Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 469: The Jolly Roger

The feels are too much.

Spoiler alert for 3x17 starts now.

So I've been looking forward to this episode for months. Since I found out that it was obviously going to be Hook centric because, well, it's called "The Jolly Roger." I knew that we would get some sort of flashback to the last year, and we would obviously be addressing Hook's feelings for Emma. But I never expected this. Not in a million years.

The episode started great, and gosh there were a lot of great moments, but I don't know if it's possible to want to, at the same time, punch Hook while also hugging him. Like seriously that's how I felt. He goes from one side to the other faster than you can say his name, but I guess it's because he's heartbroken. He says it flat out that he is. You know, when he


Yeah, that time.

And Zelena. No. I want to strangle her. She seems to be from the deepest, darkest depths of hell and I want to MURDER HER. How dare she do that! No. NO NO NO NO NO. Just NO!

Poor Hook.

And so, here are screenshots. I apoligize in advance for the incredible amount of Hook this week, but I want to point out that while this episode was beautifully written, Colin's acting here was basically the definition of perfection. In fact, Megan and I are having a conversation right now about how if it weren't for Colin, this episode wouldn't be as good as it is. Because as much as you can be an actor, to bring all these emotions straight to the surface? That's hard. And he does such a wonderful job of it.

So maybe I went a bit overboard (no pun intended) on the screenshots. But can we just take a moment to appreciate once again how wonderful this episode is? Not wonderful in the way of "YAY!", wonderful in the aspect that it's one of the most beautifully written in all of the series. It most certainly ranks in my top five episodes, if not in the top three (gaining that third spot with only Good Form and Going Home above it). That is an honor right there. 

Plus, sometimes I just have to include the hilarious stuff along with the emotional heartbreaking moments. My thoughts? Who doesn't love froyo? Hook and his spyglass HAHAHA (until the end). The Jolly Roger is obviously a metaphor for Emma. I'm proud of Hook for turning down that woman, and disgusting man. Also, that time when Emma Swan was a literal 5 year old. Don't touch anything. Yeah right. That twirl Eric does with Ariel? Best one I've ever seen. And Charming, you are an idiot. That's the last time you spend the day with your grandson! Seriously, you know you just proved a pirate to be a better caretaker than you are. Granted, he was teaching Henry the art of cheating, but at least he wasn't risking lives. Mary Margaret's expression perfectly describes how all of us felt during that scene. 

And finally, my #1 thought: I wonder what Adam and Eddy could be up to. Hmmm..Hook either has to A) Kiss Emma or B) Not Kiss Emma and everyone dies. Huh...why in the world are we setting up a plotline that involves these two kissing. I have no idea! (Actually I do...but I'll let you figure that one out yourselves). Next week, and the weeks to come, however, shall be mighty interesting. 

If I can ever figure out how to fix my broken heart. 

Tonight's Disneybound was inspired by our favorite pirate (or the man he really is rather): Killian Jones! This is by far, once again, one of my favorites up to this point. I am seriously in love with this one. Would I wear it in public regularly? Probably not, but for one day it was pretty fun! 

Have a magical day...but before we go, here's a real gem I screenshotted but didn't share before: