Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 259: Bulletin Boards

Last night I was at home, at least until around 9. Then I headed back to college. Carrying my laundry basket and my bag and all kinds of stuff and a bag of groceries, I walked up the three flights of stairs and headed towards my room while fumbling with my key, but you know what? I stopped. In the hallway. Why, you may ask? This:

Yeah, it pretty much made my day. It's one of those things you see sometimes, like on Pinterest or on some other site and then you're like "I wish I could have that somewhere," but then you realize that you will not have that somewhere. Unless you're in college and you have an awesome RA that does awesome things like this! 

Here's a few other details from the board: 

Along the bottom of the board is the selection of all the Pixar movies and what we learned from them, so I just randomly picked A Bug's Life because, well, it looks a bit awkward to be standing in the middle of the hallways taking pictures of the wall, but that's ok!

And then in the middle of the board there are lessons we've learned from the Disney Princesses. Obviously I picked Rapunzel, she is my favorite after all. But pretty much everyone other than Merida is up there (because she's obviously pretty new and wasn't part of the set yet). One of my favorite things about the Princess part though is the fact that they are all tailored to stuff going on for us in college, so it all works out great! 

At the current moment I'm watching DWTS...which is odd and I felt I needed to include it because I normally don't watch the show. But tomorrow we'll discuss WHY I'm watching this show and not really working on my homework like I probably should be. Don't worry, I'm just waiting for a particular couple to dance so I can turn it off and get to work. =)

Frumpstagram today had a prompt of "Frump," which kind of honestly confused me at first. I mean what does "Frump" stand for other than the obvious connect to the original creator of the entire thing and the title! But eventually I figured it out. Who's frumpier than my brother sometimes? Not in a bad way because it's always adorable, but some of his expressions are great. So here's today's Frumpstagram post! 
Here's today's Disney History: 2008: Disney World formally reveals plans for its Bay Lake Tower at Disney World's Contemporary Resort - confirming earlier reports that the 15 story tower rising just beyond the Magic Kingdom will be used for time shares. 

Have a magical day!