Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 74: The Magic, The Memories & You

Originally I was going to talk about the unveiled plans for Disney Springs, but it seems everyone else has that covered. While I am pretty excited to see what this expansion to Downtown Disney (well, overhaul really) will bring, there are plenty of other things at Disney to talk about.

But it is the announcement for Disney Springs that brought me to this blog post. I was watching the announcement video with my friend and we were discussing the projections they use on the model to give it life and color. I very much enjoyed the projection, and I was explaining how it's probably similar or the same to what they use on the castle each night.

And that led to The Magic, The Memories & You. I loved this a lot. I admit, I cried the first time I saw it, and then several times more. It's a very magical show...but I have to also admit that I'm disappointed with the replacement. It just doesn't flow the same way as the Magic, The Memories & You did. It's just not there. Granted, some of my favorite parts are still a portion of the show, but there's still something missing.

Then again, I have some great memories from that original show. A couple of years ago I headed down to Disney with my FBLA Chapter, and my adviser brought her son along too. He had never been to Disney World, but he was a great sport all the time. I don't think I heard him complain once the entire time we were at Magic Kingdom, which was pretty much all day...a really long time for a 6 year old. But my favorite part of that trip was when we saw this show. It was late, of course, and it was kind of hard for him to see since we were in a large bunch of people, but I had previously seen the show and knew exactly which portion he would love. He loves two things (or did at the time, I'm not sure if this is still true), Buzz Lightyear and Tinker Bell, so it was obvious to me that he would love seeing the castle become a rocket. I told him to listen for Buzz's famous words, "To Infinity and Beyond," and when he finally heard it he was like "Lizzie! I heard it! I heard him!" And then we watched the rocket head up into the sky and all he could say was "Wow." It's one of my favorite moments of any Disney trip I've ever been on, and it's certainly something I'm never going to forget.

My favorite parts of the show are, of course, the rocket, because who doesn't like that? But also the "Circle of Life" portion, where the castle rotates from day to night over and over until it turns into the old camera. The final portion is the Lilo and Stitch part, because I cry pretty much every time when Stitch goes "Ohana Means Family" because it's just adorable and cute and completely true and magical.

Either way, this conversation led to us watching the show...which always brings a little extra magic to my day. So I figured I would share a video of it with you so you can watch too.

Here's today's Disney History: 2002: Singer-songwriter Phil Collins (known for his music in Tarzan) is among the 10 inducted as Disney Legends. In honor of the opening of the Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris, all of this year's inductees are of European origin. 

Have a magical day!