Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 473: Updating The Blog

It's no secret that I tend to get a bit behind on my blog. This is nothing new. In fact, the days of me getting behind on my blog go all the way back to the very beginning, right around Day 8. To be fair, when I got behind that first time I was pretty sick and felt like doing absolutely nothing (and I did absolutely nothing other than eat crackers and watch The Muppet Show). But since then I've gotten behind countless times, for reasons that are all over the place.

Sometimes I get behind simply because I forget to blog. Most of the time I actually have a thought process in my head each day on what the blog post will be about, and at various points during the year and a half I've been doing this, I've had a particular time of day that I used just for blogging. That way it was just a part of my daily routine, and that made it a million times easier to handle.

But then there are the ridiculous number of times my internet goes out. Thankfully, St. Norbert College has some wonderful internet, although during these summer months I have to make the half hour drive to get to it. My internet at home is just plain awful most of the time. Once in a great while it will work wonders, but I can't really upload or download anything without it taking hours to do so. And then there's the whole part where it likes to cut out and we're left with no internet at all. It's a rough life. #FirstWorldProblems?

And then there's school and life in general, which are both issues at hand. Some days I'm just too darn busy to write a blog post, and while at times I can crank one of these things out in only a few minutes, some of the more complicated posts can take hours. I remember a few I think I spend around two or three on, so it's interesting.

But I do love writing, and blogging. The problem is, what do I do when I get soooo far behind that I'm just terrified of how I'm going to make it all up. I'll give you a little look into my process:

This is the document in Google that I have that has a list of all the days I have to make up. Each is listed by date missing and then what day in the count it is. It may seem small in that picture, but literally this list goes on for another three pages. Granted, that list includes every blog post I'm missing between this day (April 18) and August 24, 2014, two days after I'm set to move back into SNC and just before I start classes again. 

That's a lot of blog posts. Over 100 actually. 

So I guess I'd better get working, especially since I'm at college now and actually have internet. I was going to resume work on the band trip video, but something tells me I need a break from least until I get sick and tired of writing blog posts. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was actually written on August 1, WAY after April 18. In case you didn't get that while reading the rest of the blog post...)