Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 465: Small World 50

What's more fun than a 50th Anniversary Celebration! Not much, especially when it comes to Disney.

I was thinking about it this morning, because really, the Small World 50 Celebration is all over the internet, and a fellow student said that they can't stand the song and won't go on the attraction because of it. But as I was playing it's a small world on piano this morning, adding my own voice to the thousands out there singing it today, it occurred to me.

Can you be a real, true Disney fan and not at least somewhat like it's a small world?

I always feel a little bit like us Disney fans all love each other because we understand, but there's still this certain amount of competition between us. Who's the bigger fan? Who's been to the Disney parks the most? Who knows the most? Who's seen the films the most time? Who knows all the songs? And the competition goes on. So there's this little bit of me here at college that always seems to be trying to prove that I am the biggest Disney fan.

And on a small part, I think I do rank among the top of that list here, especially when it comes to the Disney Parks. Granted, I do write a daily blog about Disney too, so there is that when it comes to the ranking of who is more obsessed.

But can you be a Disney fan that doesn't like it's a small world?

My honest instinct is no. I don't think you can be a 100% real Disney fan if you just can't stand and absolutely hate it's a small world. While I am a bit upset that only it's a small world is getting the attention when there WERE various other attractions at the New York World's Fair that year (Carousel of Progress or Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln anyone?), of the attractions featured, it's a small world has to be the most important.

The attraction holds several of its own world records, such as the most performed song in the world (as much as it may get on our nerves from time to time). The Sherman Brothers created a hit with the simple tune, and it speaks of some of the most important ideas we can embrace in our world: love and hope and the idea that no matter how big the world may seem, we are all friends and should be kind to one another. We're all different, but that shouldn't matter, right?

That's what I love about it's a small world. I try to get on it at least once each trip, just because it's such a classic attraction, and it's one that Walt Disney himself loved. That's why I'm so happy to be alive to celebrate the 50th anniversary of such an important piece of Disney history. Is it my favorite attraction, not by a long shot, but is it one of the most important? Yes. Yes it is.

Happy 50th Birthday to it's a small world, and have a magical day!