Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 457: Mickey Shaped Everything!

Although our internet has been going crazy all day and we've had it on and off, I've been using my phone and my personal hotspot to actually get some work done since I had a day off of fairy tales. Which means that now that my blog is updated again I can maybe do some real homework tonight. That'd be a new one, right? With the way this week has been going, yes, yes it would.

Either way, this morning, before I had my hotspot going, I happened to find a moment when the internet was still on to go on Pinterest, where I found an "announcement" that there's going to be MORE MICKEY SHAPED FOODS!

Ok, so we already have the ice cream, and the waffle and the pretzel and such, but this is getting crazy awesome. Here's what's coming:

Don't they all look super delicious!?! Because I think they do! 

Oh wait...did I forget to mention something? Let's just say Disney is really really good at making April Fool's Jokes. ;)

Have a magical day!