Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 485: At the Bottom of the List

Day 5 of the Disney Photo Challenge: A picture of your least favorite ride or attraction. 

Blast from the Past: 

It seems funny, and totally out of character, but this one is REALLY hard for me to answer. Be warned...this is another REALLY long one. 

There are, believe it or not, a number of attractions that I don't particularly enjoy. 

I would probably say something like Mission Space, but I've never been on I can't say that. And then there's the Tower of Terror...which I'm never going on...ever...but I've never been on that either. And I'm not a huge fan of the Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor...I don't like being picked out like that...or the China Pavilion Video because it's in dire need of an update because it's so dated now compared to everything else. 

But, in the end, I think that the attraction that I REALLY dislike is "Lights, Motors, Action: Extreme Stunt Show." I hate (ok...hate is a strong word)...I dislike this attraction so much that I've been known to call it "Lights, Motors, Stupid: Extreme Waste of Disney Property." Here's why: 

When I was younger, the backlot area of the then "MGM Studios" was a working production lot. There was an entire neighborhood of houses for filming. Every Christmas time, this area was lit with thousands of lights for the "Osborne Spectacle of Lights" based on the family's tradition of lighting everything in the yard. This really impressed me when I was little, and it really brought something different to the park. Plus, the "Backlot Tour" went right by the houses and explained how they are used to shoot movies...real movies. It was truly awesome. 

But a number of years ago, Disney did something stupid (and I won't say they don't do the occasional stupid thing, because sometimes they do...) and totally striped the entire backlot area...the houses, the old theater where "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" stage show took place, everything...and turned it into a stunt show where a spy ran through Paris in some cool looking cars. 

Now, the first time I saw this, I have to say...I was impressed. These stunts were really cool. I mean, they drove the car backwards, at high speeds, through explosions...and the guy got set on fire! (It's ok...he survived). They made it seem as if they were actually shooting an action scene for a spy movie...and at the end, you got to watch the completed scene. 

And then I saw it a second time. LMA is not like the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular...also located in the same park. Indy's got a heck of a lot going for him. It's a funny show, they get people involved (A LOT), there are some awesome stunts, and everyone knows the movies. Plus, it's got the Harrison Ford connection, but either way, it's awesome. LMA doesn't have that. It's not based on a popular and award-winning movie series, and it certainly doesn't have much else going for it when you are bored the second time you go see it. 

So that's why I call it "Lights Motors Stupid: Extreme Waste of Disney Property." The backlot area used to be really awesome, and it really taught a lot about movie making. Not only did LMA get rid of that area, but it also got rid of the stage production AND most of the Backlot Tour, which is now made up of a trip past Walt's Private Jet, a trip through the costuming department (WHICH I GO TO GO IN...but that's another story), through "Catastrophe Canyon," and past a bunch of movie props (including my favorite...a skiff used in "Return of the Jedi." Harrison Ford could have STOOD on that skiff...). You finish by going through an exhibit on Villains (Darth Vader is there!). That's it. It used to be so much more than that...

The funny part: there has recently been talk of taking out LMA and replacing it with a Disney World version of CarsLand...which is new to Disney's California Adventure (and a big success) in California. It certainly makes one goes to see LMA much anymore, and unlike Indy (who does many shows a day), LMA generally only has two per day. Just remember Disney...I told you so, many years ago. Can't say that every day! 

Back to the Future: 

Honestly, this is another hard question.

I still don't like Lights Motors Action, that's for sure, but I don't think I'm as opposed to it as I used to be. In fact, I pretty much enjoy all the attractions at Disney, although there is one in recent years that sort of disappointed me: Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid. I love the movie and everything, but something in the attraction just falls flat. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely brilliant up until the end. The first number of rooms are bright, colorful and very much like the movie. But the entire Climax of the film is missing, giving it a sort of abrupt end that I didn't like the first time I went on it, or any time after that.

Otherwise, I'm pretty chill about my attractions. I've found reason to love most of them in the past couple of years, and while I still swear I'm not going on Tower of seems my friends have it out to get me on it. So we'll see about that.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 19).

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 484: I'm There!

Day 4 of the Disney Photo Challenge: A picture of the way you know you're at a Disney Park. 

Blast from the Past: 

I don't really have a picture for this, because it's more of an atmosphere, but here's a picture of said atmosphere. As I'll explain in a later picture, my family has a tradition of heading to Epcot for our first and last park each trip, but I won't go into anything more now because I do explain it fully later, but's there. 

The moment I see Spaceship Earth (the big golf ball), there's a nagging at the back of my mind..."You're're finally home..." but I don't fully realize that I'm there until I walk through the front gates. There's just something about the sight, and the sound and the smell of Epcot...yes, I said the smell...that makes me realize that I'm home. If you are around me a lot, you may have heard me mention how something smells like Disney...and I'm not kidding. Disney has a distinct "smell." It's another of those things that you just have to be there, and I'm sure this sounds, once again, really cheesy, but it's there...and it's amazing. If you want to know another of my favorite smells...ask me about BBQ sauce sometime. 

But in all reality, it's the moment I walk through the front gates of Epcot that I realize I have returned...I'm in a Disney Park...I'm home. There are other times too, like when my brother and I scheme against our parents (it's too long to elaborate here), or when I get the high score on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, or when I watch Illuminations at Epcot, but I never fully realize that I'm there until that moment just past the front gates. 

Back to the Future: 

I can't help but agree with my past self, Spaceship Earth is most certainly one of the most important pieces of my realization that I am at Disney, that I'm home. But lately we haven't always been able to stick to the tradition of going to Epcot first, so I've sort of had to find other ways to have that realization too.

I mean, there are really small things, like the sound my suitcase makes on the tile floor in the airport, or the recording on the monorail on the way to Magic Kingdom or Epcot. And in the most recent trips, I think a huge factor is putting on the Magic Band itself. Then there's the music, which, especially at Epcot, brings a lot to the experience.

But in the end, the number one thing is still Spaceship Earth. I try my best to make it one of the first things I see and keep it in my line of sight until the trees cover it completely.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 19).

Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 483: Just One?

Day 3 of the Disney Photo Challenge: A Picture of your favorite Disney memory. 

Blast from the Past: 

This is a real tough one. I have so many Disney memories! 

But, after much thought, I have come to the conclusion that my favorite Disney memory is actually fairy recent, and while I don't have a picture of the memory itself, I'll still tell the story. The picture I chose is one where the top tier is blasting off, as you'll hear about what that means in a moment. 

During the summer of 2011, I traveled to Orlando, Florida for the National FBLA conference with other members of the Seymour FBLA Chapter, including Mrs. Grassel's son, Gordon. For two days before the conference started, I toured a few of us through the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, with some help from my mom. But the moment that really got me caught up was when we were watching the "Magic, Memories, and You" show in the Magic Kingdom. It's a display on  Cinderella Castle, including scenes and ideas from movies and attractions, and it features pictures taken by Photopass Photographers throughout the day. 

But the time we got to Main Street, it was already crowded, but we made sure we found a spot where Gordon could see for the most part. He was a little frustrated at how late it was and he was getting tired, plus he didn't have the best view. Having watched the show before, I knew what was coming, and I told him to listen for words from one of his favorite characters..."To infinity and beyond" -Buzz Lightyear. 

Throughout portions of the show he would whisper to me and ask when Buzz Lightyear was coming, and I told him to keep listening. Finally, he heard the words and said to me, "Lizzie! I heard him" or something like that. I watched his reaction as the top tier of the castle blasted off into space, and if you haven't seen video of this, go do. It's amazing how realistic it seriously, I'm not not kidding, looks like it's taking off. Gordon's face lit up and all of his worries about being tired and hungry were gone. He was so excited, and the look on his face was all I needed to see. 

It's expressions like this that make me want to work at Disney, so I can bring happiness to kids like that all the time. I'm sure you've all seen those faces when a child you know opens a Christmas or Birthday gift and it's just what they wanted...well in these moments at Disney, like when they see a favorite character for the first time, or find out they are going to Disney World, or even see the castle blast off into's like that expression plus more. Most people call it priceless...I just call it magic. 

Back to the Future:

Dear Lord, how am I supposed to choose?

I think, in terms of trips for me, my favorite one would have to be a triple tie between my last three, so July 2013, March 2014 and June 2014. All three just held a lot of brilliant moments for me. Like, July was spectacular because it was my Birthday and Graduation Trip and we stayed at Bay Lake Tower, which is just one of my absolute favorite places to stay now and my whole family was there and there were a ton of moments I just really appreciated. I got to meet my favorite artist (Larry Dotson), and my brother and I were the last ones in the Magic Kingdom on my birthday and so on and so forth.

Then March was great because I had a chance to explore a lot of Disney in my own unique way. I really spent a lot of time with only my brother on the trip and that seriously made a difference. In addition, I got to meet TONS of awesome people, including meeting Max. It was SUPER awesome getting to meet him and can't wait to head out to his area next summer for a trip to Disneyland & D23.

And finally, June was wonderful because I got to experience Disney with two of my best friends. I don't really get to travel much with friends versus my family, and having them along just made everything even more spectacular. If June was any indication, January is going to be amazing.

So I pick all the memories from those three trips, although there are countless other memories, the one from two years ago included, that rank right up there near the top. You really can't just pick one. It's impossible.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 19).

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 482: Lots of Character

Day 2 of the Disney Photo Challenge: A Picture of the character you're most like. 

Blast from the Past: 

I would say that I'm most like Rapunzel from Tangled. No, I don't have long blonde hair with magical powers, and I don't live in a tower either. But I do know that there's a part of me that can't wait for my life to the aspect of going on my own journey, making my own path, and hopefully making a difference in the world, or at least in my community. Although at the same time, I'm hesitant to leave home. I don't want to disappoint my family and luckily, my family doesn't consist of an evil witch for a mother. Still though, I wonder if I will be able to go out and make that difference in the world, or if it might be better for me to "stay-in." Rapunzel did leave her tower though, and someday I will leave the safety of my own home as well...and that's when my life will begin. 

Back to the Future: 

I'm not going to lie, this one is pretty hard.

For sure, there's still a good part of me that's like Rapunzel. Very, VERY much so. I really have a feeling of being locked up in my tower a lot, especially with this summer and all the work I do. But at the same time, I've faced a lot of challenges in the past two years that I hadn't come across yet when I first did this challenge.

Which makes it especially hard for me to pick a character. Recently I think, going into the expanded Disney universe here, I've really connected with Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time. My background is vastly different, but there are many times that I'll watch the show and feel this insane connection to her, and it's not just because of my love of Jennifer Morrison. Like, I have walls up, and very few people have been able to break those down. And at the end of Season 3, I can definitely relate to trying to do the right thing and having it blow up in your face. And then there's the fact that my wardrobe is basically Emma's closet...which honestly gets weirder by the day.

So I'd have to say either sticking with Rapunzel, but with a side of Emma Swan. Now...if only I could figure out where my Pirate is...

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 19).

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 481: Disney Lover

Day 1 of the Disney Photo Challenge: A Picture of you at Disney with 10 reasons you're a Disney lover.

Blast From the Past: 

I love Disney because...

1. I've grown up with it!
2. It sounds cheesy, but Disney World is like my second home. I can picture everything exactly in my head without having looked at pictures in ages, and I can recite almost every word of every park song...or any Disney song for that matter. 
3. Nothing matches up to the magic of Disney. Again, it sounds cheesy, but it's really not. Disney Magic is something you have to see to believe...and boy, I've seen it. 
4. I love the reaction from kids when they see the castle for the first time, or Mickey Mouse, or even the top tier of the castle blast off into space (The Magic, Memories and You show). 
5. Disney has something for everyone...from those that are 1 to 100, and everyone in between. 
6. The songs get stuck in your matter who you are.
7. The simplest Disney thing brings back the greatest memories. 
8. Because Disney's parks are unlike anything else on the planet. 
9. There is so much more to Disney than meets the eye. 
10. Because no matter how amazing it is, it was all started by a man...and a mouse. 

Back to the Future: 

Oh gosh. Ten reasons I'm a Disney lover? Let's see how many of these are the same. 

1. I get to share it. By far one of my favorite things about being a Disney lover is the Disney community itself. My fellow Instagramers are all amazing people that I hope to meet someday, I have the chance to spread my own magic through Everyday Disney, and there's the YouTube community as well. Closer to home I have friends that are just starting on their own love of Disney and I couldn't be happier that I get to share my passion with so many people. 
2. It's my home. Plain and simple. Home is the place where, when you leave, you just miss it, and I miss Disney World more than anything else in the entire world. 
3. There's always something new and exciting, whether that means in the studios of Walt Disney Animation or on the ground in the Disney Parks. Disney just keeps moving forward. 
4. Disney has taught me so many lessons, about life, friendship, love, leadership, commitment, passion, hard work, everything. The list could go on for hours. In fact, I've learned so much thanks to Disney that I plan to write a book on it someday. 
5. Nothing matches up to the magic of Disney. Yes, this was on my original list too, but I can't find a better way to say it. There's nothing quite like walking through the gates of your favorite Disney park and spending the entire day there, only to be the last people to leave at night. There's this atmosphere there that you can't find anywhere else. 
6. Because it's always been a part of my life. I've grown up with Disney, and I wouldn't want it any other way. 
7. The world of Disney stretches far beyond the parks and movies. I think this is certainly one that I've found in the past year or so, gaining a new appreciation for things like ABC and Fairy Tales and diving back into the original films. I'm much more of a Disney Parks fanatic, so it's been a great adventure learning about just how far the magic reaches. 
8. Disney has something for absolutely everyone, another one that was on my original list. My family all has totally different tastes and ways we like to do Disney, but yet we all want to go back just as much as the next person. Going with my friends recently made me realize this on an even deeper level, as they found their own favorites, completely different from mine own. 
9. The music. Yes, this gets it's very own mention. The music of Disney has been, and is to this day, much of my inspiration for my own music. I can trace many of my personal tastes in rhythm back to the notes that surrounded me as a kid, and it's certainly changed my life for the better. 
10. Disney inspires me to reach for my dreams. Of all the things I've learned from Disney, this is by far the most important. You can't ever give up, and you should always wish on the star because if you believe hard enough and you are courageous enough to pursue those dreams, they will come true. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 19).

Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 480: The Disney Photo Challenge

Updating Everyday Disney takes an eternity, especially when there's an entire summer and then some to make up. I swear to God I'm never going to get this far behind again because this is just obnoxious. I'm going to be writing all day long! Things are actually going well though. I have topics for about half of the posts I still need to make up (as of August 19), and then as I sat awake last night because of a thunderstorm, a thought occurred to me.

Like many of you, I'm sure, I have the TimeHop app on my phone. I love going back to see what I was doing two or three years ago, because on one hand it makes everything seem so long ago, and yet like it was just yesterday. Over the past few days especially though, there's been a lot on my TimeHop feed, and there's a very good reason for that.

Two years ago, exactly, I was in the middle of the Disney Photo Challenge on Facebook. You know, kind of like the 100 Day Photo Challenge that none of us ever finished that asked us really specific questions and stuff? Yeah, that one. Well I did that Photo Challenge, and I did a Star Wars one too, but that's something for a different day. Maybe once we get a bit closer to the new movie.

So while looking at the blog posts I still needed topics for, I realized that I have a perfect way to come up with a bunch of them and still have it perfectly themed to Disney! The Photo Challenge!

I went through my original challenge this morning to set this idea in stone, and it ended up as hard as concrete. A lot can change in only two years, and nothing says that more than the different answers I would give to those same questions now than what I did then. So I'm going to do the Disney Photo Challenge, again...only instead of on Facebook, this time I'm going to do it right here on my blog.

The Questions/Days are as follow:

Day 1: A picture of you at Disney with 10 reasons you're a Disney lover.
Day 2: A picture of the character you're most like.
Day 3: A picture of your favorite Disney memory.
Day 4: A picture of the way you know you're at a Disney Park.
Day 5: A picture of your least favorite ride or attraction.
Day 6: A picture of something you've never ridden/seen in the parks.
Day 7: A picture of your favorite in-park character.
Day 8: A picture of the ride you miss the most.
Day 9: A picture of your favorite restaurant.
Day 10: A picture of your favorite ride/attraction.
Day 11: A picture of the thing you wish you could change about the parks.
Day 12: A picture of your favorite Disney food item.
Day 13: A picture of your favorite "home" resort.
Day 14: A picture of your favorite night time activity (Existing or past) on Disney property.
Day 15: A picture of what you do when it rains in the park.
Day 16: A picture of your favorite place to shop.
Day 17: A picture of your favorite Disney character.
Day 18: A picture of your favorite guilty Disney pleasure.
Day 19: A picture of something in the park that deserves more attention.
Day 20: A picture of the best way to beat the heat at Disney.
Day 21: The best place to take a picture at Disney.
Day 22: A picture from your favorite Disney movie.
Day 23: A picture of the character you dislike the most.
Day 24: A picture of your favorite Disney-related possession or souvenir.
Day 25: A picture of your favorite childhood Disney memory.
Day 26: A picture of the way you keep Disney alive when you're not at the parks.
Day 27: A picture of the person you most love sharing Disney with.
Day 28: A picture of your favorite place to hide from the crowds.
Day 29: A picture of something you dream about happening to you at a Disney park.
Day 30: A picture that always makes you think of Disney.

Because there are a few posts that ARE written in the next month of blog posts, the entire challenge won't be one after the other, although I'll be sure to make which posts are specifically posts that go along with this challenge, so don't worry! And when they're all up and finished, I'll come back here and link the days to this blog post so there's an easy way to find them all! In addition, I'll share what I said two years ago, and then my current answer, just to see how much things have changed in the last couple of years, both with me and with Disney!

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 19).

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 479: A Proposal

A really long time ago, last summer sometime I think, I talked about how if my future spouse doesn't propose to me at Disney then I'm probably not saying yes. That hasn't changed, but I happened to come across this list of 101 ways to propose at Walt Disney World, and my heart is just melting. So OF COURSE I have to share, and include some of my favorite ideas (because future may read this).

HERE'S the full list that you can go through yourself, but here are a few of my personal favorite ideas:

7. Hire the independent service Gifts of a Lifetime to help you arrange a private scavenger hunt. (I do love scavenger hunts. Pirate at heart).

10. Take a stroll outside the Grand Floridian. At the sign for the Wedding Pavilion, ask her to join you at a wedding...yours. (Considering the wedding pavilion and I share a birthday you do not even know how much I love this).

11. During the Haunted Mansion ride at the Magic Kingdom, point out all the wedding portraits. Say, "That gives me an idea..." (They say this works best with a potential bride who has a sense of humor. I do. Get it? I do?)

17. Arrange for a private Illuminations fireworks cruise, propose on board. (If Illuminations is still a thing when I am proposed to this is a sure possibility).

25. Stop by one of the park Guest Relations offices and get a free "Happily Ever After" button. Give it to her and say that you would love to live happily ever after with her. (Disney Buttons? Fairy Tale references? Happily Ever After? Um...yes!)

35. Ask the Dapper Dans to sing a wedding-related standard. Then propose. (I do love those Dapper Dans).

47. As you pass the treasure room in the Pirates of the Caribbean, tell her that Captain Jack Sparrow didn't get all the jewels, then show her the ring. (It's cheesy but I love it).

61. Walk from the Magic Kingdom to the Contemporary. As you pass the commemorative bricks, tell her that you wish they still made those because you'd like to have a permanent marker of your love. Then propose. (Bonus points if we're by my brick).

63. Secretly buy her a sparkly tiara at the Crystal Arts store on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. Give it to her in front of the castle and say that you'd be honored if she would agree to be your Princess...for the rest of your lives. (I think it's Hook's fault this one is on my list. Stupid Finale. Stupid him saying 'My Princess.')

86. Stay in the Magic Kingdom until the very end of the night, so you're the last ones in the park. Tell her that the only thing not that will make the magic last is if she agrees to marry you. (I do love being the last one in the park).

101. Create an elaborate touring plan and make a big fuss about it. When you get to the park in the morning, start heading toward your first attraction. Then stop and tell her that there's been a change of plans; you have to do the most important activity first. When she asks what that is, you ask for her hand. (Dude...if you get me to go along with this I'd better say yes anyways).

I do feel bad though, as now I'll be expecting something like this. So you'll have to come up with something completely original. But here's a bonus, Spaceship Earth wasn't on this list, so you've got that...and that would be the best thing to incorporate of all. Actually, I have a couple of friends who started dating while on this ride. Sort of. I don't really know how to describe it. But they're dating, and he asked her at Spaceship Earth, and I fangirled.

To my future spouse: good luck.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 8).

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 478: Tangled or Frozen?

To be honest, I'm not totally sure if I already talked about this, but my gut is telling me I didn't, at least not in detail, so here we are with a blog post!

It's funny actually, because I think the reason I feel like I already talked about it is probably because I planned on talking about it and never actually got around to it. Yep, this is one of those times for sure. But the other day I had this discussion with a friend of mine. The topic? Tangled or Frozen? Which is better? Which is your favorite? And why?

She said Frozen, and I can't speak for her as to why, but there are a lot of things I love about the movie. The music, for one, is spectacular. I love the music of Frozen. I love singing it, playing it, listening to it, parodying it. Everything. And the characters are great. I love Anna, and the twist with Hans was something none of us saw coming (as is evident in the wealth of posts about people gasping "NO" when he says his famous lines).

But on my side? It's just not Tangled.

I loved Tangled, probably more than I should. No, let's rephrase that. I LOVE Tangled. It's for sure one of the few Disney movies I've seen more times than I can really count (I have no idea how many times I've seen it), but the second I was able to see it again, I did, and I watched it over and over and over and over. And don't even get me started with Flynn Rider. For sure my favorite Disney character, hands down. Maybe it's his Han Solo-ness, or the fact that he's super handsome, or he has a heart of gold or can sing, I don't know, but I love him.

So the simple answer here is yes, I love Tangled more. For plot, and music wise it's just as brilliant, the characters are lovable (did I mention Flynn?), it's a great twist on the tale, has a great plotline and is just overall a great movie.

And therefore, Tangled will hold that spot in my heart forever. Or at least until I come up with a new movie to obsess over.

Have a magical day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 477: Disney Blogs

Not very often do I find myself having to make up a hundred days in blog posts, and generally I can find topics for the vast majority of the days I must make up. But I must admit, at the moment I'm facing an incredible number of days I still must make up, and while I have a bunch of ideas still in reserve, it's sort of scaring me how much I have left to make up. Like I'll look at a selection of days that's about 15-20 posts done from the summer and rejoice before scrolling up and finding another 50 that are left to do.

It's a work in progress.

But along this journey, I realized something. In my search for new ideas for blog posts, I did something new today that I've never really done before: I typed in a google search of "Disney Blog Ideas." It didn't come up with much, but it did inspire this blog post!

What happened to come up were some articles on "Must Read Disney Blogs" and so on and so forth, and as I went through the lists, since I love following new Disney blogs all the time, just to keep up on my Disney news, or at least when I have internet, I found something interesting.

I write a daily blog about Disney, and as I mention often, it's easy to get behind. That's a LOT of writing, and in the process of this blog I've probably written more than one book worth, but it'll make for just that, an interesting book someday. But what you so often see with blogs is they do give up. So as you click on the links to the different Disney fan blogs, you'll see ones that haven't been updated since 2011 or 2012 or even a number of months ago, and that just sort of makes me sad.

At the same time though, it inspires me. Back at the beginning of the year, or the end of last year really, when I was deciding whether or not to continue this blog, I mentioned that I couldn't really think of my life without it, and that still rings true. Despite the fact that I have an obnoxious amount of days left from this summer to make up thanks to my lovely internet, I CAN talk for days about Disney, long and short posts (ok, mostly long) alike. And why is it so important to me that I catch this thing up? Because I set out to do something there. I want to talk about Disney every day of my life, for the rest of my life, and while I highly doubt I'll reach Day 5000 or 10000, it's still a point. I don't want to be that blog that just randomly stopped for no good reason, and that's almost how I've been operating lately. It's why every time I actually have internet I make an effort to write a post, because it shows people that I am still here, and I really am trying. There's so much going on and everything, and as I continuously say, my internet is bloody annoying, but I'm not giving up now.

So I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I wish more people would write their blogs, and continue them. I know how hard it is. I tried about four or five times to start a blog before I landed on this one and it stuck, but don't give up. We're a giant community, and eventually we're all going to be found and we can help one another, right?

Speaking of which, I should probably update all my social media and share these blog posts!

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 8). 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 476: What Happened In April?

As I discussed in a blog post from a previous day (but actually the one I just spent a few minutes writing), it's been a long time since April graced the land, and yet here I am writing blog posts that will technically appear on those days.

There's tons of reasons as to WHY I didn't blog on those actual days, but the problem is this. I have NO CLUE WHAT I WAS ACTUALLY DOING IN APRIL.

Alright, we can assume that I was actually sitting in the library or the music lobby on April 21. Actually, I KNOW I was in the music lobby, since it was a Monday. And every Monday I hurry to the lobby to download the newest episode of Once Upon A Time so I can rewatch it. Aside from that, it was just before finals, so therefore I was probably freaking out about that too.

So I guess on some level I DO know what was going on back on April 21, but other than the usual stuff I happen to do each and every week, it's difficult to know what was really going through my mind. And even more difficult to know what Disney sorts of thoughts I had on that particular day.

Granted, there are tons of things that I can talk about just about any time of the year, and things that really have nothing to do with the actual date. YouTube videos for instance work great as fillers for days I need to make up, as do quizzes. But there are sometimes things that are more time sensitive. Like the band trip that I will FINALLY blog about after how long (it's been over a month...although that blog post won't show up until the month of June).

I guess the main goal here is that this is still a blog about Disney in my everyday life, and while I do get behind, if I can make this up with stuff that's been going on over the past number of months, then that just proves that Disney IS in my everyday life. After all, if I couldn't make up all those posts, then it would mean I've run out of Disney things to talk about, and something tells me that that won't be happening for a very long time.

Then again, these 100 days to make up may have a different opinion.

Wish me luck & have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 1). 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 475: Easter

It's yet another holiday here in our world, and that means another Holiday inspired Blog post. Or somewhat at least. I guess Easter has never really been a super Disney-Holiday for any of us, or me at least. As a kid, Easter was always at my house and we would do the egg hunt and everything and there's church with the Easter breakfast and it just actually ends up being a really long day.

This Easter wasn't much different honestly, with my day beginning at church, and then lunch at my house with family, and then Once with Shovell. But we ended out the day by watching Saving Mr. Banks, which is always a great choice of a film. Shovell hadn't seen it yet, and so we just decided it was a good idea. And guess what guys, I only cried twice this time! That's a lot better than the 7 times I cried the first time, right? I think so.

But overall, I don't see why Disney couldn't be a wonderful happy, springtime filled holiday! And lately the Disney parks have taken a step towards doing just that, with an Easter Egg hunt and meet and greets with the Disney Rabbits. Gosh, those character meet and greets just really make me want to go back to Disney.

Around our house otherwise, not much Disney was to be found this Easter, which is kind of depressing when you really think about it. It's always fun to find little bits of Disney within my holidays. Although I did have a great conversation about Once Upon A Time with one of my friends, and we all know how entertaining I get when that becomes the topic. That's about it though.

So I suppose we'll wrap this blog post up a bit earlier than my normal length. Easter was apparently not the most interesting of holidays this year! But there's plenty more to come!

Have a magical day & Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 474: The Wonderful World of Disney

Since I'm writing an entire paper on Fairy Tales, and specifically on Once Upon a Time and probably a good portion of Disney as well, I took it upon myself to read a behind the scenes book on the show, just to get in the heads of the creators and the actors that bring it to life. Honestly it really did help me, and I bookmarked several pages just with information that I could use, but there was one part of the book that really pointed something out to me.

In the interview with the actor who plays Rumplestiltskin, Robert Carlyle, he mentioned that he loves the show partly because it's a family show. Now, if you watched the "Wicked is Coming" special back before the start of the second half of the season, you'll remember that Jennifer Morrison said the same thing, and I don't know about you, but everyone I was with ended up laughing at that one. But it's a valid point. As action packed and serious as Once Upon a Time is at some points, it IS a family show. The themes can be applied to so many people, and can teach you so much about life in general.

But that's not what caught my attention. In that same interview, Robert Carlyle said that it's interesting because he realized that Once is on during the time slot that used to be filled with The Wonderful World of Disney. This kind of shocked me, because when I thought about that, he's RIGHT. Once IS on during the time that used to be filled with Wonderful World of Disney, and that was just a weird thing to think about for me.

If you don't remember Wonderful World of Disney, that's alright. It's been a number of years (over 10 actually) since the show went off the air, but the way I remember it is specifically through Little House on the Prairie. Now everyone knows that I LOVE and ADORE that show (I've seen every episode), and it was actually through the Wonderful World of Disney that I got hooked on it. Meaning that ultimately, The Wonderful World of Disney has played a very important part in my life.

But what does this say about Once? I mean, Robert Carlyle mentioned that it's like ABC has been trying to find a replacement for that time slot for years, with something that pretty much the whole family could watch. Now, I agree, there are certainly some moments on the show that aren't really child friendly, but for the most part, he's very much right. Since 2003 it's been on and off with that 8/7 PM Time slot, and now we're in our third season of Once with that time. That speaks wonders about this show, and about how successful and absolutely brilliant it is.

I know I talk about Once a lot, I do. But it's funny because my family used to watch Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights, and then it stopped and I was really, honestly, saddened by that. Now, in my first year of college, many of my closest friends and I all get together and watch Once together. It's the best hour of the week, because for that hour we don't have to worry about the homework that's waiting for us back in our dorm rooms, or the tests that are coming up or anything. It's just awesome, and it brings it right back to the Wonderful World of Disney, and a show that we can all enjoy.

Although sometimes I'm pretty sure I enjoy it a little too much.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on April 22 due to Easter).

Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 473: Updating The Blog

It's no secret that I tend to get a bit behind on my blog. This is nothing new. In fact, the days of me getting behind on my blog go all the way back to the very beginning, right around Day 8. To be fair, when I got behind that first time I was pretty sick and felt like doing absolutely nothing (and I did absolutely nothing other than eat crackers and watch The Muppet Show). But since then I've gotten behind countless times, for reasons that are all over the place.

Sometimes I get behind simply because I forget to blog. Most of the time I actually have a thought process in my head each day on what the blog post will be about, and at various points during the year and a half I've been doing this, I've had a particular time of day that I used just for blogging. That way it was just a part of my daily routine, and that made it a million times easier to handle.

But then there are the ridiculous number of times my internet goes out. Thankfully, St. Norbert College has some wonderful internet, although during these summer months I have to make the half hour drive to get to it. My internet at home is just plain awful most of the time. Once in a great while it will work wonders, but I can't really upload or download anything without it taking hours to do so. And then there's the whole part where it likes to cut out and we're left with no internet at all. It's a rough life. #FirstWorldProblems?

And then there's school and life in general, which are both issues at hand. Some days I'm just too darn busy to write a blog post, and while at times I can crank one of these things out in only a few minutes, some of the more complicated posts can take hours. I remember a few I think I spend around two or three on, so it's interesting.

But I do love writing, and blogging. The problem is, what do I do when I get soooo far behind that I'm just terrified of how I'm going to make it all up. I'll give you a little look into my process:

This is the document in Google that I have that has a list of all the days I have to make up. Each is listed by date missing and then what day in the count it is. It may seem small in that picture, but literally this list goes on for another three pages. Granted, that list includes every blog post I'm missing between this day (April 18) and August 24, 2014, two days after I'm set to move back into SNC and just before I start classes again. 

That's a lot of blog posts. Over 100 actually. 

So I guess I'd better get working, especially since I'm at college now and actually have internet. I was going to resume work on the band trip video, but something tells me I need a break from least until I get sick and tired of writing blog posts. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was actually written on August 1, WAY after April 18. In case you didn't get that while reading the rest of the blog post...)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 472: Wonderful Dreams Part 2

Yesterday we talked about how sometimes we just have these really really good dreams. Like insanely good dreams, such as the ones I talked about yesterday. But as I finished that blog post, I got an answer from my roommate as to whether or not I could blog about the awesome dream that she had, and she said I could. Or rather "YES YES YES." Our Twitter Conversations can get pretty entertaining.

Anyways, you may or may not remember that my roommate LOVES Newsies. Like, really loves Newsies, to the point where the songs are playing our room and now I like Newsies. It's a fun process. Granted, singing in our room just seems to be a given these days. We have a good time. Either way, the other morning I woke up and she was just like "Lizzie...are you up?" and I of course answered that I was, to which she just goes "Good, cause I have to tell you about my dream." Apparently it was a really good one, about how she was a part of the Newsies cast and she was singing the one song and she knew all the words AND, to top it all off, she was dating one of the cast members. 

Gosh, I'm eating hamburgers with Colin O'Donoghue and my roommate is dating Newsies cast members. Our dream lives are way better than our broke college student lives.

But let's continue to hang in this weird dreamland that seems to be better, or at least more interesting that the one that actually is in front of us. I wouldn't call this next dream good, but just...strange I suppose. It's been a couple years since I had it, so I'm a bit fuzzy on some of the details, but I remember enough of it to make it a bit of a story. Basically, I was in my high school, and I was Elizabeth Swann (from Pirates of the Caribbean), and for some reason Jack Sparrow insisted that I hide in one of the lockers (That happened to be the hallway my locker was in at the time...only I wasn't hiding in my locker). So I did, but eventually I got sick of waiting and left the locker and went out this set of doors that's a little ways away from where those lockers are. I go out them, and apparently my high school was a cruise ship, because that's where I was. Ultimately I ended up jumping overboard for some reason or another. The dream skipped around a little bit before eventually I was in this bedroom and Jack was sleeping on the floor? I have no clue, it was a strange dream, as I said.

The only other recent Disney dream I've had is one where I was at the Boardwalk Resort, but there was a cruise ship also involved in this one. Like we went on a cruise and then it docked at the Boardwalk, which makes no sense, and my brother and I were trying to figure out how to get back on the ship, so we're just walking all along the boardwalk, and then for some reason I remember being really sad. This was moreso just a confusing dream than anything else though. I really don't know what happened. But it must have been nice because I woke up in a great mood. 

Dreams are interesting things, that's for sure. I'll probably have more in the future, and if I have a really interesting one I promise to share. But you know how these things work, good dreams come and go, and you don't have one every night, so who knows what will happen!?!

All I can say is hopefully I'll share more hamburgers with Colin...or you could throw Harrison Ford in there. Or maybe a coffee date with Jennifer Morrison where we just talk about hair and braids for a few hours. Yeah, those all sound like great options.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on April 22 due to Easter).

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 471: Wonderful Dreams Part 1

Sometimes you just have a really great dream. I mean we've all had these moments, right? Either you meet your favorite person, or your biggest dream comes true or you spend a night in the castle suite at Walt Disney World. Yeah, anything like that. Maybe it's just a dream about food. How should I know. But the point is, sometimes we have great dreams.

And then there are the times you have really strange dreams. Where it's like "What in the world was I thinking about before I went to bed?" We've all had those too, and things just get really weird and all we can do the next morning is try to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The point? There are good dreams, and bad dreams and strange dreams and happy dreams and dreams few and far between. So since I've never really talked about my dreams before, and some of them really do have to do with Disney, I figured I would share a couple of the stranger ones. This is bought on, actually, by the fact that my roommate and I have both had really great dreams within the past few days, which is always a bonus when you're a sleep deprived college student in the first place.

Lately I've had a bunch of Once Upon A Time dreams, and that shouldn't be a surprise considering how important it is in my life right now. It's not even the show, it's just the fact that it's one hour a week that I get to spend with my friends, every single week. It's nice to be all together and not worry about the next test or paper that's due. But I've been having these for a while, hence the one that, for some reason, is saved on my phone:

I was in this theater and we were watching the new episode (I have no clue which one), and Adam [Horowitz] was there too. But the new episode was really confusing because we went to Oz and all this weird stuff happened. Like Emma had a Scottish accent and Hook killed Neal (but Hook wasn't a pirate. They were like soldiers). And then I was talking to Shovell because apparently I hadn't finished watching the episode so I didn't know the end yet and she was like "You're not gonna like it!" So I keep watching and then Regina in her evil queen attire goes to this garden in Oz called the Garden of True Love where there's these little rings and they have the names of two people who are True Loves and she finds one that says Emma and Neal and then breaks it. So I text Shovell and I'm like "Regina is my favorite!" 

Meanwhile, Red is somewhere doing something and is in the theater and hides this doll that kind of looks like Rumple's, under the seat in front of me because someone is looking for it. So I then am like "I'm gonna make sure it stays hidden." Other than that I've got this jumbled mess. I talked to Adam, there was magical nail polish, Henry was missing, and the nail polish enabled me to talk to ApprenticeEh (Figure that one out). I don't know. 

This really was a weird dream now that I write it all down. 

I also had another dream that involved Once and HIMYM. Here's the short version: Basically, I met Jennifer MOrrison, who was super nice in my dream (And in real life too I suppose. I wouldn't know. I've never met her. Someday....), and Lana Parrilla and indirectly Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin and HIMYM people but missed Colin and became the Blitz (go watch HIMYM) all because I wanted to take a shower because I didn't feel well and then do my makeup so I wouldn't look ridiculous in pictures. Also, JMo was wearing a green dress. 

And that sums that one up. Actually, I think I'm going to split this blog post into two parts so it doesn't get too long. But we'll finish with my most recent Once Upon A Time inspired dream: So for some reason and by miracle of life, I was at this diner eating lunch with Colin O'Donoghue. I have no idea why or how, but we were. All I really remember about it other wise is he laughed at some point (because I remember that of course), and we talked about the time in Episode 2x05 "The Doctor" when he was tied to the tree. Also, Ginnifer Goodwin was there and she was telling Singing in the Rain jokes. The best part of the dream though? Colin and I split a hamburger. It was great. 

So those are my Once Upon A Time inspired dreams. Tomorrow, since this is already a really long blog post and why not just make it two days, I've got a real wonderful story about Pirates of the Caribbean, and then there's the random Boardwalk dream I had this week too. Plus, if my roommate will let me share, I'll tell you the story of her dream she had the other night too. Haha, this just in, she's letting me tell you. So that will be tomorrow. ;)

Have a magical day and sweet dreams!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 470: Disney Night

If you thought I was going to miss Disney Night on DWTS, you are surely mistaken.

Although I missed the first 20 minutes or so because of an alto saxophone lesson, I made it back to my dorm room to see most of the show, which made me smile like I haven't in quite some time. Seriously, I texted one of my friends saying that the smile on my face just wouldn't leave, and I was serious. Had anyone other than my roommate walked into the room they would have been very confused, I'm sure. But my roommate is used to this weirdness.

You may remember that I followed the last season of DWTS, mostly because of Bill Nye the Science Guy, but you may not know that I've been following pretty closely this season too (it's just that my Monday nights are pretty busy so I generally can't wait). Candace Cameron Bure is on this season, and you probably know her as DJ Tanner from Full House. If you've been following me for a long time you'll also know that Full House is one of my all time favorite TV Shows (actually it probably is number 2 after Once Upon A Time). I've seen every single episode at least once, and I intend to rewatch them at some point too.

Either way, I'd like to say that I LOVED Disney Night on DWTS. The costumes were absolutely beautiful, the music was brilliant and the dancing was pretty darn good too. I think I'm in good company when I say that my favorite dance of the night was James Maslow and Peta Mugatroyd, who danced to Let It Go. It was just absolutely beautiful.

Of course I also loved Candace's dance with The Little Mermaid's Under the Sea. They had some of the cutest costumes if you ask me. Like they were seriously adorable. I also loved the Mary Poppins theme Charlie and Sharna had going on, although I didn't get to see their dance since they went first, and as I said before, I didn't start until about 20 minutes in. The costumes there were adorable too.

Why they haven't done a Disney Night until now I have no idea, but I hope it continues. The entire show was just brilliantly done, and it just brought a little bit of extra magic to the competition. I am, personally, a bit sad to see Cody go, as I really didn't think he would be leaving, and I loved his Lion King themed dance, but it is what it is.

Will I be watching next week? No, other than following Candace's adventures of course. Gotta vote for DJ Tanner! Woohoo!

Have a magical day!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 469: The Jolly Roger

The feels are too much.

Spoiler alert for 3x17 starts now.

So I've been looking forward to this episode for months. Since I found out that it was obviously going to be Hook centric because, well, it's called "The Jolly Roger." I knew that we would get some sort of flashback to the last year, and we would obviously be addressing Hook's feelings for Emma. But I never expected this. Not in a million years.

The episode started great, and gosh there were a lot of great moments, but I don't know if it's possible to want to, at the same time, punch Hook while also hugging him. Like seriously that's how I felt. He goes from one side to the other faster than you can say his name, but I guess it's because he's heartbroken. He says it flat out that he is. You know, when he


Yeah, that time.

And Zelena. No. I want to strangle her. She seems to be from the deepest, darkest depths of hell and I want to MURDER HER. How dare she do that! No. NO NO NO NO NO. Just NO!

Poor Hook.

And so, here are screenshots. I apoligize in advance for the incredible amount of Hook this week, but I want to point out that while this episode was beautifully written, Colin's acting here was basically the definition of perfection. In fact, Megan and I are having a conversation right now about how if it weren't for Colin, this episode wouldn't be as good as it is. Because as much as you can be an actor, to bring all these emotions straight to the surface? That's hard. And he does such a wonderful job of it.

So maybe I went a bit overboard (no pun intended) on the screenshots. But can we just take a moment to appreciate once again how wonderful this episode is? Not wonderful in the way of "YAY!", wonderful in the aspect that it's one of the most beautifully written in all of the series. It most certainly ranks in my top five episodes, if not in the top three (gaining that third spot with only Good Form and Going Home above it). That is an honor right there. 

Plus, sometimes I just have to include the hilarious stuff along with the emotional heartbreaking moments. My thoughts? Who doesn't love froyo? Hook and his spyglass HAHAHA (until the end). The Jolly Roger is obviously a metaphor for Emma. I'm proud of Hook for turning down that woman, and disgusting man. Also, that time when Emma Swan was a literal 5 year old. Don't touch anything. Yeah right. That twirl Eric does with Ariel? Best one I've ever seen. And Charming, you are an idiot. That's the last time you spend the day with your grandson! Seriously, you know you just proved a pirate to be a better caretaker than you are. Granted, he was teaching Henry the art of cheating, but at least he wasn't risking lives. Mary Margaret's expression perfectly describes how all of us felt during that scene. 

And finally, my #1 thought: I wonder what Adam and Eddy could be up to. Hmmm..Hook either has to A) Kiss Emma or B) Not Kiss Emma and everyone dies. Huh...why in the world are we setting up a plotline that involves these two kissing. I have no idea! (Actually I do...but I'll let you figure that one out yourselves). Next week, and the weeks to come, however, shall be mighty interesting. 

If I can ever figure out how to fix my broken heart. 

Tonight's Disneybound was inspired by our favorite pirate (or the man he really is rather): Killian Jones! This is by far, once again, one of my favorites up to this point. I am seriously in love with this one. Would I wear it in public regularly? Probably not, but for one day it was pretty fun! 

Have a magical day...but before we go, here's a real gem I screenshotted but didn't share before: