Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 79: Why I Blog

I have to admit, I haven't always been a blogger...and quite honestly it took me a long time to become a constant one. I have always loved writing, ok, maybe not always...but for quite some time. My first blog was one I did for my French class. I still have it, although I haven't visited it in quite a while. Then I decided to try something new and blog about the one thing I love the most, Disney. So I created WDW Kids, which was, at the time something really intended as a blog for kids by kids. Of course, I initially got discouraged since I had no views and it was hard to write more than every once and a while. I tried multiple times to get myself going on that blog, and it just never worked.

Then about a year ago I really started writing a lot. I wrote some short stories and I did a lot of writing in my own journal, for a reason that I honestly can't remember. And then sometime last year I decided to do another blog, this time focusing around how Disney impacts my everyday life. We all know that blog came to be Everyday Disney, but it didn't start that way. I tried numerous times to get myself writing everyday on there too, and it just never worked. Then came the New Year, and I decided to make a new years resolution to blog each and every day. I've had a rocky start, but I've kept with it, and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

But why, really, do I spend so much of my time writing, specifically blogging? I sit in a classroom lab filled with computers for an hour and a half each morning, and almost two hours of that is spent reading news articles, many times specifically Disney related ones, and working on my blog. Once I'm done I go and find more Disney things. When I'm at home I read books about Disney or I spend more time writing, or I'm watching movies, because it's what I love doing.

In fact, I was just debating last night what I intend to do when I head to college this fall. It will certainly be different to not automatically have two hours each morning to spend searching Everything Disney and spending time writing my own posts or searching Google Maps to look at the layout of the parks. No, there just won't be time for that. But i did decide that something I really hope to do when I go to college is just set aside one hour, or even just a half hour, each night for Disney. It will give me time to relieve stress and go to my happy place, and it will certainly be easier for me to continue updating this blog, which will, sadly, grow harder the further we get into the year.

The truth is, I blog because it's something I love to do. Heading into the World of Disney for a while each day has certainly made me a happier person, and while sometimes lately I've felt that I'm writing myself out (In the past three weeks I've written, on average, 5415 words per week, and that's not including the writing I do at home...yes I went back and copy and pasted all the words I've written within the past three weeks. It took a while), I still love what I've been doing. It's been nice to focus more on myself and what I want to do for the past month or so instead of what the school wants me to do and what my parents want me to do. Don't worry, I'm still passing all of my classes, and I'm still working plenty hard when it comes to school, but I've just had more time for myself lately, and that's something I haven't had in years...and certainly something I won't have for years to come.

Here's today's Disney History: 2012: On the same day the 2011 feature The Muppets is released on DVD and Blu-Ray, the Muppets are honored with their won star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Have a magical day!