Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 252: Butterfinger Cupcakes

College is a great place. I mean, you live in a dorm room, which I actually really enjoy, and you don't have class ALL day, although you do have to spend a lot of time studying. You get to meet new people, and then spend lots of time with those new people. There's a beautiful campus, and freedom waiting outside your door. Oh, and you get to have cupcakes.

Yes, that's right, cupcakes. I will, in time, talk about the food service here at my college, because, in many ways, it does relate to Disney. But that's not the point here. Today when I walked into the caf for dinner, I noticed there was a frost your own cupcake bar. Now, I'm not kidding, there were cupcakes, and a bunch of different frostings and then toppings. Seriously awesome. Look:

So I'm going through and grab a chocolate cupcake and put on some chocolate frosting, and my friend Emily commented that no one puts whipped cream on a cupcake, so I threw on some of that, and then butterfinger crumbs, because who doesn't love that. Now, I get to the end of the line and look at the cupcake on my plate. Can you guess what my realization was? 

Ok, it's the title of this post, so it'd be kind of ridiculous if you didn't figure it out. I realized that I had just created myself a butterfinger cupcake. Now, obviously those of you who have never been to Disney will not understand this (unless you know me...then you may have heard me talk about this). In fact, even if you HAVE been to Disney there's a good chance that you won't know what I'm talking about. You see, at Disney's Hollywood Studios there's this little shop, called Starring Rolls, and inside of it is one of the greatest things on this planet: the butterfinger cupcake. 

What is it, you ask? Well, basically it's a chocolate cupcake covered in delicious chocolate frosting (and there's like this chocolate filling too), and then it's covered in butterfinger crumbs. Or something like that. It's been a while since I've had one. These things are giant and seriously amazing. I know that when my band goes (OH MY GOODNESS! I CAN SAY THAT FOR SURE NOW!), I shall be recruiting some people to share one with me. 

Either way, that was my dessert tonight. It may not have been anywhere near as amazing as the Disney version, but it did remind me and obviously stand out as "DISNEY!" in my life today...and that meant that I had to blog about it, of course! 

Today for #Frumpstagram, the prompt was "Iconic," so I went through some of my old pictures in search of, not Spaceship Earth, but actually the Chinese Theater at Hollywood Studios. I didn't find a picture of it, so instead I just did the Spaceship Earth one because one can never have too much Spaceship Earth on their Instagram feed! 

Here's today's Disney History: 1966: Comedian, actor, writer and film producer Adam Sandler is born Adam Richard Sandler in Brooklyn, New York (though he was raised in Manchester, New Hampshire).

Have a magical day!