Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 121: Indy & Diet Coke

Pretty interesting title there, huh?

Well, honestly, it's quite literal, because I wanted to share this video with you! My best friend's brother posted this on my Facebook wall recently, like he is prone to do (And I thank him for all of the amazingness he seems to find that relates to Disney, Star Wars and Indy). It really made my day, but first, I'll let you watch it yourself.

When I first saw the title, I thought a lot like you were probably thinking upon seeing the title of this blog post. Indiana Jones and Diet Coke? In what Galaxy is that relavant? But then I watched the video, and it totally made my day. I loved it, although I have two quick comments. 

That is not Harrison Ford, which dissapoints me somewhat. Granted, he's still in the commercial...but the Indy figure is not him. And two, the woman's husband is watching AN Indy movie, correct? WRONG! I don't know how long she was in that kitchen, but somehow she left during the first Indy film (Raiders of the Lost Ark) and returned at the end of the last Indy Film (The Last Crusade). Did anyone else notice that? Because I obviously did. 

But either way, I thought the ad was still great, and I just totally loved it. Why don't they make ads like this anymore? Oh that's right...they do...just not with Indy...

Ok, so maybe it's not anywhere near as awesome as the Indy commercial...but the point still stands!

Oh, and go see Iron Man 3 when it comes out this weekend!!!

Here's today's Disney History: 1947: The rights to use Donald Duck as the official mascot and insignia of the University of Oregon is granted by Walt Disney Productions. Following Disney's death in 1966, it will become apparent that a formal contract does not exist to allow the school the rights to Donald's image. but in 1973, a written contract will be signed between Oregon's athletic department and Walt Disney Productions, allowing the continued use of the famous cartoon character. 

Have a magical day!!!