Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 265: The Laugh Floor

It's been a long time since I spent like 6 hours organizing my Pinterest boards so that I had different ones for just about everything Disney. Yeah, I think my current number of Disney boards is 17? I might be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that's how many I have at the moment.

So sometimes I'll talk about what's on my Disney Truths board, or the Disney Geek board. Once I even talked about what was on my Disney Store board and all the things I wanted to buy. But when it comes to the stranger, unexpected Disney boards, one is missing: The Laugh Floor.

Sometimes it's just not enough to put all the funny Disney stuff with all the other funny stuff. It get's lost, and when you really want to laugh at something Disney related, you don't want to sit and search through everything else. And so I have The Laugh Floor, cleverly named after the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. I thought it was funny AND made a lot of sense.

Just like I've done with some of my other posts, I'll just share a thing or two from the board every once in a great while. Pinterest is a huge portion of my life, so I see a lot of awesome stuff on there that's just too good not to share.

This first one directly relates to this blog. I mean, I am a Disney blogger now, after all:

And then to brighten your day, we have to have some Tangled: 

Ahh Zachary Levi. You never stop being awesome.

Oh, and eventually you'll figure this one out: 

And here's some more Frumstagram!!! Today's picture is inspired by the prompt "hidden mickey" but I just love this picture too much! 

Here's today's Disney History: 1964: Nurse-turned actress, comedienne, writer, director, television producer and daytime television hose Bonnie Hunt is born in Chicago, Illinois. Her Disney voice credits include Dolly in Toy Story 3, Sally in the 2006 Cars, Flint in the 2001 Monsters Inc., and Roise in the 1999 A Bug's Life. 

Have a magical day!