Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 264: La Peri

To be honest, I've been waiting to write this blog post since I started college. I got into Wind Ensemble, which I may or may not have mentioned a number of weeks ago, and when we got our music there was this one piece that I knew I just had to blog about. Of course, my family does read my blog, and I wanted the song to be a surprise for them, so I couldn't blog about it until now.

Well, tonight was our concert, and here we go! Please enjoy our opening selection, as performed by the St. Norbert College Wind Ensemble: La Peri.

Sound familiar? It should. Huh, I wonder where a Frence song like this might come into play at Walt Disney World? How about Impressions de France! Just skip ahead to minute 16 and wait a few seconds. You'll hear it!

So yes, as you can imagine I was really quite excited that we were playing a song, my first song in college as a matter of fact, that has such a connection to Disney. It just works out perfectly for this blog too! Just goes to show that really is a little bit of Disney everyday! 

And here's today's Frumpstagram! It's the title of Attraction Photo, and my brother nails it every time.

Here's today's Disney History: 1959: Stand-up comedian, impressionist and television/voice actor Dave Coulier is born in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Most famous for the role of Joey Gladstone on the sitcom Full House, his Disney Channel credits include The Thirteenth Year and The Even Stevens Movie. His ABC-TV credits include both the series America's Funniest People and The World's Funniest Videos. 

Have a magical day!