Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Day 1052: Keep on Spinning

Boy, it's been a while.

I just figured I should throw in a post and let you all know that I am indeed still in the land of the living, despite the fact that I'm downridden with homework and preparations for a recital this Friday. However, I'm also happy about the fact that I have three main priorities for over Thanksgiving Break next week, and one of those goals is to catch up around here.

So what's happened in the past month that I've let Everyday Disney sit in the dark? If you haven't been following me on Instagram or Twitter, here's a few updates:

1. I talked to Colin O'Donoghue on the phone a while back, which will have it's own blog posts (yes posts) on days 1027 and 1028 (October 24 and 25, respectively). It's a VERY long story, but if you want more information RIGHT NOW, you can check out my video on the topic:

2. School has been INSANE. Literally, so much has gone on with my recital that it's put me pretty far behind in many areas beyond Everyday Disney. So don't feel too bad that there's been a lack of blog posts, because my English Blog for class feels the exact same way.

3. I've had a lot of coffee. No idea why this was worth noting, but it's true. 

4. There's a bunch of videos on my YouTube channel. Yes, even if I've been slacking here, I've somehow managed to keep up with my weekly videos on YouTube. In addition to the video above there's one on pumpkin carving, another on being youself, and several vlogs that are all just waiting to be watched! 

Other than that, there isn't really much else to say. I spend most of my days working, whether that be in class, for one of my two jobs, practicing for my recital, volunteering for something, or simply trying to get some small amount of sleep (ok, I've been binge-watching Psych too), and as much as it frustrates me, when life gets really busy, Everyday Disney gets the short stick. 

That'll hopefully be over soon though, as from here on out I'm hoping to continue forward so I don't get any further behind than I already am. So as I make up the missing posts from the last month, I'll also continue forward day by day as usual. Is that a good idea with how long I'm currently spending on work at the moment? Probably not, but let me tell's good to be back.

Have a magical day everyone! 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 1020: Thor

Remember way back when? Yes, back when I told you all that I had never seen the Avengers or any of the other Marvel stuff? Well, I'm finally in the process of catching up. Since I finally saw both of the Captain America movies, Thor was next on the list, and let's be honest, there are a few things that you just knew I would end up talking about...and at the head of that list is Josh Dallas.

Let me tell you...if you put a Once Upon A Time fan in front of this movie you'd better be prepared for constant giggling and rolling on the floor. I did both of those any time he was on screen, and I kind of want to watch it all over again just for his scenes (let's be honest, I probably will). Of course, Josh is replaced by an equally amusing actor in the second film: Zachary Levi. Things are only about to get better folks. 

I also have to mention that I met Thor before actually seeing his movie, and he was a pretty awesome guy. He was a bit sad that I was wearing a Cap shirt instead of a Thor shirt, but after this movie I have the feeling I need to get my hands on one of those too. 

I also greatly enjoy this scene...ANOTHER! 

Overall, I honestly enjoyed Thor and I look forward to watching the next one...after I go out and find it of course. I should check if it's on Netflix! (It's not). 

Share some of your favorite Thor moments in the comments below! 

Have a magical day!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 1019: Disney Sounds

Over the course of Everyday Disney we've talked about a lot of little things that remind us of Disney. If you've read the backstory behind how this all started you'll know that Everyday Disney was founded on a box of mac and cheese, and since then we've talked Disney Deja Vu, with all of its references to the Disney Parks with sight, smell, and more.

But what about sounds? What are some of those things we hear and instantly think of Disney when we hear them? Recently it was the sound of a Disney bus that forced me into a bought of homesickness, but there's plenty of other noises that bring us right back to the Disney parks.

These are just a few of those sounds:

Let me know what Disney sounds you love most in the comments below! 

Have a magical day!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 1018: 40,000 Ago

It's always strange to look back at just how far Everyday Disney has come. So much has changed, and when I debated another Throwback Thursday, it occurred to me that on October 15, 2013, I had just hit 10,000 views. Now, two years later, I'm about to hit 50,000, and while it's not necessarily a HUGE number, at the same time it shows that someone is obviously reading.

You can go back and read my post from October of 2013 HERE, just to give you an idea of where I was back then.

Actually, that blog post seems almost like something I would write today, despite the fact that I know I'm a very different person. I still have a ton of homework and other projects I should be focusing on, leaving much less time for my blog than I really want. I'm also still certainly happy with just sitting and writing my blog even if no one is actually reading. Everyday Disney, for me, is all about focusing on my love of Disney while exploring new opportunities, and I'm not about to give any of this experience up.

However, just like in 2013, I really need to get back to my real work. Lots is coming up in the next month or so leading up to my junior recital, and I'm behind already due to a complete lack of time. If only there were more hours in a day!

Have a magical day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 1017: Procrastination

Now that you've spent a bunch of time watching videos of kittens reenacting Disney movies and laughed at Disney Memes featuring Grumpy Cat, what other ways to procrastinate are there? Since we're Disney fans, you have to do it the Disney way here are a few suggestions:

Plan an Elaborate Disney Vacation You Can't Afford

We all want to stay in the best suite at The Grand Floridian, go on private fireworks cruises, eat at V&A, drink around the world, and buy everything in every story, all while spending about a year at Walt Disney World, right? Alright, even if you're not that extreme, you can definitely spend a good amount of time planning your very own perfect Disney vacation.

Sing Along Obnoxiously to Disney Songs

Your roommates won't get frustrated with you singing Let It Go at the top of your lungs, will they?

Reorganize Your Disney Collection

There just has to be a better way for all your Disney stuff to fit on that shelf.

Make a Christmas or Birthday List of all the Merch

Speaking of Disney Stuff...go out and find some of your favorite gift ideas...for yourself...

Look at Pictures From Your Last Disney Trip and Cry

Or every Disney trip. So many memories, so many tears, so little time at Disney World.

Start a Daily Blog on Disney

Wait a minute...

Watch a ton of Disney Videos on YouTube

There's more than cats you know...

Go Through Your Closet and Find Every DisneyBound

Merida, Peter Pan, Emma Swan, Captain Hook (x3), Han Solo, The Blue Fairy...this could go on forever.

Try Out Some Disney Crafts

There's only hundreds out there to try!

Find Other Ways to Procrastinate

Honestly I'm just procrastinating right I should probably get back to my own work.

Have a magical day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 1016: Meme Central

Continuing on with the theme that's currently going at the moment (aka ways to procrastinate on your ridiculous amounts of work), I happened on some awesome Disney Memes and I just had to share:

And of course, we couldn't end this without a Grumpy Cat Section:

Now, stop procrastinating and get back to work! 

Have a magical day!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 1015: Disney Kitties

You know what's even better than just plain Disney? Disney movies retold with kittens! Really, really cute kittens!

If you follow The Pet Collective on YouTube, you may have seen some of these adorable Cat Versions of Disney films, but literally they're the perfect break to a long day:

If you want to procrastinate even more on your work, you can find tons of other Cute Kitten versions of shows and movies on The Pet Collective YouTube channel! Just try not to watch them all at once, alright? 

Now...if they'd only make a Kitten version of OUAT. 

Have a magical day!