Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 247: Emotional Journies

There's been a lot of talk these past few days about the emotions we feel when we go to Walt Disney World. Maybe it's just the blogs I follow, or maybe it's the fact that the Comical Growers from OceanSpray went to Walt Disney World, but I didn't want to be left out! I mean some of the things were pretty entertaining, and very true, all at the same time!

So here's a few of my personal favorite graphs and charts from the past couple of days, with links to where you can find the entire set!

I couldn't help but put this one on here, especially since we just discussed this a few weeks ago. When you go to a Disney Resort, you're happy all the time. Just all day, everyday you're there. And then you have to go home, and you just end up grumpy until you go back. 

This one made me laugh quite a bit, because it's pretty darn true. I never used to like Space Mountain (I know, I'm sorry), but I love it now (does that make up for it?), and this chart perfectly describes how I handle the attraction. No matter how many times I go on it I somehow always end up still screaming. Probably because it just makes it more fun. I mean, it's not like I can be surprised EVERY time I go down the same drop, especially when I go on it multiple times in a row...but I can pretend right? 

And now, what I feel is the truest one of them all, the want to buy all the things. I always want to buy all the things, and I will find every reason or excuse to buy said things when I go to Disney. In fact, I'm pretty sure I will never have enough when it comes to Disney things. I mean, I do have a room to fill in my future house, right? 

Finally, because I thought this was just the best thing of all time, here is a video that describes how we all feel when we walk into a Disney Park!

In the end, we all know that going to Walt Disney World is basically just an emotional rollercoaster, pun completely intended. Luckily, and to quote John Green, we're on a rollercoaster that only goes up...well, until, as that chart up there perfectly narrates, we have to leave. Then I guess we go down and completely renders this example pointless, but you get the idea. 

Today's #Frumstagram photo is based on the keyword "Merch," which, interestingly enough, fits in well with the topic of this post, since I just talked about how I always want all of the things. Because yes, and sorry to my High School English teacher, things is the proper word. I used a picture of some of the only Disney Merch I have in my dorm room, my Vinylmation!

And here's today's Disney History: 2000: Hundreds of Mary Poppins' fans gathered at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood where moviegoers are invited to sing-along with the film as lyrics appear along the bottom. Before the film starts, the Sherman Brothers and others involved with Mary Poppins speak about creating the film. 

Have a magical day!