Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 86: Star Wars Weekends Update

Now, I generally just write about how Disney relates to my everyday life, but once and a while I can't help but get into some of the news. So I figure that I'll actually do a short article on something that really caught my eye this week...Star Wars Weekends.

I've never actually been to the celebration, since I have never in my life been to Florida in the spring (I have only gone once in the summer...not counting this upcoming summer...only around Christmas otherwise), so it's pretty hard to attend something when I'm stuck here in Wisconsin. But I do love to watch and hear updates from the favorite always being the Hyperspace Hoopla...but who doesn't love that? I think Last Tour to Endor was my favorite though...which is kind of sad because I really didn't go on the old Star Tours (I went on once) and now I really regret it. (The point here is...if you haven't seen Star Wars yet...go

Anyway, back to the news. Brand new merchandise for this year's weekends has been released, and I couldn't hold my excitement about a few of them (even if I won't get my hands on any of the following items).

First up, the thermal detonator "Hot Potato" game. I think it's obvious why I would want this...because it's just something that I would totally own and would play with a few times, but mostly it would sit on my shelf. I'd honestly probably keep the box. Also, Return of the Jedi is my second favorite Star Wars film (Can anyone guess my favorite?), so having something like this would just be awesome.

Next we have a wide selection of things, but there are two in particular that I would love to have. First, the name badge, because who wouldn't want one of those? Second, and probably more-so, the Han in Carbonate. I have a very small collection of Vinylmation, as you can see in the picture below, since I generally only indulge in one each trip. I'm pretty picky about which ones I get, which is also obvious since only one of them was bought from a regular collection (I was extremely lucky to get Buzz), and this Han Solo would totally be a great addition to my collection (which will probably end up going to college with me since they are so small). But, it is limited edition, as is pretty much everything that has to do with Star Wars and Disney at the moment...but there's always articles out there to entertain...Harrison Ford is doing a great job of stepping around the questions that the moment...which I probably find more amusing than annoying.

My Vinylmation collection...Buzz, a Polar Bear (Animal Kingdom Collection), Statue of Liberty (from the New York Disney Store) and my newest addition, Minnie Princess Leia.

If you'd like to see the complete listing of the merchandise, click here for the link to the Disney Parks Blog official announcement. Also, I highly suggest going here to vote for the This is Madness: the Star Wars Character Tournament. I'm rooting for Han Solo all the way!

Here's today's Disney History: 1999: Disneyland announces it has acquired a new locomotive, Disneyland Railroad engine No. 5 that will be dedicated under the name "Ward Kimball" in Ward's honor. 

Have a magical day, and may the force be with you...always!