Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 64: New Park Maps

I think it really depends on how long and how often you visit Walt Disney World, but if you have gone as many times as I have, there are two things about Park maps that are true.

1. You pick them up for show, but never...ever...use them.
2. They needed an update, aside from adding New Fantasyland.

Well, Disney responded, creating a whole fleet of brand new park maps, and I'd like to thank Disney by Mark for throwing them in a PDF, which you can find at his site here.

Now, it took me a few minutes to figure it out, but these maps have changed DRASTICALLY. Granted, I love the new design, but I can't help but wonder if turning the park illustrations so they all face north is a good idea. Like I said, I hardly ever use a map, and if I do it's to decide on where to eat or find the nearest restroom, but for first time visitors to the World, turning Epcot around might be a little bit confusing. Granted, two of the parks are still the correct way, but Disney's Hollywood Studios appears to be at an angle because, well, on the real maps of the world, it is. Just a little confusing to everyone but those who have visited more than once or twice. 

Don't get me wrong, I love these new designs, and I can't wait to pick some up during my trip in July. I'm sure I'll come home with a stack worthy of even my father's collection, but I do suggest you check out the maps now to see what's all new. The illustrations are wonderful, and I'm happy to see that Spaceship Earth continues to hold its #1 position on the listing. It just makes me happy. 

And speaking of Epcot, Here's today's Disney History: 1983: The Journey Into Imagination attraction (presented by Kodak) officially opens at EPCOT's Future World. Located in The Imagination! pavilion, Journey into Imagination features the Dreamfinder, who teaches Figment (a small, purple creature with orange steer horns) to use his imagination. The ride features the song "One Little Spark," composed by the Sherman Brothers. 

Have a magical day!