Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 60: A Day in the Life of a Disney Fan

I saw this on Pinterest a while back, and I just had to do a blog post on how true this is!

A Disney Fan's day does, most of the time, consist of thinking, breathing, eating and sleeping Disney...and then we do it all over again! Of course, I should know, since I am in every way, a Disney fan. If I wasn't why would I have a blog called Everyday Disney?

Anyway, the first portion, Think Disney is pretty much all the time. I'm almost always thinking about something related to Disney. During school, I'll read the Disney news, which I almost never do at night or at home in General. I'll talk about Disney, have Disney things of the day, and just think a lot of Disney thoughts. I relate everything to Disney!!

Breathe Disney is a little different, since I feel like the only way to properly do this is to be at Disney, but I suppose I do this too, since my bedroom is basically all Disney. It just is. I'll do a post on my bedroom sometime. No idea when, but I will.

Eat Disney, that's easy. I eat Disney all the time. Why? Because I have just about every Disney cookbook there is, and I love making Disney recipes. It's just so much fun to make it and enjoy the memories of the time I ate it while actually at Disney World!

Sleep Disney? Well...Disney Dreams of course! Who doesn't have dreams about Disney?

And then we Wash, Rinse and Repeat, just like all of my Disney shirts. My collection went from two to about 10 within the last month...which I'll have to do a blog post on sometime too. In general though, this Pin is pretty much one of the truest things ever.

Here's today's Disney History: 1924: Disney's first Alice Comedy, "Alice's Day at Sea" debuts in a handful of east coast theaters. The combination live-action and animated film features young Virginia Davis as Alice, and has been created almost entirely by Walt himself, with assistance from brother Roy.

Have a magical day!