Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 464: Across the River

Today was a much needed day off on our campus: Advisement Day. Basically, two days each semester we don't have classes and instead meet with our advisers to choose classes for next semester. They help us make sure we have all the requirements for our major and our overall process for signing up for classes move a lot faster. In other words, I really do love advisement day.

Although I spent most of the day laying on our futon watching New Girl, because sadly I am still sick (I have been all week), and that just sounded like a lot more fun that doing any sort of other work, I did go off on an adventure. Does my lack of work the rest of the day make for more work later? Yeah it does, but that's alright. At least I got a much needed break. And why shouldn't I take a break? It's a day off of school!

Anyways, late in the morning a couple of friends and I went on a journey across the bridge. As I've said before, St. Norbert sits alongside the river, and we're lucky enough to have plenty of businesses on both sides of it that we can access. It's only about a ten minute walk to the other side, where there's a trail you can bike or walk or run on, a shopko, chocolate shop and plenty of restaurants as well.

And that's exactly where we headed this fine morning. There's a European Bakery across the bridge that my friend Emily wanted us to try. So we went there for lunch. There were cases of food and a menu that you could order from and everything, and if you haven't figured out where I'm going with this, you will be very soon.

I ended up ordering soup and some bread and it was indeed very good. The problem with my life?

It's not Disney.

This little bakery reminded me EXACTLY of the French Bakery at Epcot, which ranks among my absolute favorite places to eat at all of Walt Disney World. Once you've had bread from that place, you never go back, unless you eat bread from somewhere like France for real, then you probably are even MORE impressed with the bread from there than at Disney and never go back from that.

Either way, the bread from the France Pavilion at Epcot is delicious. And there's nothing I've found elseware that can compare. Ask me again someday, maybe I'll have a different answer because obviously I haven't eaten at every bakery in the US or the world. But then again, is there really anything better than Disney food to begin with?

Gosh I really have a food theme going on around here recently.

Have a magical day!