Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 261: Spanish

We're a ways into the school year now here at college, which seems kind of strange because in High School we'd only be in like, what, the second week? Third maybe? Yeah, we're been here for a month already. That means we've had plenty of time to learn and take tests and write papers and lose sleep over all our homework. Have I done all of those things, luckily no, but my best friend probably has.

But that doesn't mean that you can't find just a little bit of awesomeness in even the hardest, most homework down classes. She's taking Spanish right now, and I, knowing very little Spanish, never fail to speak that little bit that I know when the topic comes up. If you don't know what that Spanish is, here's your hint:

Ok, that wasn't really a hint. It was more of a "here's the answer," but still. If you know Disney, you already know that this is super funny, and I couldn't wait for the day that my best friend learned the words that make up this exact statement. I've gone around saying it for years now, and just the other day she was like, "Know what word is finally on my vocab list? Puertas." And me being me I was like "what's that" and then realized that was the stupidest question of all time. 

Yeah, that was seriously a thing I did. I am a shame to Disney fans everywhere. Don't worry though, I realized it within like a second of it leaving my mouth, so that makes up for it, right? 

Frumpstagram! I'm really doing well with this, and today's word was "lights," so I went a little out of the box and picked this beautiful piece of modern artwork at the Contemporary Resort made of lights. How awesome is this!?! 
And here's today's Disney History: 1986: Captain EO, a 3-D, 70mm, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, musical movie attraction starring Michael Jackson, opens at Disneyland. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and executive-produced by George Lucas, the movie tells the story of Captain EO (Jackson) and his ragtag crew of space travelers. 

Have a magical day!