Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 476: What Happened In April?

As I discussed in a blog post from a previous day (but actually the one I just spent a few minutes writing), it's been a long time since April graced the land, and yet here I am writing blog posts that will technically appear on those days.

There's tons of reasons as to WHY I didn't blog on those actual days, but the problem is this. I have NO CLUE WHAT I WAS ACTUALLY DOING IN APRIL.

Alright, we can assume that I was actually sitting in the library or the music lobby on April 21. Actually, I KNOW I was in the music lobby, since it was a Monday. And every Monday I hurry to the lobby to download the newest episode of Once Upon A Time so I can rewatch it. Aside from that, it was just before finals, so therefore I was probably freaking out about that too.

So I guess on some level I DO know what was going on back on April 21, but other than the usual stuff I happen to do each and every week, it's difficult to know what was really going through my mind. And even more difficult to know what Disney sorts of thoughts I had on that particular day.

Granted, there are tons of things that I can talk about just about any time of the year, and things that really have nothing to do with the actual date. YouTube videos for instance work great as fillers for days I need to make up, as do quizzes. But there are sometimes things that are more time sensitive. Like the band trip that I will FINALLY blog about after how long (it's been over a month...although that blog post won't show up until the month of June).

I guess the main goal here is that this is still a blog about Disney in my everyday life, and while I do get behind, if I can make this up with stuff that's been going on over the past number of months, then that just proves that Disney IS in my everyday life. After all, if I couldn't make up all those posts, then it would mean I've run out of Disney things to talk about, and something tells me that that won't be happening for a very long time.

Then again, these 100 days to make up may have a different opinion.

Wish me luck & have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 1).