Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 1661: Web Based Interview

So you made it past the dreaded submission and into the Web Based Interview, or as most applicants refer to it, the WBI. Congratulations! If you thought everything so far was exciting, get ready for one of the most nerve wrecking experiences of your entire life, because the WBI is, more or less, a personality test that decides if you'd be a good candidate to work for Disney. That's right, this little test is going to figure out if you're suitable to be a Disney Cast Member. 

The good news is that as terrifying as this test can be, it's actually not all that difficult as long as you use your common sense and keep track of your answers. That means that you want to seclude yourself from others so you can focus entirely on this portion of the interview process. For me, I locked myself in my apartment (although I made the mistake of forgetting to tell my roommate what I was doing, so she walked in when I was about 70% done and scared me half to death...I still passed though!), turned off the lights since I'm calmer in the dark, turned on some peaceful instrumental music, and began my WBI. 

For those that don't know, the WBI will need to be taken within a few days after receiving the email invitation to do so, but you can do it at any time that's convenient for you. So if you're like me and your days are filled with classes, meetings, rehearsals, and maybe grabbing a quick bite to eat, you can complete this at 3am if you'd like. I don't advise that, but it's nice to know that you're at your own free will here for a moment. 

Now, there's any range of options for how people suggest you approach the Web Based Interview, and after a lot of research and a little personal experience, I'm not sure there's any perfect way to make it to the Phone Interviews. As I've said in the past, I know some people perfectly suited for the Disney College Program that didn't pass the WBI. So here are my quick tips on the Web Based Interview: 

1. Don't stress too much. I have some anxiety myself and whenever I found myself getting anxious during the WBI I used my performance trick of quickly closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. The more anxious you are, the more likely you are to answer something in a way you normally wouldn't. 

2. Be consistent!!! Of all the suggestions I came across, this is perhaps the most important one. Disney is about to throw a ton of questions at you and you'll have to answer them all in a very short amount of time (I believe it's 60 seconds or less). That being said, they'll try to trick you. No one ever said that getting into Disney was easy, so one minute they'll have you rank the phrase "I am always on time" on a scale of 1 to 5 (Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree) and the next they'll have you rank, using the same scale, "I am never late." Of course, in this case, the "correct" responses would be Strongly Agree to "I am always on time" and Strongly Agree to "I am never late." Pay attention to the questions and remember your answers. 

3. Slow down! In order to make sure I was thinking each question through fully, I read them all out loud to myself. It took a bit longer than some may take on the WBI (Disney says it'll take you 40 minutes, it probably won't), but it made sure I was answering truthfully and consistently. 

It's pretty common for people to suggest you should try to rank each question as Strongly Agree or Strongly Disagree only, avoiding putting the middle answers as much as you can. I honestly have no reference on whether or not this is true, as I've only done the WBI once and obviously passed, but I did keep track of how many Agree, Disagree, and Neutral answers I put. I allowed myself two of each agree and disagree, and one neutral. I did use all five of my "Moderate Answers," and it worked for me, so who's to say what for sure works or doesn't work in regards to how you answer the questions. I used them on questions where I truthfully didn't feel strongly one way or another, but it's obvious that Disney wants you to be confident in your answers, hence the suggestion to use those "Strongly" answers more often than not. 

The other terrifying, but also somewhat relieving, part about the WBI? You'll get so wrapped up in answering questions that all of a sudden you'll reach the end of the Interview and you'll be instructed as to whether you passed or failed. A pass means you'll immediately (or soon after) be able to sign up for your Phone Interview, and a fail, obviously, means that perhaps there's better luck next time. 

All in all, I definitely worked myself up by the Web Based Interview, when in reality as long as you use your conscience as your guide and answer truthfully, you're likely to be just fine and make it on to the Phone Interview! 

Have a magical day!