Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 120: Forgetting

You know, I write a daily blog, and I still can't manage to write about everything?

You see, I tend to try and keep each blog post to be about just one thing (not including the daily Disney History). And every post has to have some sort of a relationship with something Disney, right? Well, you see, the problem with that is...I sometimes experience Disney things, decide to write a blog post about them, and then totally forget what I was going to write about!!!!

This has been an ongoing problem, and it's probably why every once and a while I miss a few days and have to go back and write them later. I mean, I suppose this is a fairly normal thing for writers, as for some it means writers block...and there's always easy ways to fix it...but that never seems to work for me either.

Everyone is always like, "carry a notebook with you!" and while I do, that doesn't mean it always works! I can carry a notebook around and never write a thing in it. Granted, I always have my phone, and the 29 tabs I have open in Google Chrome on it mean that I often leave things open to remind me of things later...not that it does.

I guess it's partly because I always have so many things going on. I mean, I have my blog, and I'm a writer in general. I have school, of course, and currently I have a Disney project (which I'll talk about soon), books to read, a physics class to keep up in (not that it's all that hard), I have a band concert coming up and there's always the Disney Performing Arts Marching Band Fiasco (in which I need to talk to my director about very soon). There's stuff I've been working on for my upcoming Disney trip in July (such as my challenge for the trip, the fact that my entire family is now going when it started out as just two of us, the vlogs I'll do and a countdown that I'll need to put up soon). Graduation is fast-approaching, and I'm not too happy about that, and the summer brings a wealth of new challenges and projects!

In the end, I really should always have something to talk about, but then there's the fact that some stuff I'm just waiting until a later date to discuss. My dorm room for next year, for instance, is a big one. Of course I'll be bringing a ton of Disney with me, but I haven't talked at all about how I plan to use some of my time this summer creating Disney things for in my dorm room. There's the continuation of my Disney Collection series, which there will be a new addition to soon. And then I have plenty of other things that I'm not going to even talk about as of right now, but are all very exciting...plus, we're just starting on the summer movie craze that is filled with Disney releases!

So maybe eventually I'll remember to write down what I wanted to discuss on this blog, or at least start using a notebook...but for now, I'm just going to keep writing and make up the couple of days I missed, because we all know that everyday really is a Disney day.

Here's today's Disney History: 1952: Mr. Potato Head is first widely introduced to the public when it becomes the first toy ever advertised on television. Over one million kits will be sold in the first year. In 1995 Mr. Potato Head made his Hollywood debut with a leading role in the Disney/Pixar animated feature, Toy Story.

Have a magical day!