Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 246: Once Upon a Really Long Wait

Originally today's post was going to be about Squirrels...but I've decided to move that to tomorrow or sometime later this week for two reasons. One, I may actually make a video about it, and two I forgot that's what I was going to write about and forgot to do the thing I needed to do in order to write it. But you'll hear all about that when we get to that post.

So instead I looked at my list of things to blog about, and the most obvious thing for me to discuss is the thing that has been distracting me all day...Once Upon a Time.

Now, it doesn't make a ton of sense for me to be THIS distracted about it in the middle of the summer break. I mean, for the first week or so it's bad, but then you move on and just sit and wait and you get over it. But you see, we're catching my best friend's roommate up on Season 2 so she can watch with us when Season 3 begins, and don't worry, I won't reveal anything that happens in the end of Season 2 if she happens to ever read this, or anyone else for that same point.

But I do have to say that it's amazing how Once can just randomly pop up. I mean, all day, Megan and I have been finding the strangest references to it in everything from the view out our window and what's on TV to in our reading for or homework. It's honestly kind of ridiculous.

For instance, today we were in the library studying in between our classes, because that's what we do now that we're in college. We weren't sitting directly next to one another, and it's really quiet all the time in our library, so if we really wanted to share something we'd just text it to one another, and after sitting and working for a while, I sent her a tweet from Ginnifer Goodwin and then she sends me a picture of her reading. What does she have underlined but this:

Were Mum and Dad like this, once upon a time?

Now, maybe you can explain it to me. How in the world does that just happen to end up in her reading right when we're freaking out about Season 3!?! What are the chances? Ok, so maybe we're blowing this a bit out of proportion, but it's just on our minds a lot. I'd also like to share this picture with you, because, well...Hook.

Also, here's today's #Frumpstagram picture, with the word "Resort." Of course, and it might be hard to tell from the picture, I chose the resort I stayed at most recently, Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort. I actually really love it, although I think I got a bit spoiled by being on the 16th floor and that if I ever stay there again I'll just be really sad if I'm not all the way up there.
And finally, here's today's Disney History: 1958: The Disneyland television series airs on ABC for the last time as Disneyland. Starting September 12 the series will be called Walt Disney Presents. 

Have a magical day!