Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 61: Music, Music & Pigs?

Today was Solo and Ensemble for me, which for those that don't know, is a competition where music students perform for judges, and you receive anything from a 5 to a 1 that goes to state. You get feedback on your performance, it allows for others to hear you, and you can perform as a group or as a soloist. It's up to you!

I had eight events at Solo and Ensemble, which is quite a few, especially for a person who is already quite busy, but here were my events and my ratings:

1. Alto Saxophone/Baritone Duet - *1 (Going to state)
2. Alto Saxophone/Clarinet Duet - 2
3. Oboe Solo - 1
4. Alto Saxophone Solo - *1 (Going to state)
5. Saxophone Choir - *1 (Going to state)
6. Saxophone Quartet - *1 (Going to state)
7. Alto Saxophone Duet - 1
8. Oboe Duet - 1

It was a long day, but I'm pretty happy with everything I got. Except for that two I got on my duet with my best friend. We weren't very happy about that. But considering one of my events couldn't even go to state, and I also have Jazz Band coming up, and there was musical, and with everything else going on, I did very well. It was a great way to end my 7th and last Solo and Ensemble.

But once I got home, I decided it would be a great time to finish watching Season Two of the Muppet Show. I helped my dad for a while in the shop, but then I watched the last episodes with my brother and cat (she loves when we watch the Muppet Show because she can sit on my lap). These last ones were probably some of my favorites from the entire season, and it's probably because of everything the pigs did. My favorite song came from Episode 221 featuring Bob Hope, in which the opening number was "Pig Calypso." It was hilarious. It told the story of Miss Piggy's romance with Kermit, and the frog came on to tell his side of the story, ending with "Bib and napkin, knife and fork is the only way that I'll touch pork!"

Here's today's Disney History: 2011: The 18th annual International Flower and Garden Festival begins at Epcot. Running through May 15, the event features beautiful topiaries, fun concerts, educational demonstrations, and celebrity appearances  For the first time ever, the Festival is being sponsored by HGTV, who will showcase their television personalities on the HGTV stage. 

Have a magical day!