Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 248: Rereading

You know, I was going to write about something that I intended to write about yesterday but then changed that post, and therefore changed this post. Well, I just changed it because I'm in one of those weird moods where I just feel like writing something. I'll have to hurry though because I have to leave in like five minutes to go to Wind Ensemble, but sometimes when I'm upset and need to write it just goes way faster than normal, so we'll see.

Either way, I've just been kind of having a bad day. I think a lot of us have for some odd reason. Maybe it's just a weird campus thing here. I have no clue. Or maybe it's the fact that we stayed up studying in the library until 11:30 last night, but who knows.

I watched a bunch of Once Upon a Time, which always kinds of helps my mood because, hey, it's OUAT! But even after watching that my mood was still kind of, flat? I guess that's a good word for it. And even now I just looked at my phone and saw something else that kind of made me sad. It's just been rough. And I know later I'm going to return to my room and watch my Millennium Celebration Video or my Vacation Planning DVD, because right now I just really wish I wasn't here and that I was home right now. Home at Disney.

But you know what. I remembered that a couple of months ago (three months ago exactly actually), I wrote a post about what to do when you have a bad day. Even though that post was specifically in reference to my friend, it looks like it's helping my future self (future as in me now, which would be future back then). I talked about how when I'm down I think about Disney or watch a movie or listen to music or even think about Harrison Ford. And you know what, that blog post really did help me. For the first time in the past couple of hours, that post brought a smile to my face, and therefore I can add something else to that list of things to do when I'm having a bad day.

Read my blog.

This blog, as silly or little as it may seem, means a heck of a lot to me. More than I probably ever thought it would, and I think it means even more now that I'm at college. It gives me a break from my real world, from the work of school. A break from reality. And that's something I really treasure these days.

For today's #Frumpstagram post, the prompt was World Showcase,
something relatively easy. I have a few people who follow who each picked a country, most often their favorite country, but I could never decide which is my favorite. Too many awesome options. So instead I just posted a lovely picture of World Showcase from a couple of years ago!

And here's today's Disney History: 1927: The very first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon Trolley Troubles (created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks) is released. After the Alice Comedies, Disney's film distributor suggested a change in direction to keep his animated shorts fresh. A new character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, was developed.

Have a magical day!