Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 263: Africa

It seems that college brings a wealth of new experiences. I guess that's pretty normal, but it also brings up a whole bunch of new ideas for blog posts! It's great!

Today's brand new thing? A trip to Africa. No, I didn't go to Africa today (although that would seriously be awesome). No, the music department here is planning a trip to South Africa this coming summer, and that's pretty awesome. Granted, it is 3500 dollars, which is a heck of a lot of money and I probably won't be going, but that doesn't mean it's awesome.

I, of course, am not going. There is no way in the world I'm going to give up my trip to Disney even for a trip to Africa. Those who are, as I call them, Non-Disney obsessed, don't get it. Why go to the same place 25 times in a row when you could go somewhere like Africa? Those that are Disney obsessed understand. They know that one doesn't go back to the same Disney World every single time. Everything is always changing down there, and that's half the reason it's always so magical!

The truth is, in 24 trips, even I have yet to see everything. Let's calculate this out for a minute: I've spent approximately over 200 days of my life at Walt Disney World, as my usual trip length is 10 days, but there were several times I only went for three or four or so on and so forth, meaning that 200 is probably a more accurate number than 240. That seems like a lot of time, now doesn't it? I mean, honestly, that's a long time even for me since like I said, I'm normally only there for around 10 days at a time.

But here's just a small portion of the things I have yet to experience at the Walt Disney World Resort:

I have stayed at several resorts including Old Key West, the Boardwalk, The Grand Floridian, the Contemporary and Fort Wilderness, but here's the list of resorts I have yet to stay at at the Walt Disney World Resort: Saratoga Springs, Disney's Wilderness Lodge, The Polynesian, The Yacht Club, The Beach Club, Caribbean Beach, Port Orleans, The Swan & The Dolphin, All Star Music & Sports and the Art of Animation. Yeah, there's a lot of them. And that's just resorts.

Then we get around to restaurants. There are some parks where I have eaten at pretty much every restaurant. For instance, I'm fairly certain that I have eaten at every restaurant at Disney's Hollywood Studios at some point in my life, at least those that are still open. This doesn't go for every park though, I mean, at Magic Kingdom I have yet to eat at some of the summer-only restaurants, since I really have only been there in the summer twice (it will be three times in 2014). And don't even get me started with Epcot.

Attraction wise there's only three I haven't been on ever in my life, and I've talked about them previously: Tower of Terror (don't even think about it), Mission SPACE (Yeah...not happening) and Kali River Rapids (this is most likely for me to go on honestly). Other than that I believe I have been on every attraction that I could go on. BUT, here's the catch! I just got back from Florida a few months ago, right? Well already there are things that I have yet to see because they are brand new. For instance, just this week Princess Fairytale Hall opened, and I can't wait to see it come June! Plus there are plenty of attractions I haven't been on recently: Stitch's Great Escape, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, Lights Motors Action, Malestrom, and the list goes on. It's crazy.

Actually, I decided to make this post even more interesting by doing some statistics with just the Magic Kingdom:

It would take you approximately 4.9 hours to just experience every attraction in the Magic Kingdom. That's without your average in other words the amount of time spent only on the attraction, as if you were able to just walk right on.

At this exact moment (Calculated at 4:35 on September 23, 2013), if you put all the wait times together, you'd have to wait approximately 8.6 hours to get ON attractions, and right now the highest wait time is 45 minutes for Space Mountain, a far cry from some of the busier seasons, where Space Mountain can get to be over two hours for just a wait time, and that means that the average wait time goes up overall (the average wait time as of right now is 19 minutes). This number does not include the wait time needed for character meet and greets.

Remember that those above numbers don't even include the time it takes to WALK from one attraction to another, which could be anywhere from 20-30 minutes to over an hour, depending on how quickly you walk.

After a heck of a lot of calculation and time spent on AllEars, I have finally figured that in order to try absolutely every thing in all the restaurants at Magic Kingdom you would spend approximately $3441.12 and have approximately 462 options to choose from. I got really picky with it though, and included every single different combination you could have, but only counted items such as fountain beverages once. It's not exact, but it's close enough to make a point this isn't including Crystal Palace (the buffet) or the fixed dinner price at Liberty Tree Tavern, which, if you eat at all four meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner for CP), adds $141.62+ to the cost. These numbers also don't include kids meals of any kind, and it also doesn't include the Starbucks that has recently taken up the space of the Main Street Bakery (that was just too hard to include). You'd also have to eat at 34 different establishments within the Magic Kingdom.

Throughout the Magic Kingdom you will have the opportunity to meet 40+ characters, including two versions of Princess Ariel and several duplicate characters within/without the restaurants. This ins't including the current and frequent Limited Time Magic Events of Long Lost Friends.

By adding up a bunch of videos on YouTube from the YouTuber I get my park music from, I came up with over 7 hours of just background music played throughout Magic Kingdom, and that's not including everything. It does include the Tomorrowland Music, Splash Mountain Queue Music and Adventureland Loop, but most of Fantasyland and most attractions are still missing, meaning that in reality it's at least double that amount in real life.

And finally since I'm getting sick of adding all these numbers and do have homework to do yet, you'd watch over 4.6 hours of shows and parades, including the Main Street Electrical Parade, The Dapper Dans and Wishes. This does NOT include the other 2.3 hours of holiday specific shows and parades you'd need to see as well, meaning that there are almost 7 hours of performances that you'd have to see before you see it all. Most happen multiple times a day though.

Oh, and just throwing it out there, there's also those two holiday parties you would need to attend as well in order to see everything the Magic Kingdom has to offer. I personally have only been to one, and that's Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

So, if we put this all together, in order to do everything at the Magic Kingdom you could TODAY, it would take you around 25 hours to experience it all. That's right. It's PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to experience everything in the Magic Kingdom within one day, and that number, 25 hours, is not including the time it takes to walk from one place to another, go through the gates, eat, bathroom breaks, waiting for character meet and greets, staking out a spot for a parade or fireworks show or multiple other events. It's also assuming you meet 40 different characters and spend 5 minutes with each one. Oh...and I didn't even touch on any of the 37 locations you can buy merchandise. Plus, this number is calculated that you'd go on each attraction once...meaning one time on Space Mountain, one time on Splash and Big Thunder and, thankfully, only one time on It's a Small World! Nor does it include anytime to stop and appreciate the area!

Plus there are a few other smaller experiences you can have that Disney doesn't even list normally on their website, such as watching Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Rays.

And this is just the Magic Kingdom. Still think that it isn't worth it to go to Walt Disney World or spend more than one day there? Yeah, I believe you should just go back and read that all over again. If it takes over an entire day to just experience everything in the Magic Kingdom ONCE, then just think about how long it would take to experience everything in three more parks, numerous resorts, two waterparks, a shopping district, golf courses, a sports center and more.

The point I'm getting at here is this: 200 days of my life is only a SHORT amount of time at Walt Disney World, especially since these statistics are for today specifically...not for 10 years ago when pretty much every attraction was different, meaning that the time I spent 10 years ago going on all these attractions is basically irrelevant because I have to do it all over I have just begun to explore New Fantasyland, which isn't even done yet.

So I'll be traveling to Walt Disney World time and time again to experience everything, which, by the way, is part of the reason for this trip in June! I'll be having a once in a lifetime chance to PERFORM at Walt Disney World! Obviously that's not included in the number up there either...meaning that it's certainly time well spent!

Oh...and if you're interested, I took approximately 3.6 hours determining all these statistics.

Today's Frumpstagram? Breakfast! Now, we all know that there is no breakfast food quite like those breakfast foods that are Mickey Shaped. I mean, they just taste better!

Here's today's Disney History: 1863: Writer and linguist Jacob Grimm dies at age 78 in Berlin, Germany. He and his brother Wilhelm (known as the Brothers Grimm) were the first to write down such classic folk tales as Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. A philologist, jurist and mythologist, Jacob was 13 months older than his brother.

Have a magical day!