Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 253: #SaveTheBooks

Today has been an interesting day, and that's a lot to say considering it's barely into the afternoon and I have no clue what the rest of the day will hold. But still, it has been, well, interesting, obviously. This morning was my weekly 8 A.M. class, so I went to that, and then my class at 9, and then my class at 10. But in the middle of my class at 10 this morning, the fire alarm went off. We figured it was a drill or something, so we headed out of the library, where the class is held, and waited.

Then the firetrucks came...and the ambulances, and the police cars, and they blocked off the road, and we were all just standing there for a good twenty minutes while they apparently checked the sprinkler system because it was being weird. That's fine with me, because time out of class is time out of class, even if it is one of my favorite classes. Still, that's how things worked.

And of course, I had to Instagram about the moment too, because, well, of course I had to! It would just be wrong not to Instagram about the fact that I was missing class because the library had something going on and there were firetrucks everywhere! But I think my favorite part about the entire thing was the hashtag I used, #savethebooks. I mean, that makes sense, right? If the library is on fire, one wants to obviously save the books!

But this brought another thought into my mind, a while after the library had reopened and we finished class and I headed to lunch. You see, #savethebooks brought a certain Disney reference into my mind, and if you know me, or Disney really well, you may know where I'm going with this.

Spaceship Earth.

Yes, again. It seems I can relate just about everything in my life to something that happens in that attraction (and honestly I don't post half of it here on my blog). This time though, the particular line from after the burning of Rome came to mind, the one where she specifically says "The books are saved, and with them our dreams of the future." Yeah, it's the world's first backup system. Too bad our library probably doesn't have one of those. Then again, our library isn't the home of some of the only copies of books for the world, but still!

Plus, I'm pretty sure our school doesn't have any Arab and Jewish scholars either.

"Artistic" is the prompt for today's Frumpstagram post, and so I went back and looked through my pictures until I found this, a drawing of Pluto I did at Disney Quest back in 2011 when I was there for FBLA. Great memories right there!

And here's today's Disney History: 1999: The Tatooine Traders merchandise shop (attached to the Star Tours attraction) opens at the Disney-MGM Studios. Previously called the Endor Vendors shop, Tatooine Traders features a wide variety of Star Wars Merchandise.

Have a magical day!