Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 72: Fantasy Faire

Yesterday marked the opening of the newest attraction at Disneyland, Fantasy Faire. Now, I don't visit Disneyland very often...I've only been there once compared to the 23 trips to Disney World, but I am super excited about this expansion. Why...Flynn. Rider.

A few years ago Flynn was in the parks greeting guests...and then they got rid of him, meaning that he's still not around in Florida. What's one of my dreams? MEETING FLYNN. It's awful hard to do such a thing when Flynn is no where to be found. But it seems to me that Flynn will be making regular apperances at Fantasy Faire at Disneyland...meaning that my only hope of ever meeting him is there.

Granted, first I either have to make it to nationals for FBLA or work really hard to convince my dad to take us on a trip out to California (I'm hoping for option One), but hopefully I will eventually get to meet Flynn. I mean, you can meet Naveen, so why not Eugene!?!

It gets confusing sometimes because he has two names...random I know, but true.

Anyway, for more info on Fantasy Faire, here's a video from The Disney Geek:

And here's today's Disney History: 1928: On a train ride back to California from New York City (with his wife Lillian), Walt Disney sends his brother and business partner Roy a Western Union telegram that reads: Leaving Tonite stopping over KC arrive home Sunday Morning Seven Thirty Don't worry Everything ok will give details when arrive Walt. This is in reference to the fact that although the Disney brothers have probably lost their animated creation Oswald the Rabbit to Charles Mintz, Walt has a new idea for an animated mouse character. 

Have a magical day!