Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 639: Keep Going

There's always so much work to be done at college, especially when you come off of a summer filled with side projects that all require their own individual attention. Then you add on some homework and practicing and classes and the simple need for sleep that a college student faces and everything just gets absolutely crazy.

Which is why it's often difficult for me to continue my Disney Movie Rewatch.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not giving up on the entire challenge. After all, I've gotten further this time than I did the previous two times I attempted it. The first time I made it through so few movies I don't even remember where I stopped, and the second time I distinctly remember ending at Alice in Wonderland. Since I'm over a third of the way done now I figure that stopping would be ridiculous.

So today I watched The Aristocats, which has to be one of my favorites. Not in the top five, but probably in the top ten simply because of the music. I love jazz, as you probably well know, and this movie is completely filled with it. Plus there are kittens, and who doesn't love kittens?

But seriously, there are SO many Animated Disney films, and it's really interesting to see where everything started and head from that to what we see on the screen today. There's a huge difference and it's sort of beautiful to watch the progression, plus it really makes you appreciate the differences between hand drawn animation and digital animation. They're both art forms, both beautiful and both different. And each film has it's own storyline, although I find it amusing how in some of those middle films they use the same voice actors several times over. Such iconic parts, all by the same people.

As I continue on with my rewatch, I encourage you to join me or start your own rewatch of all the Disney films! It really is an interesting project and the great thing is there isn't really a time limit. It's probably best to watch them close together (and I hope to have them all finished by the end of the year), but you can space it out however you want!

Have a magical day!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 638: Once Is Frozen

Does it really surprise you that this post is about Once Upon A Time? Because it shouldn't. I've been waiting for this day for literally 140 days. Over FOUR MONTHS. It's been a journey, but I've been in it for the long haul. Am I right, Oncers?

Anyway, the new episode comes with a lot of hype. I have to say that I've been watching this show since the beginning. That was THREE years ago, back in 2011. I remember watching it in my bedroom, the location where I would watch many of the episodes to come. Seasons one and two were watched at home, and then all of Season three began a new journey with my college friends. I'm extremely thankful for Once Upon A Time because I can literally say it brought my dorm room together. The three wonderful ladies I now room with all watched Once with me last year (including Megan, who I converted into the Once Fandom at the beginning of season 2). It's funny actually because we're sitting here talking about how Once really brought us together. It's literally the reason I am rooming with the people I am, and I am so happy about that. They not only listen to my ridiculous Once rants (not that my roommate last year, Megan, didn't! I miss our random musical singing!), but they participate in them and let me freak out and scream with me when a Once cast member tweets me back or something.

That's the thing about television shows like Once Upon A Time. It's a fandom, for sure, but we all have this incredible chance to get to know so many people, and I'm very lucky that it's an extension of my original and home fandom, Disney. Once Upon A Time is leading me into a life filled with fairy tales, literally, as it's definitely my primary focus in English. I buy up every fairy tale book I can and read as many as I have time for, all because I want to better understand how these tales impact our lives, and that includes Once.

So here's a shoutout to the entire cast and crew of Once Upon A Time. Thanks for bringing my roommates and I together in a room filled with magic, where every Sunday night we invite all our Once friends in to watch the new episode. And that's for my extended Once family, with all the people who I know and love from Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and just about everyone else. I don't know what I would do without any of you!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I am doing character inspired outfits for Season Four! This first one is a serious mix of cosplay and Disneybound, but it will also be doubling as my Halloween costume in a few weeks, when my friends and I embark on yet another great adventure.

That second collection of pictures is what my friends call "The Evening of Elsa." I absolutely love this dress (and am still wearing it) and know that the two months of work to perfect this one for the premiere was SOOOO worth it. I've gotten many wonderful compliments already on it and thank you all for those gracious comments! I can't wait for the upcoming weeks! 

Oh...and aren't you all proud of me? I went through this whole post without mentioning Hook or Colin...until now of course. Bloody hell. 

Have a magical day!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 637: Too Much Data

I've been spending a good amount of my recent life working on Disney stuff, specifically the band trip video for the 2014 SHS Band Trip to Walt Disney World. People ask me about it all the time, and all I can tell you right now is that it's a slow process and that I'm asking for patience. It's a huge undertaking, and if you don't believe's a few statistics about my video editing for you.

My family got our new 1080p Video Camera in 2012. Since then, it's been to Walt Disney World 5 times I believe, meaning that I can use just about any of that video in the band trip video. I totaled the amount of video this morning, just out of curiosity, and as of right now on my computer and hard drive, I have over 33 hours of footage, and there's probably another 6 or 7 hours on my mom's laptop, which I'll be transferring over next weekend. Yes, that's not a typo, 33 hours.

And then there's pictures. Oh This total I just came up with sort of makes me want to cry a little bit. There are 5,173 pictures (including shorter videos from Band Members) from the June Trip. This is both a dream and a nightmare. It's a dream because a video is very difficult to make without pictures from the entire group. On the last band trip video I made, I had a spectacular total of around 150 pictures. In comparison to 5,000. I have more pictures from one person this trip than I had total the last one. In fact, Megan at least tripled that number alone. (Good job Shovell).

So what does this mean for me? It means a hell of a lot of watching video and editing and probably falling asleep while I do so. Since I'll be reaching the point where this Disney video really comes into play soon, I need to go through all these videos and find the ones that I really, really need. Things like specific attractions, putting it all in a list so I know where to go later and find them without having to search for hours on end for two seconds of video.

Am I complaining? Yeah, a little bit. But I love editing video and I just want to assure the band that while this is going to take some time, it'll be worth it. I spent a HUGE amount of time preparing for this video, which I hope will be more like a film than a plain old band trip video or slideshow, and from where I sit now, it appears to be paying off.

A bit of advice though...HD Video cameras are great, and I love my vlogs and creating videos...but don't get into this kind of thing unless you have the time and energy to do it. I have time...but I definitely need more coffee.

Have a magical day!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 636: Lurking

Blogging is sort of like talking to a brick wall.

Parents seem to say that phrase a lot in connection to their children and the instructions going in one ear and out the other, making it seem as if they're talking to absolutely no one. But I honestly feel like the term has never fit better than on the internet. On average, if I blog every single day as I should (and really do try to), I spend probably 15 minutes blogging. Now, that's not a lot, but think about it this way.

My friend Emily also goes to SNC. She lives literally only a couple of blocks away from me and we frequent the same buildings on campus, but yet I hardly see her for more than 10 minutes a week, much less a day. There are some friends you have conversations with for hours. Your roommates, for instance, are generally people you see and talk to for more than just a few seconds a day. But with a blog, you do all the talking, at least for the most part. Internet "fame" is a hard thing to come by, but the only way you really come by it is if you keep doing what you're doing because you like doing it. If you're not passionate or serious about your work, then nothing's going to succeed. I mean, yeah, I'm still about 25 days behind on my blog, and I get behind a day or two each week, but that's minor in comparison to the fact that I am currently writing blog post 636. That's a lot of days, a lot of conversations and a lot of time. If you take that average of 15 minutes per blog post, which is just on average NOW and not at the beginning or for some of the longer post, it means I've spent at least 159 hours blogging. I have spent 159 hours talking about Disney on the internet. That's crazy.

But it's still like I'm talking to a brick wall.

One of my roommates asked me about blogging and if I can see how many people view it and everything and lucky for me, the answer is yes. I CAN see how many people are viewing my blog each and every day. As I type this, Everyday Disney has had 28,406 pageviews in it's history, and on the average day I have around 50 views. So you sit and read those stats and you know that there are people out there reading what you're writing, but very rarely do you get someone who comes up and says "Hi! I read your blog!"

There's my mom and my friends, of course, who read my blog constantly, and then there's me, who writes the posts, but aside from that, it's a question of "Are there actually people out there?" I tried to explain this concept to my roommate, using the term "lurking" and she thought that was funny, simply because it sounds sort of creepy. But it's true, I know there are people lurking out there because I do that too. I get it, we don't all have time to comment on blog posts the time. I follow about 40 different Disney blogs and very rarely actually comment on them.

So I'm going to issue a challenge.

In the month of October I'm going to try and comment on one Disney blog post a day and become a more active Disney Community Member. It won't be here, but it will be other places, and let's see if we can all join in and be an even closer community. I'm not talking about necessarily promoting what you do, but just joining in on the discussion. Let's all stop lurking!

And to those of you who are out there and read my blog, thank you! Feel more than free to comment or send me a message or something and introduce yourself, even if it's not here and is instead on Twitter or Instagram or something. I'd love to meet my readers!

Thanks again to everyone who's out there lurking! Much love to you all!

Have a magical day!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 635: The Great Pocahontas Debate

My roommates and I have really strange discussions.

Not that a debate about Kocoum and John Smith is really that strange because for real this is probably a conversation a lot of people have. I doubt it got to the level we did though, because what started as a simple debate turned into an entire dinner conversation with more than just my roommates.

Two of my roommates like Kocoum, although one of them commented that it's possible it's just because he never wears a shirt. Meanwhile, my other roommate and I are on team John Smith, and to be honest I don't really even know why. I guess I just always liked him better.

From there our conversation about Disney headed into sequel territory, specifically about Pocahontas 2 and the new debate: which John. Because you know, once upon a time we had a discussion about Love Triangles and how that all worked out. Again we were split on the decision. And then we discussed Hunchback 2 and Little Mermaid 2 and Lion King 2 and basically all the other sequels. In the end we basically decided that shorts are ok. So things like "Tangled Ever After" or the new Frozen short are ok, but entire movies just sort of ruin things.

And I agree, as much as I LOVE Tangled, I wouldn't want to see an entire Tangled 2. Just little bits of Flynn Rider every so often are great. This isn't Star Wars, after all. Sequels with completely new storylines are great, like when they made Planes or even Cars 2. And of course there's always Toy Story and the sequels, where each film has it's very own obvious storyline that has little to do with the first one. THAT'S what makes a sequel great, not just "continuing the story." You need something new and different, a factor most sequels forget about.

So here's the question: are you team Kocoum or John Smith, because my roommates and I really want to know?

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on September 27).

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 634: Seagulls

I embraced that picture right there yesterday, full force, and here's the story about it:

You all know about Jennifer Morrison's 101 Days of Smiles. She liked one of my pictures not too long ago, of my dorm room, but it turns out that that was just the first time I'd get some attention. I found this picture on Pinterest yesterday and loved it so much that on a whim I decided it was going to be my smile of the day. I posted it and didn't think much else of it until several hours later, when I got a twitter notification only a few minutes into Sight Singing.

Turns out JMo loved this meme as much as I did, and retweeted it...meaning that my phone perpetually went off for the remainder of the day with other retweets and favorites. There's over 100 RT's, and over 300 favorites. That's ridiculous. BUT JENNIFER MORRISON RETWEETED AND FAVORITED MY TWEET.

But get's better. Turns out it made her laugh..and she shared it on her Instagram too. THAT NEVER HAPPENS PEOPLE. IT NEVER EVER HAPPENS. Oh, and I made her want a churro too...although I feel like that's something we all constantly want.

Regardless, yesterday I was for sure happier than a Disney Seagull with a Churro, and it's only day 31 of 101.

Have a magical day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day 633: 1450

I literally blog about this all the time, but I really feel it's important to mention it just one more time (although knowing me, this will probably come up again). If you don't know yet that the printing press was invented in 1450, then you obviously haven't been reading my blog for very long, nor have you been on Spaceship Earth. I talked almost a month ago about "Spaceship Timeline," which was basically a blog post on how when I'm sitting in classes I have to think about the year and whether or not the printing press had been invented yet. But this is getting kind of crazy, and this goes perfectly with the hot topic of #SaveMalestrom.

When I first began Everyday Disney 630 some days ago (gosh), I was grateful for the schedule I had at the time. Because I had two study halls each morning (senior release technically, but I spent them in the Business lab with the wonderful Mrs. Grassel), I had plenty of time on my hands to go through Disney news in addition to catching up on any homework or doing work for FBLA or band. I loved those two hours, and honestly I think it was a combination of that time and this blog that really refueled my love for Disney. That being said, I can't be more thankful for that time.

But at SNC, time is a little off. Classes don't meet everyday, meaning my schedule for every day of the week is completely different from the one before it, and while I have general routines (like eating lunch with Jessica and/or Allie at 11 everyday except Wednesday, or watching OUAT on Sunday nights in our dorm room), it's difficult to find a solid time to sit and go through blogs as I used to. Honestly, it's difficult to find a concrete time to sit down and write blog posts much less do anything else. Of course, I manage somehow, mostly with a perpetual post-it note on my to-do list that says "5 Blog Posts: - Today's - 4 Others (makeups)," constantly reminding me that I have a blog to work on.

Anyway, back to the point. This morning I had the chance to go through some of those blogs, heading all the way back into last week to try and catch up on some of the things I missed, and you can bet that since the announcement about Malestrom, it's a hot topic among the Disney bloggers. Of course, I've talked about it myself, but I want to address one issue I didn't really discuss previous to this post concerning the Frozen take-over.

There's a lot of reasons as to why Malestrom is leaving, making for the perfect combination of "Attraction-Closing-Ability." Disney is constantly changing, so after a period of time you really begin to understand why things come and go. For Malestrom, it's a popularity contest. Norway has gone without funding for a while, Malestrom needed upkeep, Frozen is insanely popular right now, everyone loves the music and the location will bring more people to Epcot.

I still fully stand by my comment I've made previously, that Frozen does NOT belong in Epcot. A popular "reason" as to why Frozen is COMING to Epcot, however, is the idea that a Princess attraction will increase the interest for children. Sure, Epcot isn't necessarily the most interesting for kids, I'll give it that, but that doesn't mean it isn't for kids. Over the past few years Disney has been, and to use a Disnerd term here, dumbing down the various attractions. Kitchen Kabaret/Food Rocks was replaced by Soarin'; Test Track was replaced with a different version of Test Track that is honestly great, but doesn't really teach you much about test vehicles as the previous version did; The Living Seas got some new life with Nemo and it's getting better, it really is, but the original Living Seas was still more informative; One word: Dreamfinder; The Wonders of Life pavilion closed completely; Ellen's Energy Adventure...I'll be surprised to see if that lives to see the new Frozen attraction. In general, this trend continues, and that's not even all the attractions in the park.

But obviously Disney has been doing something right all these years without Dumbing things down, right? If I can sit in my classes and use Spaceship Earth as a reference point for history, specifically within my music and English classes, then why in the world do we need Frozen in Malestrom? I would bet you a million dollars I learned more about Norway from the current pavilion that kids will from "Frozen."

We don't need things to be all about the characters and movies and songs. We need Epcot to be the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow that it once was. That's what we want.

Have a magical day!