Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 102: Who Needs Power?

Honestly, as soon as I typed in that title, Spaceship Earth came to mind. Too bad I don't have a power city of my own right now...

You see, here in Wisconsin, the weather is always changing...and it's some spring it's turned out to be here. It's called power outages and cold and freezing rain and drifting snow. 

Yes, my house is currently without power. Luckily, we still have school, so I can bask in the working bathrooms, lights, heat and computer power for the next few hours. Hopefully the power is back on when I head home though! I might have to go hang at the Library for a while otherwise! 

When the power did go out last night though, I had to laugh. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for the power to go out or for a fuse to blow...why?

"Everytime he has company he blows a fuse, and guess who has to change it?" 

Sound familiar...well, before I said that I asked my dad "Did you blow the whole neighborhood this time too?"

If you haven't gotten it yet...go watch this video please: 

We weren't the ones to blow the whole neighborhood, but we are without power...which makes for an interesting experience. It's not that it's the's just...really quiet and creepy without the lights and the normal noises of the house...and the bathrooms don't work. That's also a downer. But it's ok...I can always practice my speech for FBLA State, which is this coming Sunday-Tuesday, and there's some Kingdom Keepers to read...and probably some more Disney magazines I can go through (I went through the latest Orlando Attractions last night). 

So really, one doesn't need power! Unless, that live on the Carousel of Progress or work for Power City!

Here's today's Disney History: 1961: Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human in space, when he makes the 108-minute orbital flight in his Vostok spacecraft. Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard will become the first American in space less than a month later. Today there is a plaque commemorating Gagarin's milestone flight in Epcot's Mission: SPACE. 

Have a magical day!