Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 266: Drop Tests!

Just the other day (today actually because that's when I did the statistics) I talked about how there is always something new at Walt Disney World, and one of the newest attractions that is scheduled to open sometime next year is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. So today brings some amazing news that has to do with this particular attraction! Today Imagineers performed their first drop test of the cars, meaning that it's the first time they ran them out of the station with their own gravity!

I'm pretty excited for this attraction, since I saw some of the first previews of it back in 2011 at the D23 Expo. Gosh that feels like such a long time ago now...and it is! But you do get the idea. Originally it sounded like this was going to be open for when I would be there with the band, but sadly from what we heard the last time we were there it won't be open until later in the year. That's alright though I suppose, I'm still very excited for it all!

Some have commented that it's just like Big Thunder Mountain, and I just wanted to touch on that too. It is a similar theme, but it's completely different at the same time! From what I understand it's almost like a Splash Mountain format, with a storyline included throughout the entire attraction featuring the dwarves. Plus, the vehicles feature some of the most advanced ride technology, making it possible for each car to swing back and forth throughout the attraction. Meaning that it should be quite the interesting ride when it's all finished.

That's about it for today though since I just spent all that time working on the former blog posts and I still have those two left from the weekend and some homework to do!

Frumpstagram today asked for a picture that was "breaktaking," and there was only one thought in my mind as to what it would be: the view from the top of Bay Lake Tower. I even included that panorama I took in July because it's seriously awesome!

Here's today's Disney History: 2001: A new attraction "Walt Disney: One Man's Dream," showing memorabila about Walt Disney's career and heritage to the public for the first time, officially opens at Disney-MGM in Florida. The attraction has been in soft-openings for the last few days and will officially be dedicated October 1 for the start of Walt Disney World's 100 years of Magic Celebration.

Have a magical day!