Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 462: It's Not Easy Being Green

Yay for Once Upon A Time.

This episode was really interesting for me, because I was really excited about the Disneybound (which you'll see in a minute), but there was the funeral, and I was not excited for that at all because as much as I ship CaptainSwan, I have been in like this state of mourning for Neal all week. It was really weird. I don't think a character death has ever upset me this much. But I knew that we would be getting a promo for 3x17: The Jolly Roger, so that made me super excited and yeah.

Oh...spoiler alert starts now for sure.

There were a few things in this episode that I totally saw coming. The fact that her skin turns green because of Envy? Saw it. Hook keeping Henry safe during the battle? Yep. Zelena controlling Rumple during the battle. You bet. And the list goes on and on.

But there was one thing I did NOT see coming. WALSH. This was totally the best kept secret in all of Once Upon A Time because I literally had 0% of me thinking that Walsh would be the Wizard. Well done OUAT. Well Done.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the show:

Anyone else super upset over the fact that Emma is playing Darts after the funeral because GRAHAM!?!? Or laughing because Killian versus Technology (Round GPS) is just getting better every week? Or crying again because of how perfect the Hook and Henry scene was in general? Or how CaptainSwan is so perfect? Or screaming and yelling praise because REGINA. And then crying because of OutlawQueen? Yeah...I may or may not have done all of those. 

Bonus: Find Chewbacca? He's there. At least I think so. ;)

As for next week I am just not sure what to do with life. I have been waiting for 3x17 since I heard it was called The Jolly Roger, and since we now basically KNOW that Hook no longer has his ship (if he had it why did he take Henry out on a different one?), and with that promo...just...just...AHHHHHHHH. 

Also, if Rachel ever reads this post I have one thing for you: 2.25 seconds. 

Finally, tonight's Disneybound was inspired by The Wicked Witch herself, Zelena! Honestly as much as I loved last week's, this is probably up there with my favorites, right alongside my Hook Disneybound (3x05) and Emma (3x12). It was just super fun, especially the hair! 

Until next week.

Have a magical day!