Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 255: BREAK TIME!

Homework. It seems to be the end of all of us. For me, it's the end of, mostly, any social life I would attempt to have here at college. For others it's just the end of their lives, period. It makes total sense if you think about it though, I mean, one goes to class and then spends the rest of their life reading or studying for that class...and then there's like at least four other classes.

I mean, I guess right now I have some part of a social life, but that "Social life" is mostly sitting in my best friend's dorm room fangirling over things on Once Upon a Time. Not that I'm complaining. I don't mind sitting and spending my time watching Once, not at all, but it's just kind of weird. 

Basically my day goes like this: I get up and go to class, and then normally another class right away, and sometimes one more class, before going to lunch with my best friend and her roommate. Then I often times have another class, or if I don't I'll try to do homework until my brain hits stop. Then I either watch TV or work on something that's a bit more busywork and not reading or homework. Then I go to Wind Ensemble, which I'll talk more about come the end of next week. I follow Wind Ensemble with dinner, and then often times I go to watch Once. Then I either go to the library or my dorm room and do my homework until bed. Oh, and I write a blog post in there at some point. 

But there comes a time every once and a while where I don't have to focus on homework or class, and do you know what time that is? 


Earlier I was texting one of my friends and I said that and I immediately thought of something Disney when I told her it was break time. And do you know what that thing I thought of was? 

The Jamitors! 

If you have never seen them, you need to, because the Jamitors are seriously awesome. It's a group of three people that perform at Epcot every so often in the morning using their trashcans. Basically, they're janitors that play awesome music...even if they don't necessarily clean any bathrooms. The idea is that they play the music during their break time, and you can see a little bit of them in the video below, just start it at about 5 minutes! 

Here's today's Frumpstagram post, which was much easier to do than those for the last couple of days. I mean, who doesn't have a picture of one of those amazing Disney Desserts? I finally decided on this one, because of course, Mickey shaped desserts are always better than anything else. 

And here's today's Disney History: 1957: Film Score composer and music producer Hans Zimmer is born in Frankfurt, Germany. He has composed music for over 100 films including The Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Have a magical day!