Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 258: Disney Movie Night

Last night I was coloring. Yes, coloring. I was sitting on my futon in my dorm room watching Once Upon a Time and coloring with my crayons. Ok, there's a point to my coloring, but that will be discussed in time. The point here was that my best friend texted me in the middle of my coloring to tell me that her dorm was starting their Disney movie, which I had previously requested to be informed of so I could join for obvious reasons. And what movie were they watching? Tangled.

So she texts me again and says "This is the story of how I died" and I'm like "OH NO! I NEED TO RUN!" I throw my crayons and pencil and paper on my desk, move my laptop and then run to my closet because I was like "Socks...I need those." So I hop around like a crazy person pulling my socks on while turning off the light, put on my shoes, grab my sweatshirt and key and run out the door. I put my sweatshirt on while going down the stairs, almost run into a person going down said stairs at record speed and hurry to the dorm next door for Disney movie night. It had to look pretty interesting honestly.

I did finally get there and they actually ended up restarting the movie so I saw the entire thing, including "This is the story of how I died," and it was one of the greatest things ever! As much as I love my friends and at home, it's not like 15 of us just burst out singing all the songs and prominent lines from Tangled when watching the movie. Yeah, that's something that we did at Disney Movie Night and it was awesome.

And then after finishing Tangled we watched Sleeping Beauty, the ever classic. It was seriously the most fun I've probably had since I came to college, and I've been here almost a month! It's funny though because there are seriously some things in my dorm that are making me really happy at the moment...and you'll hear about all of them tomorrow after I go around and take pictures of all the stuff. It's great.

Today's Frumpstagram post prompt was "Pixar," which seems like an easy one, but honestly I had a hard time not finding one, but choosing which one! There really is a lot of Pixar in the Disney Parks! But in the end I had to go with Sheriff Woody. He's the rootinest tootinest cowboy in the...wild wild west!

Here's today's Disney History: 1996: At Epcot, the Universe of Energy reopens. It now stars comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. The new DeGeneres version now features Bill Nye "The Science Guy," TV game show host Alex Trebek and actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Although called Ellen's Energy Crisis, the attraction will later be re-named Ellen's Energy Adventure.

Have a magical day!