Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 475: Easter

It's yet another holiday here in our world, and that means another Holiday inspired Blog post. Or somewhat at least. I guess Easter has never really been a super Disney-Holiday for any of us, or me at least. As a kid, Easter was always at my house and we would do the egg hunt and everything and there's church with the Easter breakfast and it just actually ends up being a really long day.

This Easter wasn't much different honestly, with my day beginning at church, and then lunch at my house with family, and then Once with Shovell. But we ended out the day by watching Saving Mr. Banks, which is always a great choice of a film. Shovell hadn't seen it yet, and so we just decided it was a good idea. And guess what guys, I only cried twice this time! That's a lot better than the 7 times I cried the first time, right? I think so.

But overall, I don't see why Disney couldn't be a wonderful happy, springtime filled holiday! And lately the Disney parks have taken a step towards doing just that, with an Easter Egg hunt and meet and greets with the Disney Rabbits. Gosh, those character meet and greets just really make me want to go back to Disney.

Around our house otherwise, not much Disney was to be found this Easter, which is kind of depressing when you really think about it. It's always fun to find little bits of Disney within my holidays. Although I did have a great conversation about Once Upon A Time with one of my friends, and we all know how entertaining I get when that becomes the topic. That's about it though.

So I suppose we'll wrap this blog post up a bit earlier than my normal length. Easter was apparently not the most interesting of holidays this year! But there's plenty more to come!

Have a magical day & Happy Easter!