Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 256: They've Got Character

One thing I really really regret not having the ability to do is have a so called "Princess Phase." Granted, when I was a kid there really wasn't much of a Princess thing going on. Growing up I had Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle and Ariel. That was pretty much it. I guess Pocahontas and Mulan were there too, but it wasn't as big of a deal as it is now. I didn't have either of my favorite Princesses (I ADORE Rapunzel and Tiana...Belle is a close third and then Ariel), and while there were some of the little dresses, it's not like I remember it being a huge thing. I just wasn't a kid that constantly wanted to meet characters. I have autograph books, and I'm sure my parents remember me wanting to meet characters much more than I do, but it's just something that my family in general never really did a lot of.

That's me...and Goofy, obviously. It's actually one of my favorite pictures from my childhood!
But now I'm going to Walt Disney World with some of my best friends, two of which, if they both go, have never EVER been to Disney. I know that our time there is short and that our real trip won't be for many years, since we really want to plan another one when the last of us turn either 18 or 21, but still, I want to make this trip as magical as possible, and for me, one of those things is making sure they get to meet some of their favorite characters.

I was going through the common character list tonight to send it to one of my friends and honestly, I had no idea that there were so many characters in the Disney Parks. Like the list is much longer than I initially expected. So that leaves the question, who are the must see characters, who do I want to meet and who should they meet?

For starters, I know my best friend Megan, if she goes, absolutely HAS to meet Marie. Her favorite Disney movie is the Aristocats, so that would have to happen. My other friend, Ashely, loves the Pixar movies Up and Finding Nemo. Of course Nemo is a bit hard to meet, but I fully plan on spending time in the Seas with Nemo and Friends and trying to take her to meet Dug, Mr. Fredrickson and Russell. Those are more specific to them I guess. I think my list includes the Princesses because I honestly have never met my favorite one (RAPUNZEL!) and I really can't wait to see Princess Fairytale Hall! And Gaston is probably on that list too because's Gaston.

And me and Marie a couple of years ago!

Aside from that, everyone needs to meet Mickey and Minnie and Goofy and Donald and Pluto and all those guys. Mickey and Minnie for sure. It just needs to happen. When I went to Disneyland Mickey and Minnie walked out and I was right there and I will forever regret not going by them right away. I could have met Mickey and Minnie AT DISNEYLAND, and I didn't. Sigh...regrets in life.

Also on my list? Indiana Jones and Marian! It's not necessarily a secret but if you stick around after the show you generally can meet the actors and I personally think it would be awesome to do that with a group of people from my HS Band, if not everyone! First we need to go to Hollywood Studios, but if we do I promise I will work my hardest for us to get to meet Indy!

Today's Frumpstagram was, surprisingly, easier than the past few days. The topic? Transportation. I couldn't find the Millennium Falcon so I guess a Speeder Bike will just have to do for now! It's kind of interesting though, and I think I'll make that tomorrow's post maybe, about how I used to hate Hollywood Studios and knew very little about it until Star Wars changed my life forever.

And here's today's Disney History: 1941: Walt Disney's father Elias passes away in Los Angeles, California at the age of 82. Walt is currently in South America in the middle of a 10-week trip.

Have a magical day!