Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 690: Where in the World

One of my all time favorite games is "Where in the World." It's pretty popular among the entire Disney fandom to be completely honest, with just about everyone playing the game. But recently I've been playing it in a whole new way. This past week, someone Megan knows has been at Walt Disney World, and so she'll pull up the latest pictures and we'll be sad together about the fact that we're not at Disney. It's a common thing these days as we approach the next trip.

Actually it makes me pretty proud a lot of the time because Shovell will come in and it'll be a picture from some super random place on property and she'll know exactly where it was taken. That doesn't happen very often. Normally people don't know where stuff is, even my family once and a while. But yesterday Megan came in and couldn't figure out where the people were, and to be completely honest, I couldn't even figure it out at first.

We knew they had been at Hollywood Studios earlier in the day, and it definitely looked like they were waiting to eat dinner somewhere. I just couldn't figure out where that place was. It took me a really long time, but eventually I thought about it. I knew where it wasn't, but considering the fact that I haven't been to every single place constantly, there's a significant part of me that won't recognize things right away. However, it's pretty easy to narrow things down, especially when you have an idea.

In one of the photos they were holding a menu, definitely the only thing needed to figure out where they were dining. The menu honestly gave it away:

Once we'd narrowed it down to 50's Prime Time Cafe, all I had to do was search for pictures of the waiting area, and sure enough, that's where they took the first picture. The chairs at the counter matched up and so did one of the couches. Easy enough, right? 

The irony is that in just over a month, we'll be in that same room. We're eating at 50's Prime Time in January, just because it's one of the best themed restaurants at Walt Disney World, if you ask me at least. As a kid, it was my absolute least favorite restaurant because of a bad experience with the "no elbows on the table rule." I was three. I couldn't reach my milkshake. You can figure out the rest. But it's just one of those things that I felt my friends should experience, so we're headed there for what is sure to be one of the most interesting meals I've ever had at Walt Disney World. 

As for Where in the World, that's it for this time, but maybe this will be a new series kind of thing. I love trying to figure out where pictures are taken at Disney, and I definitely can see this as a regular part of my daily Disney experience. After all, you should see some of the pictures my family takes. It's always an adventure trying to figure out where they were taken.

Have a magical day!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day 689: Cinderella

I'm not the first and I'm certainly not going to be the last to discuss this. It seems that when there's news in the world of Disney, everyone covers it. I debated blogging about this for that same reason, but since I'm a huge fan of both Disney and fairy tales, it seemed like a natural thing for me to discuss today. I am, of course, talking about the trailer for the new live action version of Cinderella, which my roommates and I are all super excited about.

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it yet:

First off, I love the trailer. It's the perfect combination of action, story, characters and classic scenes. I love it. But can we just stop for a second and talk about the music? I don't know who works on the music for these Disney trailers, but they nail it Every. Single. Time. I'm constantly amazed with the music in the trailers for all of the Disney movies, live action and animated. It's going to be stuck in my head all night now. 

But that's not the only thing I'm loving about this movie and trailer so far. The costume design is beautiful, for one. I'm so used to seeing wonderful costumes on Once that I'm prety sure I have higher standards now than I did before. And of course, they got it ever so right here. Cinderella's ball gown, for instance, is stunning, and I'm quite happy to see a scene depicting the animation in the original animated film. 

Other things I love? The fact that they bring her mother into the story. Such a grand idea. I feel like there's always so much debate about where that mother went (although in many of the stories, she dies, and it seems to be that case here), so it's nice to see some extra backstory. Second, I adore the fact that her name isn't "Cinderella," but simply "Ella." In the fairy tale itself (or at least many of those original versions), her name isn't Cinderella at all. Sometimes it's Ella and sometimes it's actually Ashley, but either way it isn't Cinderella. A nice touch indeed.

And finally, let's just stop for a moment and discuss how odd it is to see Helena Bonham Carter playing the Fairy Godmother. We're all so used to seeing her in darker roles that you almost miss it when she appears in the trailer and then you second guess yourself for thinking it was her when really, it was! 

Regardless, I'm very excited to see this movie, as I am all the other new films coming from Disney lately. I'm also pretty excited that my roommates are excited. It means that we might be able to go see the film together, and that's something that sadly doesn't happen very often. We spend a ton of time together in our room though (and boy do we have adventures), but it seems to me that this is the perfect movie for a March weekend. 

Have a magical day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 688: Hugs

Before I came to college, I wasn't one for hugs, and I still find that I tend to shy away from physical contact. I don't really know why this is, and it actually baffles me since I used to hug my Dad all the time when I was younger. Regardless, I'm not a hugger, or at least I wasn't before. I actually remember this one time in High School when a friend learned of this fact and attempted to hug me, only for me to escape by ducking out of his arms. It all ended up being quite hilarious.

College started changing me though. I have a friend or two that loves to hug, and I've gotten better about it. I hug people more often, although not everyone. I have to have a certain amount of trust for the person to hug me. Ironically enough, I swear that when I meet Colin O'Donoghue someday the first thing I'm going to do is ask for a hug. It's my goal.

Anyway, I know I've come pretty far with hugs because as much as the Disney parade on the band trip is still sort of fuzzy in my mind (I only remember bits and pieces to be honest), everything that happened immediately after the parade is seared into my brain. I remember coming off the parade route and my band director was waiting there for us to get back and the first thing I did was go and give him a huge hug regardless of the fact that we were both probably super sweaty and gross because Florida is HOT in June when you're wearing band uniforms and march a parade. I gave him another hug later, simply because I was so overwhelmed by everything.

But today one of my friends just needed a hug. It had been a bad day so far and you know when you can just tell that someone needs a hug? It was one of those moments. However, because of my lack of knowledge in the rules and regulations of hugging, I honestly sat and debated when to pull away. Should I pull away? How long is the hug going to last? Is there some sort of hugging length regulation? I don't know these things. And then I remembered this:

Previous to the hug, I had no idea what was making my friend upset, so I had no idea what was going on. Although the hug was long, I made a point to pause and just wait for him to pull away, because I thought about it. Honestly, I may not be very good at hugs, and they may not be my favorite thing in the world, but I think this lesson is an important one. You don't have to be a Disney Princess and you don't have to be hugging a child for it to apply. When someone is upset and needs a hug, let them lead. You really don't know how long they need it. 

Does this classify as Things We've Learned From The Disney Princesses? Yeah, I think it does. 

Have a magical day!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 687: Donuts

How do you spell donuts anyway? Is it donuts or doughnuts? Or is one of those weird words that you can spell either way?

Regardless, that's our discussion of the day...or at least part of the discussion. It's one that's been on the topic list for a really, really long time and I just now finally got around to blogging about it for real. Why did it take so long? I'm honestly not really sure because, if you ask me, it's a pretty good representation of Disney in our everyday lives.

Story time! One trip, many years ago, we got these donuts from the store at Old Key West for breakfast. I have no idea what prompted this, other than the fact that we wanted or needed something for breakfast (we rarely eat in the parks for breakfast). We ended up liking the donuts, and ever since they've made our way into the fridge at whatever resort we happen to be staying at. In other words, the classic Entenmann's donuts have become known in our family as "The Disney Donuts."

Lucky for us, because this is a brand that's sold all over the United States, we can sometimes find these donuts in our fridge at home too, and that's what happened. I happened to be at Walmart picking up some food to make dinner and figured I would grab some of the donuts to share with my brother since I know they sell them there. There's only like 8 donuts per box, so it definitely doesn't last long, especially with Jonny around, but they're good for a day or two, and when you refer to them as the Disney Donuts, the second you bite into one it's like a flashback home.

Of course, there are other things like this throughout the world. For instance, sometimes when I buy a new bottle of water from Phils, the college "convenience store" and grill, I'll pick up a Dasani water instead of something else (although SmartWater, also sold at Disney, is also a popular option for me). Why do I prefer this water over the other water that is literally probably no different whatsoever? It's because that's the water they sell at Disney, and for some reason I just feel natural walking around with one of those versus a different brand.

The same thing can go for a coke. When I was younger I would only drink Pepsi, giving into the coke world only when at Disney, but somewhere along the line I switched over. I don't drink soda very often, but when I do you bet it can be something that reminds me of Disney, and that generally means coke.

Want another example of my super weird Disney Food obsession? Although I'm lactose intolerant now, as a kid I was a huge fan of the Toll House Cookie Ice Cream bars, although I also seriously loved the "Minnie's Strawberry Bar." Here's proof:

Yes, that's me. Of course, they sell these things all over the place, and I'm more likely to pick up a Toll House Cookie Sandwich than I am a Drumstick if I'm going to eat ice cream. And the Minnie's Strawberry Bar? It's an Ed's Strawberry Bar and I keep them around quite often (pretty sure there's some in my freezer at home...unless I finished them all again). 

This is just one of the really weird ways that Disney's worked it's way into my life and mind. It's not a subconscious thing whatsoever, because I know for a fact that when I go to Phils to buy water I walk in there thinking about the Dasani water or SmartWater I'm going to walk out with, and that leads me on a train of thought that goes back to Disney. I'm sure it happens with more of than these four, but they're the most prominent for sure, bringing a little bit of home into my college and Wisconsin life. 

Have a magical day!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 686: Becoming a Tradition

As much as I do talk about Once, it's been a few weeks since I shared my Disneybounds here. We left off after the first ever Double Disneybound of Emma and Hook for CaptainSwan date night, and since then there's been not only several outfits, but also quite a bit of hype about some of them. It doesn't happen often, but once and a while I do get comments from cast and crew on the latest outfits, and last night was certainly a great one for that. But let's go back a few weeks: 

After Hook and Emma, I went back to a Season One outfit that we haven't seen in a while. I am extremely lucky to have a television show that I'm doing this for that not only has a spectacular costume department, but also two entirely different sets of characters. It means that I can Disneybound and do an outfit for Mary Margaret in Storybrooke, but also Snow White in the Enchanted Forest. It's a good combination if you ask me. 

Then I was Belle for a week, and yes those shoes are as high as they look. I think this one was pretty fun to put together simply because of those shoes though. They caused quite the interest in my dorm room, as I'm pretty sure all my roommates and then some have tried them on. To say the least, they're really fun to wear...if only for a short time. 

Although I missed the episode itself (I caught it later in the night), the Snow Queen, or as I call her, the Dairy Queen, Disneybound came on time. This was both easy and hard, simply because I wanted to do something that was true to the character but also easy enough for me to wear to the meeting I had to catch during the episode itself. I'm happy with it either way. 

And finally we get to the most recent Disneybound, Marian. This one is one of my favorites outfit wise, for sure. I absolutely adore the dress I found for it and the hairstyle is one of my favorites to do when my hair is curled, meaning that it's just great all around. BUT, it gets better! This is, by far, the most popular Disneybound to date! Why? This: 

Yes, that's right, both Christie Laing, who plays Marian, and Adam Horowitz (whom you already know is one of the writers/creators of the show) comments on it, and it totally made my night, especially after the emotional rollercoaster I went through during the two hour episode. It's always a goal to get the cast and crew to see these, considering they bring the inspiration for each outfit, and it's funny because I always get two incredibly different responses to these outfits. 

The people that don't necessarily understand are all like "Why in the world do you dress up for a television show? That's ridiculous." And yep, they're right. Spending probably two hours on each outfit (including hair on makeup) for a television show that barely lasts an hour? That's crazy. BUT...then we get to the other people, who mention that eventually the cast and crew will probably end up remembering me. I do one of these literally every single week, and I have no intention of stopping as long as the show goes on, so they're very right. At some point I could find myself in Steveston or somewhere else meeting these people and one of the cast members could say "You're the person who does all the outfits!" It's a long shot, but it COULD happen, and that's the thought I keep in the back of my mind. 

Plus, it seriously is really fun and very rewarding when even one cast member favorites or notices it. It's always a step in the right direction, and above all else, it's becoming a tradition in its own right. 

Also in fun moments this past week, I got to ride in a yellow bug and I was saving it to include on this post. One of my roommates had to go pick up the bug for a class field trip and I got to tag along, so yes...I got to ride in it and it was basically the highlight of my week last week. 

Have a magical day!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 685: Lizzie Watches Her Vlogs

I go through a lot of video from Disney World. As I blogged about a while back, when it comes to the band trip video, I am selecting footage from over 30 hours of video, and that means that there's a lot to work through. In addition, I probably watch each vlog around 4-5 times in editing and every piece of any other video at least 70-100 times, depending on the length of the section. Why is this important? Well, I generally don't end up watching those vlogs very often after they're published on YouTube. I'll end up watching them with people from time to time, and when I have a really bad day I'll sometimes turn one on, but other than that I actually forget a lot of what happens in the vlogs. 

So when I was watching some of my vlogs the other night I decided to take it to Twitter as well. After all, there are a lot of things in the vlogs that you don't necessarily see within the video itself. It's hard to narrow down those 33 hours of footage to only a few minutes! Within my tweeting and rewatching though, I have to admit that it made me pretty sentimental, and I have a number of really good thoughts. Here's a few of my favorite thoughts I had over the past few days when going back through all my vlogs: 

"I feel like my vlogs have made me a more adventurous Disney Park I went on Dinosaur for the first time in years in March so I could video it. I wouldn't have ridden that in 65 million years before (pun intended)." 

It's true though. I headed on Dinosaur in March specifically for footage for in the band trip video. Previous to that time on the attraction, I think I'd only been on it twice, if that. It just wasn't my thing at all. But I knew I needed the footage, so I forced myself on it, and I know already that I'll be headed back in January. It's amazing how just knowing that there are people out there watching you on your trip can make up be more adventurous. 

"A number of years ago my brother and I made a pact to not fight on our trips. We kid each other but still keep it."

I remember the conversations my brother and I used to have. When we were younger, the fighting on Disney Trips was non-stop. The 100% completely normal "we're siblings and we want to go on different attractions" kind of fights. And then one year we were outside out house playing catch, of all things, and we started talking about it. Mom had been freaking out for a few days about how we were probably just going to fight constantly on our upcoming trip, so the Kid and I made a pact. That trip we were going to surprise our parents and not fight at all. Somehow, the pact worked, and then it just became some sort of silent agreement. We argue all the time back home, and you definitely still see us "arguing" on camera, but not like we used to. Disney Vacations have been much nicer since we played catch that day. 

"If I had a dime for every time my bro mentions trash cans I'd have enough to pay for another Disney trip. And if he had a dime for every time I mentioned Colin O'Donoghue, my brother would be able to pay for five trips."

We all have our obsessions...they don't go away just because we're at Disney. 

"Filming on Test Track is probably one of the scariest things I've ever done." 

When I say that I have 33 hours of footage, I'm not kidding. However, not all of that is me walking around, and it's not all of fireworks and parades either. There's actually a TON of footage from many of the Disney attractions from all over the parks. That means I definitely have video of the thrill rides, and I get questions all the time about whether or not I was terrified for the camera in those moments. The answer is yes...I always am. The scariest? Probably Expedition Everest and Splash Mountain. For sure.

"In all 25 WDW trips, only once have I been held in Wisconsin due to weather. July 2013 was that trip." 

I live in Wisconsin, and I travel mainly in the winter. It's just what worked better for my family and it's much cooler down in Florida int he winter months. So you'd think that eventually we'd have run into a snowstorm or something that prevented us from making it to Disney. Only once has this ever happened. We've had close calls, for sure, but it was in July, of all months, that I didn't make it to Disney on time...because of a thunderstorm.

"I actually didn't really like Wishes until my high school band trip when my own wish came true. It was magical." 

I'm an Illuminations fan, forever. I grew up with it, and that made it my favorite, among other reasons. It also meant that I just didn't like Wishes quite as much, and I never really liked to stop and watch. It stayed this way until quite recently. For months before we found out about being accepted to Disney Performing Arts, I listened to Wishes and wished upon a star that we would be able to go. When we were, indeed, accepted, I couldn't help but wonder if the wish coming true was mine. Now the show definitely has a special place in my heart. 

There are tons of other thoughts that I had while watching my vlogs, and I have a feeling that #LizzieWatchesHerVlogs will be a hashtag I keep around for a while. Hopefully new vlogs and video will be appearing very soon as well! And be sure to follow my personal twitter (@epcotexpert) and the official Everyday Disney twitter (@EverydayDis) for my constant random thoughts on just about everything Disney!

Have a magical day!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 684: Remember the Firsts

Oh My Disney is probably my favorite of the official Disney blogs. I head over there probably at least 6-7 times a week because of the brilliant posts included there, and I wish just about every day of my life that I could make a living writing for a blog like that...especially about Disney. I mean, last week there was a post entirely dedicated to the love of Captain Hook on OUAT. Doesn't that basically describe my life already? 

Anyway, one of the blog posts today was "Pinnacle Moments in Every Disney Fan's Life," so of course I clicked on it. It's very true, there are distinctly Disney moments in the life of every Disney fan, and they help shape the Disnerd inside of us. Plus, I love reflecting on Disney memories of my own, especially when my latest trip is under two months away and I'm getting pretty darn excited. 

But what I didn't really think about until I read the article is that my Disney experience isn't one filled with moments I can remember. The list has a great number of pinnacle moments, including finding a Disney Toy, seeing your first Disney film in theaters, your first trip to Disneyland and Disney World, etc. As I went through it though, I was faced with a lot of moments that I know I had, I just don't remember. 

To be completely honest, I don't know what my Disney Toy is. Maybe my parents remember me having one, but I certainly don't. I have my own fair share of Disney themed stuff now though...although I guess you could sort of count my Spaceship Earth collection. That's been a long time in building, and it's far from done. It'll be the highlight of my Disney collection someday. 

I don't remember seeing my first Disney film in theaters, nor do I even know what it would have been. I also don't really remember my first Disney Halloween Costume...unless it was like Han Solo two years ago or something. Then I guess I do...or Captain Hook from last year, depending on what you count. Then again, I wasn't ever really 100% into Halloween anyway. 

I do, however, remember my first trip to Disneyland, if only because it was in 2011 and I should in every logical way, very much remember that trip. It wasn't like it was ages ago or anything. My first trip to Disney World, on the other hand? Yeah, that happened wayyyy too long ago for me to remember, as did my first pair of Mickey Ears. I also don't really remember ever actually picking my favorite Disney song, movie and character, if only because it changes constantly. The only height requirement I ever remember actually meeting was Test Track, and I have no memory of my first dole whip. I can not for the life of me tell you when that was. I didn't need to wait for my Favorite Disney movie to come to Blu-Ray...Tangled came out on Blu-Ray right away (hahaha rhymes). 

But most of all, my life has ALWAYS been completely devoted to Disney. It makes it sort of weird to think about people having a moment where they just realize it. I guess a part of me can definitely relate that feeling to starting Everyday Disney, but I don't think I can pinpoint one exact moment otherwise. It was more of a "it's just this way" sort of thing. 

On the other hand, I am lucky enough to have the chance to see some of my friends experience the same pinnacle moments. I got to see my friends visit Walt Disney World for the first time, and get their first Mickey ears, and as we go through the Disney films together I often even get to watch them choose favorite movies and songs and characters. Even their first dole whip was a moment I got to experience with them. So while I may not remember my own first moments, I certainly am able to remember theirs! 

Read the whole Oh My Disney article HERE!

Have a magical day!