Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 463: How Obsessed?

My roommate actually told me to take this quiz last week, and I did, but I'm just now getting around to blog about it. Because really, how could I NOT blog about this one? It just screams "EVERYDAY DISNEY BLOG POST."

Overall, I had to laugh a little bit at the quiz. I mean there are 120 questions, and some of them are just like "well obviously." But I suppose one must make it fair. I mean, being a Disney fan is some hard work. There are high expectations that must be met (like wearing Disney clothing at least once a week, or going to see the newest Disney film the second it's in theaters..after you already bought the soundtrack on preorder, going to Walt Disney World or Disneyland every year, etc). It's a rough life.

Ok, so maybe there aren't all those expectations, but still. There's a lot that goes into being a Disney fan, as is shown by this quiz. I think my favorite questions were as follow, and you can take the quiz HERE:

"Started a Disney blog or website?" Guilty.

"Figured out which of these movie sequels doesn't really exist?" because seriously, we all saw Dumbo 2 and got super confused. I wonder how many people actually checked that one.

"Had someone send you a Disney-related link?" Yeah. This quiz. More than once. Three people actually sent it to me. Oh look, the next question is "Had more than one person send you the same Disney-related link." EVERY. DAY.

"Named a Pet after a Disney Character?" I can do you one better...my cat is basically named after Walt Disney's wife. WHAT NOW!?!

And finally "Decorated your house with Disney items?" My room literally has Mickey Mouse on the walls, remember?

Yeah, in the end I actually rated higher than my mom with a score of 109 out of 120. What got me? The fact that I haven't been to most of the Disney Parks in the world and there are a few films I haven't seen. I have a feeling that by the end of the year I'll have seen a few more though, which will mean that I can add a few more points to my score. Although technically it's impossible to get a perfect score of 120/120, because Dumbo 2 really doesn't exist...oops...guess I just filled the "Corrected someone who misstated a Disney fact?" one.

I mean seriously though, is there an award for the ultimate Disney fan?

Have a magical day!