Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 73: A Pinning Rampage

It's no secret that I love Pinterest, and it's certainly no surprise that the board with the most pins is my Disney board. Of course, sometimes when I'm bored or trying to avoid doing homework, I'll go on what we (my friends and I) like to call a pinning rampage...which generally means that I pinned about 100 pins all at once.

When I start a pinning rampage I'll generally start by searching for something Disney that's on my mind, or sometimes just for "Walt Disney World." I guess I go between that and "Epcot" a lot, but that's pretty normal considering Epcot is my favorite park. But either way, the other night I did go on a pinning rampage. Like serious, full on...pinning rampage.

The thing to notice about my pinning rampage is how random it is. I've got Rapunzel and Flynn from True Love Week, food, t-shirts, resorts and of course, Epcot. But tonight I was watching Glee and my friend texted me saying she was going on a Disney pinning rampage. What I expected what a bunch of random much like my randomness. I certainly wasn't expecting this...

Ummm....That's a LOT of Spaceship Earth. I was like...woah..SSE Overload there. Either way, it's good to see my Disneyness is rubbing off on people. I do know my best friend has really been making me happy with her Disney references lately (George the Ghost anyone?). 

So yeah, if you'd like to have your Pinterest filled with my pinning rampages, you can follow me by clicking the link to the left. I promise it's not too crazy. I don't go on rampages very often...just when I'm really missing home, which if you love Disney as much as I do, you'll understand. =)

Here's today's Disney History: 2010: Princess Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog) is officially inducted into the Disney Princess Royal Court at the New York Palace Hotel in New York City. Actress Noni Rose (the voice of Tiana) attends. 

Have a magical day!