Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 479: A Proposal

A really long time ago, last summer sometime I think, I talked about how if my future spouse doesn't propose to me at Disney then I'm probably not saying yes. That hasn't changed, but I happened to come across this list of 101 ways to propose at Walt Disney World, and my heart is just melting. So OF COURSE I have to share, and include some of my favorite ideas (because future may read this).

HERE'S the full list that you can go through yourself, but here are a few of my personal favorite ideas:

7. Hire the independent service Gifts of a Lifetime to help you arrange a private scavenger hunt. (I do love scavenger hunts. Pirate at heart).

10. Take a stroll outside the Grand Floridian. At the sign for the Wedding Pavilion, ask her to join you at a wedding...yours. (Considering the wedding pavilion and I share a birthday you do not even know how much I love this).

11. During the Haunted Mansion ride at the Magic Kingdom, point out all the wedding portraits. Say, "That gives me an idea..." (They say this works best with a potential bride who has a sense of humor. I do. Get it? I do?)

17. Arrange for a private Illuminations fireworks cruise, propose on board. (If Illuminations is still a thing when I am proposed to this is a sure possibility).

25. Stop by one of the park Guest Relations offices and get a free "Happily Ever After" button. Give it to her and say that you would love to live happily ever after with her. (Disney Buttons? Fairy Tale references? Happily Ever After? Um...yes!)

35. Ask the Dapper Dans to sing a wedding-related standard. Then propose. (I do love those Dapper Dans).

47. As you pass the treasure room in the Pirates of the Caribbean, tell her that Captain Jack Sparrow didn't get all the jewels, then show her the ring. (It's cheesy but I love it).

61. Walk from the Magic Kingdom to the Contemporary. As you pass the commemorative bricks, tell her that you wish they still made those because you'd like to have a permanent marker of your love. Then propose. (Bonus points if we're by my brick).

63. Secretly buy her a sparkly tiara at the Crystal Arts store on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. Give it to her in front of the castle and say that you'd be honored if she would agree to be your Princess...for the rest of your lives. (I think it's Hook's fault this one is on my list. Stupid Finale. Stupid him saying 'My Princess.')

86. Stay in the Magic Kingdom until the very end of the night, so you're the last ones in the park. Tell her that the only thing not that will make the magic last is if she agrees to marry you. (I do love being the last one in the park).

101. Create an elaborate touring plan and make a big fuss about it. When you get to the park in the morning, start heading toward your first attraction. Then stop and tell her that there's been a change of plans; you have to do the most important activity first. When she asks what that is, you ask for her hand. (Dude...if you get me to go along with this I'd better say yes anyways).

I do feel bad though, as now I'll be expecting something like this. So you'll have to come up with something completely original. But here's a bonus, Spaceship Earth wasn't on this list, so you've got that...and that would be the best thing to incorporate of all. Actually, I have a couple of friends who started dating while on this ride. Sort of. I don't really know how to describe it. But they're dating, and he asked her at Spaceship Earth, and I fangirled.

To my future spouse: good luck.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 8).