Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 89: Old Key West

In a few weeks I'll be headed to a state FBLA competition, and a couple of my friends and I are more than excited to head out. We, of course, were wondering if there would be a DVD player in our condo (which apparently there isn't), and it occurred to me that I just assumed at first there would be one. Why? Disney.

The truth is, most of the hotels I've stayed in have in fact, been Disney ones. I've gone on many other various trips, but most were only for night or two and I had no reason to use the TV other than to watch the news and weather with my parents, along with the occasional old TV show late at night. So why would I need a DVD player? But I just expect it, because Disney resorts have these kinds of things. 

Granted, not every resort has a DVD player (although I grew up as a lucky child at Old Key West, so there was one), but the point still stands. There are many amenities at Disney resorts that you don't have at other resorts throughout the world, and it's just another reason that Disney is rightfully ranked among the top vacation destinations in the world. 

And not-so-randomly, it got me thinking about Old Key West and how it's changed over the past few years with it's renovations. So I looked up some pictures...and it occurred to me just how much these rooms have changed!

Let's start with the living room, which is pretty changed. The couches are redone, and the most obvious part is the new wood floor. I remember walking into one of the redone rooms (not long after the first set opened...we were some of the first to stay) and just being really confused with the wood floor, since I had in every way grown up with the carpet. But I've come to like the new room much more than the old one. Looking back now, it just looks outdated. Plus, I could never complain about the fact that the pull out chair gives both my brother and I a bed of our own. 

Heading into the master bedroom, I have to say that the new headboard just makes it look a lot nicer, and the redone chair and bedspread. All amazing. I do miss the picture on the wall though  as it looks a little blank. But here too, I like the new room. Sure, I certainly miss climbing around on the bed-end shaped like hearts, but it's a price I'm willing to pay. The bathrooms are pretty much the same though, so those could use some updating, but I'm ok with them staying the way they are too.

Finally, the second bedroom. I've never actually stayed in this second room, but I have to say that I love the updated one much more. The colors work well (and I'm not just saying that because blue is my favorite color). It just seems brighter. The pink and green went well together (and still do on the outside of the buildings) because that's the Key West style, but this new blue color just freshens up the room if you ask me. 

That's really about all I have, but like I said...DVD players...very important. Everyone should be more like Old Key West and have those in rooms. Just saying. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1969: Two children come across the lifeless body of a homeless man in an abandoned tenement building on East 10th Street in New York City. Because no one identifies the body, the deceased is buried in an unmarked pauper's grave on Hart island. A fingerprint check in 1969 will identify the corpse as Bobby Driscoll, 31, the voice of Disney's Peter Pan. It is also discovered that the cause of death is a heart attack.

Have a magical day!