tells the story of W. P. Inman, a deserter of the Confederate Army during the Civil War,” in which the correct response would be “What is Cold Mountain?” What is now one of my favorite books started as one I had to read for class, and something that if I saw it at the library, I’d never pull it off the shelf. It just goes to prove you should never judge a book by it’s cover.

Speaking of the American Civil War, my next category would be “This Day in History.” I’ve always been interested in history, mostly due to an attraction at, you guessed it, Walt Disney World. The American Adventure at Epcot tells the thrilling tale of our country, and it features a song called Two Brothers, which tells the story of a family before, during and after the Civil War. As you can imagine, when I started Advanced American History in High School, I was quite excited, and throughout the course I really learned something about almost every piece of American History. At the beginning of each class period, our teacher would read us a list of what happened that particular day in history, and I’ve continued the tradition each and every day on my daily blog, Everyday Disney. It’s amazing to see what has happened to get us where we are today, and I find it all quite exciting. “It was on this day in history that the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio was created” would be a great clue to ask me, because I’d know the answer right away to be “What is October 16, 1923.” Knowing about our past enables each of us to push on into the future, and for me, knowing my Disney history will certainly help on my path towards working at Walt Disney Imagineering. Using lessons learned from the past, I will be able to create new and exciting experiences for guests visiting the Disney Parks in the future, and then someday maybe I’ll be in the history books!

It seems like common conversation to ask what one’s favorite movie is. I, on the other hand, am not exactly fond of this question, because I truly have no simple answer. The name of this final group is “The Great Movie Ride,” titled after the attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The ride features some of Hollywood’s greatest films, and the number of movies included in it showcases just how hard it really is to pick just one favorite movie. I personally have to separate my favorites list into categories, ranging from “Favorite Animated Disney Film” to “Favorite Live-Action Non-Disney Film.” It gets a bit complicated the further in depth I go, but the point still stands - I do not have just one favorite movie. But this isn’t a problem, not for me at least, since just as I love reading new books, I love watching new movies. If there is a movie I haven’t seen, you can bet I’ll probably want to watch it. That is, if it’s not a horror movie. Either way, a daily double clue might be “A dog was the inspiration for this adventure film hero’s nickname.” The correct response, “Who is Indiana Jones,” the star of some of my favorite films of all time.

With a Jeopardy board like this, there is no way I would feel like Ellen in her attraction at Walt Disney World any longer. If it wasn’t obvious before, my ideal board would focus around Disney, because as cheesy as it sounds, a board all about Disney would be my perfect round of Jeopardy. There are endless questions you could ask me, and I assure you there would be some I don’t know, but Disney has provided me with a lifetime of entertainment, experiences and lessons that have shaped who I am and will benefit me in the future. When it comes to Jeopardy, I can’t say I’ll always watch, but I do know the response to one final answer that I’m sure Alex Trebek, Ellen Degeneres and Walt Disney would all approve of. “This is the one source of power that will never run out.” The correct response - “Brain power.”

If you've ever been in the Universe of Energy, you'd know just as well as I do where the end of my essay comes from...and that it's the truth. The one source of power will never run out is Brain Power (although now that I look back I probably should have put "What is Brain power," but oh well!)

Here's today's Disney History: 1967: The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction opens in New Orleans Square at Disneyland, California. The debut kicks off with great excitement, as a group of marauding sea-dogs, led by Wally Boag, first sail on the sailing ship Columbia before bursting through the new attractions' doors with a battering ram. Also opening at Disneyland is the Blue Bayou Restaurant in New Orleans Square.

Have a magical day!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 76: Disney in Concert

Today I headed to a nearby city to attend a Symphony Orchestra Concert, and this time it was specifically Disney. While we've attending this particular concert before (although with a different Symphony Orchestra), it was just as magical the second time!

They played a wide variety of music, as you can see below. There was one change though...instead of the Rescuers Down Under, they performed selections from Pirates of the Caribbean, which I thoroughly enjoyed. And because of technical difficulties, we were also able to hear parts of Aladdin and Mulan twice, and the entire Little Mermaid selection a second time as well. There was also an encore of It's A Small World...and of course we all sang along!

And since I went shopping yesterday and got a few new colorful additions to my wardrobe, I decided to Disneybound as Winnie the Pooh to the concert. I was pretty excited about my new yellow converse, which I've been wanting for a while. I'm pretty sure you'll see them in many Disneybounds in the future.

The concert was a great way to spend my afternoon. Sadly, I've had to somewhat leave the magical world of Disney behind and spend the rest of my day writing essays for an application, but it was still a wonderful way to start off a busy week!

Here's today's Disney History: 1999: Test Track officially opens at Walt Disney World's Epcot. Sponsored by General Motors, the attraction is the fastest ride ever designed (At this time) by Disney Imagineers....guests can reach speeds of 65 mph! The ride has been up and running since December 1998.

Have a magical day!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 75: Shopping Trip

Every once in a very great while I have a chance to go shopping. I don't go very often since I am pretty busy generally, but when I do go, my best friend and I plan it for weeks. We know what we're looking for and where we will be going and exactly when we will be leaving home long before the day actually arrives. Luckily though, today was that day.

I had a few things I was really looking for on this trip. First off I needed to find a new pencil skirt for my upcoming state FBLA competition. Second I wanted to find a pair of yellow converse. Third, I wanted to get some clothes that make it easier to Disneybound. Up until today I've been pretty limited with who I can Disneybound as, since my closet is filled with pretty much the same two or three, blue and more black. It's partly because my favorite color is blue and most of the shirts from our high school are black, but still. It makes it pretty difficult.

So  headed out and I ended up finding quite a few things that I can Disneybound with for very little. Ok, not very little, but the only thing I bought full price was my converse, and if you ask me that's pretty good!

You'll see more of what I bought in the coming days as I start to wear it, but I'd like to mention that I also found these and thought they were cute. Hey, this blog is about how Disney appears in my everyday life, right? There's a great example!

Here's today's Disney History: 1923: Animator, designer, Imagineer and Disney Legend Joyce Carlson is born in Racine, Wisconsin. Her 56 years at Disney include creating the original "It's a Small World" for the New York World's Fair of 1964. Carlson first worked as an ink artist on films such as Cinderella  Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty and later as the lead ink artist for the 1955 Disney Classic Lady and the Tramp. Carlson moved to Central Florida in 1982 to work at Disney World as a senior show production designer. She retired from her full-time position at WDW in 2000, but remained working for Disney through 2007. Carlson's Disney World window, which is on the second floor of a structure along Main Street U.S.A, reading "Dolls by Miss Joyce, Dollmaker for the World."

Have a magical day!