Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 262: Talk like a Pirate!

Arr my mateys, today be talk like a pirate day!

Now, if you're wonderin', this entire post is, indeed, in piarte. I found an online translator that turns this entire blog post from our common English into pirate. Now, if any o' this will make sense in t' end I have no idea, but we'll try. I mean, it be talk like a pirate day, after all!

I love talk like a pirate day! I mean, it's a whole day basically dedicated t' Pirates, and thar be a lot o' pirate thin's that I love. Growin' up, I did always love Pirates o' t' Caribbean, and although for some reason I don't really remember it as well from when I was younger than when I was a bit older, I still love the attraction. I think I really got into t' entire attraction not long after t' first Pirates movie came out, and now I certainly count it as a must see attraction (I mean, it be in every way a must see because it has a special connection t' Walt Disney).

But Disney be really gettin' into t' Tal like a Pirate day thin' too. I heard that they're doin' some Limited Time Magic with it too, and online thar was some awesome stuff. Like this from Oh My Disney:

And you know who else be a pirate and be awesome? You guessed it! Captain Hook! But obviously not t' Captain Hook from t' Disney Peter Pan, I'm talkin' Captain Hook from Once Upona  Time. So, t' continue celebratin' Talk Like a Pirate Day, here's some Captain Hook pictures (or Captain Swan, it's hard t' decide). Also, check out that sneak peak released today for Once Season 3!

That last one though. It just never gets old. 

Thar's also this: 

And so, happy talk like a pirate day! Remember, thar's only 10 days port until t' season 3 premiere o' Once Upon a Time, and I, for one, can't wait! 

Today's Frumpstagram post was "ears," and we all know that me favorite pair o' ears be on Mickey Mouse. I mean, they're just so perfectly round and awesome. Plus I feel like it'd be weird and totally beside t' point t' pick t' ears o' anyone else. This be a Disney thin', after all.
And here's today's Disney History (Not in Pirate): 1966: Walt Disney gives what will turn out to be his last press conference. He speaks about the development of the Mineral King Ski Resort in Southern California. It will feature skiing, an alpine village, skating rink, hotels, dormitories for young people and restaurants. Disney's plans will quickly be put to a stop when critics and environmentalists feel the untouched land will be desecrated. 

Have a magical day!