Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 69: Not as Exciting

I have to say, today was no where near as exciting as yesterday. But, it brought it with it Once Upon a Time...which was completely amazing. It's been taunting all week with reminds of #onewilldie and I just freak out everytime because I was terrified it would be Charming...who I hope never dies because he's 100% my favorite character.

But luckily, Charming didn't die. And I'm not going to say who did since that would be mean and awful of me to give it all away if people haven't seen it...but I have to mention that the part where Gold was talking to Belle on the phone completely made up for anything Gold did in his lifetime. My other thoughts during the episode include...I really think they gave Neal a scarf because it makes him seem more like Henry, and I do think it does a wonderful job of it. Second, force choke. Is it just me or are they throwing in little hints to Star Wars at every chance they get? Finally, I didn't think it was possible, but this episode really made me dislike Cora more than I had before. Oh, and the magic invisible chalk was pretty awesome too.

Otherwise that's about it for today, considering I did very little since I had Sims 3 updating all day on the computer (meaning I was avoiding use of the internet) and was pretty tired (silly time change).

Here's today's Disney History: 2009: Disney officially launches "D23" - their first official fan organization - with the premiere issue of Disney twenty-three magazine. Paying homage to 1923, the year The Walt Disney Company was founded, the all-new quarterly Disney magazine presents stunning photography, dazzling illustrations and the ultimate insider perspective.

Have a magical day!