Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 474: The Wonderful World of Disney

Since I'm writing an entire paper on Fairy Tales, and specifically on Once Upon a Time and probably a good portion of Disney as well, I took it upon myself to read a behind the scenes book on the show, just to get in the heads of the creators and the actors that bring it to life. Honestly it really did help me, and I bookmarked several pages just with information that I could use, but there was one part of the book that really pointed something out to me.

In the interview with the actor who plays Rumplestiltskin, Robert Carlyle, he mentioned that he loves the show partly because it's a family show. Now, if you watched the "Wicked is Coming" special back before the start of the second half of the season, you'll remember that Jennifer Morrison said the same thing, and I don't know about you, but everyone I was with ended up laughing at that one. But it's a valid point. As action packed and serious as Once Upon a Time is at some points, it IS a family show. The themes can be applied to so many people, and can teach you so much about life in general.

But that's not what caught my attention. In that same interview, Robert Carlyle said that it's interesting because he realized that Once is on during the time slot that used to be filled with The Wonderful World of Disney. This kind of shocked me, because when I thought about that, he's RIGHT. Once IS on during the time that used to be filled with Wonderful World of Disney, and that was just a weird thing to think about for me.

If you don't remember Wonderful World of Disney, that's alright. It's been a number of years (over 10 actually) since the show went off the air, but the way I remember it is specifically through Little House on the Prairie. Now everyone knows that I LOVE and ADORE that show (I've seen every episode), and it was actually through the Wonderful World of Disney that I got hooked on it. Meaning that ultimately, The Wonderful World of Disney has played a very important part in my life.

But what does this say about Once? I mean, Robert Carlyle mentioned that it's like ABC has been trying to find a replacement for that time slot for years, with something that pretty much the whole family could watch. Now, I agree, there are certainly some moments on the show that aren't really child friendly, but for the most part, he's very much right. Since 2003 it's been on and off with that 8/7 PM Time slot, and now we're in our third season of Once with that time. That speaks wonders about this show, and about how successful and absolutely brilliant it is.

I know I talk about Once a lot, I do. But it's funny because my family used to watch Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights, and then it stopped and I was really, honestly, saddened by that. Now, in my first year of college, many of my closest friends and I all get together and watch Once together. It's the best hour of the week, because for that hour we don't have to worry about the homework that's waiting for us back in our dorm rooms, or the tests that are coming up or anything. It's just awesome, and it brings it right back to the Wonderful World of Disney, and a show that we can all enjoy.

Although sometimes I'm pretty sure I enjoy it a little too much.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on April 22 due to Easter).