Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 78: The Empire Strikes Back

Not everyone knows this, but if you are around me more than a few minutes, you'd know that I do in fact love Star Wars. Well, that's kind of a horrible way to say it...I love anything Harrison Ford, and it just so happens that my favorite character he portrays is Han Solo, so it all evens out that way. But since I love Han Solo, that means that obviously my favorite Star Wars film is The Empire Strikes Back. There's just no question about it. I have an ESB movie poster on my wall and several pieces of Star Wars merchandise, all including Han Solo (or things as gifts from friends).

So tonight I initially was going to watch Clear and Present Danger, since I watched The Patriot Games late last week with my brother and the cliffhanger at the end just makes you want to watch the next one right away. It always helps that HF is in them, but still. My brother ended up having a lot of homework, and he spent a large portion of his homework time goofing off on the computer, so we never had a chance to watch the movie. Instead I pulled out Star Wars.

So here's what happened as I watched:

I have to say, the first time we see Han in the film always makes me happy. It's so unlike the other two, where he doesn't really come in for quite a while because here he comes in immediately, and we even get a Han/Leia fight to go with it.

"We need? Oh what about you need?"

Then of course, there's always this scene: 

"Scoundrel? Scoundrel? I like the sound of that."

Then I calmed down a bit, but spent a large portion of the end of the film making collages for Instagram of some of my favorite parts of the movie: 

"I Love You." 
"I Know."

And while I'm on it, I guess I'll mention why the Carbonate scene is my absolute favorite. I kind of have this love-hate relationship with this scene, because it is n every way completely 100% heart wrenching, but the emotions and the incredible acting just bring the scene to life. For the moments on Bespin, specifically in this chamber, I really believe that this is happening. Leia is losing Han and Han is losing Leia. He did everything he could to protect her, and this is the true climax of the film if you ask me (granted there are two storylines and one could really say it is when Luke finds out the truth, but I feel it's here. This movie is about Han and Leia. Yes, Luke is there and his story is important, but this is about the love story that will carry through the rest of the films). That and the expression on HF's face as he's lowered...but more on that in a minute. Also, that bottom picture, that is my absolute favorite shot in all of Star Wars. It's a beautiful shot as far as color and scene goes, and then you add in the emotions of the actors...it's perfect. And finally, I think it's hilarious that HF and CF just about hated each other during the filming of this entire thing. 

But finally, I came up with one of the many reasons Han Solo should be everyone's favorite Star Wars character. I'll probably make a post on it some other time, but here's what I came up with last night: 

When Han Solo is faced with the awful truth he stood up and took not only torture, but the possibility of death for Leia, and he looked like this. I love how there's just this hint of a smile on his face right as he's lowered. It's like he's putting hope, sorrow, determination, peace, terror and love all into one expression. It expresses everything the moment should be, the fact that he's doing this for Leia, and for the first time we see just how much he has changed. Han isn't a mercenary anymore, and I don't think he ever truly was, but he cares more about her than he cares about himself, and that's an amazing emotion. To bring that to life perfectly is just amazing.

When Luke Skywalker is faced with the awful truth he screamed and looked like this. Yes, his truth is terrible, but he did then attempt to kill himself after finding out Darth Vader is his father. While Han sacrificed everything for Leia, Luke sacrificed nothing for anyone, but instead tried to avoid the truth altogether  Don't get me wrong, Luke is cool (although I really am not a fan of him in this movie), but this is just...this. 

 Anyway, this blog post is far too long already, but I shall talk some other time about why Han Solo should be everyone's favorite character. For now, I will just say, May the Force Be With You.

Here's today's Disney History: 1953: Disney's True-Life Adventure short Water Birds wins an Oscar at the 25th Academy Awards.