Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 458: This Isn't Disney Food!

It seems that after coming back from Florida, a lot of us have a bit of a problem. Actually, it happens no matter what Disney Park you go to. It can happen with Disneyland too. The issue here? Food.

I'm pretty sure that if we didn't force ourselves to eat, we would actually starve, because the food outside of Disney World is just no where near the same as the food inside Disney World. Like I am so deprived right now that I was discouraged from eating last night.

I guess it's kind of interesting though, since here at my college there ARE various foods that I can compare and contrast with Disney foods. It's kind of scary actually, the things I eat here compared to the things I eat there. And these are just three of them. I could go off on a whole list of foods that I've had in both places...but that are also just significantly better at Disney, because everything is.

The Butterfinger Cupcake

I know, I know. I've talked about this before. In fact I had a whole blog post on it back in September. But that doesn't mean it's stopping me from making another comparison right now, especially since I literally had the two different cupcakes a week apart from one another. Less than actually.

In general, I do love the butterfinger cupcake I make here. It's small enough for me to eat, and it's just kind of fun to make your own in the dessert line here at college. But it only comes around once every month or so, making it kind of depressing when we DON'T have frost your own cupcake bar. On the other hand, it's kind of funny though, because I have obviously converted Shovell to my side already, and she hasn't been to Disney yet! The Butterfinger Cupcake is one of the things she's specifically asked to try when we go in June, and who would I be to deny her the deliciousness that is the butterfinger cupcake?

House Made Chips

Yesterday for lunch we had like a chicken sandwich and then these house made chips. So I'm just sitting there eating my chips and my sandwich and my strawberries when it occurs to me that...these...these remind me of Disney (to which my friends always respond: "Everything reminds you of Disney"). It's true, everything DOES remind me of Disney, especially in these stages of Disney Depression that I'm trying to counteract with Once (OH MY GOSH HOOK'S COAT...Ok, freakout done) and the fact that I'll be back at Disney in 80 some days with my best friends. But still, it doesn't mean I don't think about it all the time. Because I do. I very much do.

The chips here at school were ok. Good even, but certainly not the stuff they have at Disney...specifically like the ones I ate a couple weeks ago at the Grand Floridian. Like seriously, I'm pretty sure I could live forever just eating those chips. Ok, maybe not...but they are delicious.


Yes...just bread. And no, I don't really have a picture for this one from college because I was really lazy last night and wasn't thinking about how I would write a blog post about this today. Either way, last night it was like a dairy fest in our caf, and guess who forgot her lactade? THIS GIRL. So I may have stolen a few Mozzarella Sticks to eat when I got back to my dorm and mostly ate a sandwich and then some baguette with butter. Only I'm sitting there eating it and like halfway through doing so I realize that this bread is not Disney bread, and it tasted nothing like the amazingness that comes out of the France Pavilion.

It was super, super depressing. So instead I just have a picture of said amazing bread from a couple weeks ago. I literally just want to sit and eat bread there all day. ALL. DAY.

Can we just go back to World Showcase for lunch?

Have a magical day!